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Pocky & Rocky (Any %) (Single Segment) [Co-Op]

Verifier Responses

A/V is solid.

This game had almost no references to go from before the runners started, and there were very few attempts they could do since they had to get this done at AGDQ. You wouldn't ever know this if it wasn't for them telling you, though. The run is absolutely awesome and the optimizations made with the partner bouncing mechanic, which I guess is called double dash, are really creative and cool. Some of them are stupidly risky too, so it's good to see that these guys didn't hold back at all even though they had very limited time to produce a run.

Anyone who has played this game co-op will probably be shocked by the main speed mechanic of the run, because 99% of the time if you go flying into your partner, you just go scattering off in opposite directions and mayhem ensues. Lining it up so that the characters both move in the same direction must be a big pain. Anyone who hasn't played this will hopefully be able to appreciate how much skill it requires to make this move work well for the entire game by listening to the audio commentary. The runners definitely make it look a lot smoother than it is supposed to be.

If there's anything that kinda sticks out as "slow" in this run, it's the lag in the Forbidden Castle. I'm not really sure what you could do about it, though. Perhaps it's just some unavoidable ugliness. The lag management for this run in general is really strong considering how little time was able to be spent optimizing that correctly. Also, the dashes in the castle and creative death abuse so that the respawn kills enemy groups faster makes up for any faults in that stage. If these guys ever went back and improved the run, that would probably be the stage to focus on cutting time on.

Last but not least, the boss fights in the run definitely stand out. I've played this game a number of times with other people, and bombed the hell out of the mini-bosses and bosses but not managed to get them down as fast as the bomb quick kills in this run. I'm not entirely sure what clever tricks needed to be done to make the bosses at the end of the game go down so quickly, but anyone who's played this and suffered through those fights will absolutely love this. The final 3 fights are comedy gold.

This is a very entertaining run. Impressive throughout; only one stage that looks like it has any obvious improvements to the naked eye, and the skill required to make the double dashes and boss kills all go well for the entire run make it unlikely to be beaten by any other co-op team. Audio commentary was entertaining and informative too. You seriously would never know these guys could only get a few days of attempts at this unless they told you. This looks like a run that had months spent on it, if not a year.

Easy accept.

Audio Quality - Track 1's audio is mostly coming from the left speaker. Other than that, It checks out.
Video Quality - Good

Theres honestly not much to say other than this is a great run. For those who haven't played this game, there are many places where if you make a mistake, whether if it's big or small, the run would go into total chaos. Yet the runners manage to not only fly through the game, but do so with such little amount of time on their hands. Being able to do a run in 10 days with runners from different parts of the world AND having to give time to adjust strategies for console is really impressive. The run is not deathless by any means, but the runners make sure to use deaths to their advantage and the deaths themselves didn't really seem that glaring in retrospect. The commentary is also well done and is worth a listen when you get the chance. It's not only entertaining but also very informative.

Overall, this is easily an Accept. A fairly optimized run of an awesome game. Amazing job to the runners!

AV is good.

The moment I found out PJ and Mr. K was running this at AGDQ, I was so happy because this is one of my favorite games growing up and I was even more happy when I found out they got a recorded run. This is a really difficult game on co-op because of the dash attack and some of the bosses are just really tough, especially Black Mantle, which gets absolutely destroyed in this run!

I never had any idea the bomb was so over-powered. Like verifier 1 said, we have played the game co-op before and we could never get the quick kills like that, so it has to be where you position yourself to get the most damage from the bombs.

The double dash strats are so good! This is another one of those things that shouldn't be useful in co-op but should only be there to screw over your partner.

It's amazing how quickly you guys got a run in such a short amount of time considering you guys were practicing on emu and had to basically relearn it on console due to lag differences. Well done for sure!


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen & Patrick 'PJ' DiCesare!
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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Can't wait for this run to get added to the site.  Congrats Mr. K and PJ!
Thanks for verifying, everybody!  I appreciate the kind words.  ^_^

I am definitely amazed we got a run "this clean" in the short time we were doing attempts at AGDQ.  We found a few improvements to stage 2 late in our attempt session that can save close to 10 seconds.  Another bomb drop from a sage would save another big chunk of time too, but we didn't have the liberty of resetting for luck because of time constraints.  I'm really happy with this run, though!  Hopefully we can work on an improvement sometime.  Smiley
Waiting hurts my soul...
Time for Pocky & Rocky 2!
No thanks.
Waiting hurts my soul...
buh, buh... it's on the request list. Wink
I will run Pocky and Rocky 2 eventually.  At the moment I've got a lot of other projects and unfortunately it's at the bottom of my list.
Feudal Family Lord
Congrats PJ & K
Great Job