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Pikmin (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Quote from TheMG2:
No a/v issues. No signs of cheating.

The run is very good. It is the first, and as far as I am aware only single segment 7 day run. For those unaware, at the end of each day there is a relatively lengthy unskippable cutscene, so the fewer the days, the better. 6 day is "possible", but extremely painful and not likely to be done single segment anytime soon. There are a few minor mistakes here and there, but nothing large. The runner also played it safe in a few spots, but that was because he didn't want to risk the run after 1 day Forest Navel.

Easy accept.

Quote from PiePusher11:
As a speedrunner of this game myself, my comments will be from the perspective of someone very familiar with the run, and how everything is supposed to work. That said, here's my day-by-day analysis of the run.

Day 1: A pretty solid Day 1 here. However, I question whether the runner's method of plucking is faster. He seems to not auto-pluck, and manually run over to each Pikmin to pluck them. While the running is slightly faster, this gives a longer plucking animation.

Day 2: Really good luck in the farming section here. Gettin 2 (usable) red pellets is quite rare. Good nectar luck at both spots, too. Close call with the cannon beetle, almost lost a bunch of pikmin there!

Day 3: Ah, this is the day that makes the run truly stand out. Completing Forest Navel in one day is a very difficult task, and only a handful of people have ever managed to do it, even in a segmented run. There are many routes that can complete Forest Navel in one day, and while the route chosen here may not be the fastest, it is certainly one of the most consistent, making it a great choice for a single-segment run.

Day 4: I don't see why the runner didn't take out 6 yellows, to blow up the second gate, would have saved 20-30 seconds or so. Those deaths were unfortunate, but not too big of a deal. He recovered the lost Pikmin well.

Day 5: Nothing much to say about this day, this went really well. Great luck with the snagrets, I can say from experience that first try snagret does not happen very often, especially when the run is going good! Really cool that he got a cutscene skip. Unfortunately this was the last part of the day, so it didn't save quite as much time as it could have. He did take a few seconds longer to end the day than necessary, but it's understandable to want to be safe in a single-segment run.

Day 6: If anyone is wondering why some sound effects aren't playing (namely c-stick swarming and camera adjustments), it's not an audio recording issue, that's something that happens as a result of cutscene skipping. 1-day Distant Spring has been a staple of Pikmin speedrunning for a while now, but in this run, it's particularly impressive, because it's not done on day 4. Past day 4, the Snitchbugs, and an extra Puffy Blowhog appear, that wouldn't be there on day 4. He got a bit unlucky with the second snitchbug, but besides that one thing, this day was very, very good.

Day 7: I don't really see why the runner even tried to get yellows to swim across, the bridge would have been done anyway. Seems to me like he just killed a yellow for no real gain. There wasn't any real time loss or anything, but it looks sloppy. Still manages to 1-cycle the Bulblax.

Final time: 1:09:34. I didn't notice any A/V problems or cheating in the run. Unfortunately didn't include the Creature Montage at the end Sad

To my knowledge, this is the first completed 7-day Single Segment run, and is a very solid showcase of how far Pikmin speedrunning has come in the past year and a half. Definitely an accept from me.

Pik'd Men!

All tech checks out with no cheating, just high caliber gang warfare...

Forest Navel in one day is so impressive, almost to the second.

Honestly, the whole run is great.  Pikmin is one of my favorite runs to watch.  I almost Reject for that Pikmin the runner viciously drowned, but I'll let it slide...

Quote from kirbymastah:
Not a day 6 single segment run, reject

Man it would've been awesome if that bulbear went over that wall in day 6...

Oh, I mean, I give this an accept. A/V are good, 7-day single segment will be pretty sick to have on SDA, no major errors besides dumb breadbug RNG. Sweet run!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'MrDodiou'!
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Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Congratulations. I look forward to seeing the run.
This is not the giant
Congrats on the accept. I'm excited to see the run when it gets uploaded
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Great run. There were some cool strategies throughout. I liked how you brought out extra Pikmin in a few places so that additional Pikmin would spawn inside the onion and you wouldn't have to pluck them. I also liked the cutscene skip in Forest of Hope; I wasn't aware of it before.