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I recently got myself a bang & olufsen crt-tv and a rgb-modded nes. They work perfectly with super crisp audio and video.

Then I decided that I wanted to be able to capture some footage and maybe join/stream the upcoming big20 race. I was guided to get an active scart-splitter (from shinybow) together with a scart-to-hdmi-upscaler (from deltaco). I already had the el gato hd60 game capture. When i finally got everything together earlier today, I was delighted to see that i could actually capture both audio and video with no problems. The issue however is that while the audio-quality is fine, the picture has this blueish, purplish, pinkish hue to it. It isnt as noticeable on the captured footage on the pc, but its much worse on the actual tv. Heres a picture (screenshotted on pc) for reference: http://imgur.com/WK4ZjL9

Im not a tech-savvy guy so I just wondered if anyone in here maybe knew where the issue might come from and how to resolve it? Smiley

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