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Like A Fox
You said every hat in the house, I was thinking a 10 foot tall tower on your head.  Boy was I dissapointed.
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slYnki: 2005-11-09 11:01:29 pm
If anyone was interested in the sexiness that is me:

I posted this in another thread for reasons still unknown to me, but second to the left is me (if you somehow couldn't tell from the arrow). Damn, that was in Grade 9, now I'm in Grade 11. I have to get me a webcam or something.

I would post a picture of my girlfriend, but I really don't want to. No idea why I decided to state that @_@;

That picture will suffice for now. And damnit Kennyman, now I want some cereal.

Oh and before I end this, here's a picture of my little brother (the only one I have):

That fall was actually really funny to watch. And here's the Quinn guy staying at my house:

You've seen the Batalla family and the Quinn guy, congratulations.
sda loyalist
Here's me about a year ago.

My hair is much longer now, mid-back length. Smiley
Hi! I'm andrewg!

this is a video of me.

and a picture of me with my hair.

it was much better long...
Donde. Está. Las. Chicas.  Huh?
No the Quail is not riding the Q

this is a video of me.

and a picture of me with my hair.

it was much better long...

wa wa wha! you can juggle and do two flips in a row....  Shocked
I'm teh suxorz... Tongue
I attempted three flips off the diving board at swim practice the other day, but the swim team laughed at me as I plummeted to my doom. Or more specifically landing on my back.... hard.

I really don't want to say "nice juggling" because being the immature bastard that I am, I would find it slightly disturbing.

.... Shit.
Not that anyone cares, but...

Hi! I'm andrewg!
i may have a better video of me juggling... i have other random videos too. i may put them up sometime.
Zelda Scientist®
I'd have to search hard for pictures of myself. I never take them. Even pictures in disposable cameras that I have I am usually too lazy to ever get them developed. I'll see if I can find anything (no scanner = lame)
The forum's newest member introduces himself! I greet you all with my sunny grin. The picture was taken in the summer and now I have much more hair. Smiley

Some of you may know me from #qdq and I have decided to have fun in the forum too. Thanks to quake, it brought me here.  :cheers:

PS. I don't drink beer like those smileys but they were kinda funny.
Ride on shooting star

Kinda old, but that's generally what I look like, depending on how long it's been since I shaved (that picture was taken on the day I shaved).
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soteos: 2005-11-10 01:51:59 am

Yeah, that was back when I let my hair grow out.
Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll post an actual picture of me in a while. Maybe with a video clip, if I'm smart enough to figure out how to put it up.

DK64_MASTER, 10 bucks says I'm the only black guy here.

nice. I remember that when I was a kid my dad used to call me snipper. lol. which in retrospect is kinda funny since it sounds alot like "nigger" (I'm black). haha.

Pay up!
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Patricio: 2005-11-10 02:20:26 am biotch! is that really you cause ummm you look really weird. Sorry I had to say it. Where is Radix's picture.

I purposely found the oldest picture of me on my computer. I have more recent pics but I will leave my current appearance a mystery.

Picture taken: 3/19/04
Fucking Weeaboo
Donde. Está. Las. Chicas.  Huh?

No esta aqui.
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Brown_Bomber: 2005-11-10 02:29:51 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
DK64_MASTER, 10 bucks says I'm the only black guy here.

Dude, three black people here (including myself)? It must be a miracle!

Me in all my sexy marching band glory.
The BaldurManiac
black people dont play video games!!

Except GTA or need for speed.
black people dont play video games!!

Except GTA or need for speed.

Oh really?  Cheesy
I'm addicted to games
People... this isn't game related.

I don't want a gamefaqs forum that feels like it can discuss everything under the sun. If you want to post pictures of yourself then fine but don't post stupid pics or make stupid comments like the above few posts. Violations after this point will be deleted.
The man made of sticks

That was my high school senior picture, taken 5 years ago.  I look pretty much the same now as I did then; I've been assumed to be 17-18 rather than my real age more than a few times.  I guess that's what hampered the necessity for an updated photo.
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7 0 x 7: 2005-11-10 05:06:00 am
yeah i feel ya man, i am 23 and people think i look 19...

oh, and sorry for the O RLY? thing Radix, but you gotta admit that was funny.
Visit my profile to see my runs!
Hah.  Until Radix posted, I was going to post a pic of the soccer streaker.  Yeah, well, maybe it wasn't that clever, anyway.
Here is the sole picture of me from the past five years; ironically, it comes from only about a week ago. My university needed a picture of me for their website, and this is the result.

Just for the record, this angle makes my chin look diabolically dominant, and for that matter, it portrays me squinting pretty strenuously, as well.  Normally, people say that my eyes are relatively huge, so the shot fails to deliver in that respect.         
its a great photo though!
sda loyalist
Yes, that picture is indeed me. And yes, I look weird. Vive la revolution!
If you are a MySpace user, you can go on my predictably named one and view my other pictures.

Me on my bike...

Taken about 2 years ago...though I pretty much look the same now  Wink