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ktwo: 2021-06-11 01:06:29 pm
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Phantasy Star Online (Any %) (Single Segment) [Episode 1]

Verifier Responses

A/V is fine, no cheating detected.

This run is a good example of what you can do with weapon duping and stacking, it makes the game somewhat of a cakewalk.

Unfortunately however this run just isn't polished enough for SDA in my opinion. The boss fights are excellent but it feels as though the runner has not really practiced the stages themselves and loses significant time to routing errors, such as at the end of Mines when the runner misses a necessary switch and has to backtrack for it, wasting at least a minute.

I really hope the runner goes back to this as they evidently have the skills for this run, it just needs a little bit more work.

Sorry but this is a reject for me.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. Lots of glitching, though, mostly at the beginning. I knew that the duping glitches existed, but I'd never seen them in action. This run is well executed, despite getting hit at times, but since it can be a bit difficult to avoid getting hit because of the cooldown period after using a weapon, those are understandable. The fact that the weapon stacking glitch makes it so nearly everything dies in 1 or 2 hits, and bosses are utterly destroyed, I will have to give this an accept! In-game time shows 1:04.

Quote from Runa:
The dual-inventory and stacking glitches were very well done (they probably made the run for me). The battles were great, despite taking a couple hits and some missed accuracy shots, which are totally understandable - the Shot and Mechgun were great finds and really helped speed things along. The runner did a good job of planning most everything out and seemed to be knowledgeable with the PSO loopholes (opening map while walking past traps/enemies, etc).

I know there is some randomness to the maps in PSO, but I think the runner did a decent job of navigating through with few mistakes. I noticed a few instances where the runner would walk up to an item or a button and then decide they don't need it and turn back around (the missed switch in the Mines was one such case). There were a few instances later on in the run when the runner entered a room and stopped, thinking an enemy would spawn, but the enemy didn't come, wasting a bit of time. Other than the things that the runner already pointed out in their notes, I see some things that could maybe be fine-tuned - mostly navigation-related.

I'm going for a weak accept because I still think it's a good single-segmented glitch run. But I definitely think the runner has the skills and knowledge to improve the timing of this run and make it even more flawless for SDA.

Decision: Accept

Reason: This one is a bit weak, but the verifiers mostly accepted it. I encourage the runner to improve the run, though.

Congratulations to 'saintmillion'!
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The TrUest of Shades
Congrats Saintmillion.

Gotta go back for that Sub 1:00 In-game timer
Yes, I would love to see this run improved! I really hope Saintmillion decides to get it under 1:00, too!
just dropping in to say this run is cool and sub-1:00 is definitely possible if someone dumps enough time into it.
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saintmillion: 2013-12-06 08:21:29 am
Thanks everyone, the comments are giving me more motivation to get an improved run. I will definitely consider more polish to sub 1 or better once I sort some IRL free time out Smiley
Congratz Saint! Sub 1 hour, then Epsiode 2 please Smiley
Make it so.
Verifier 1 here, just wanted to say that despite my vote, this is a cool as hell run and congrats to Saintmillion regardless, here's hoping for that improvement at some point down the line!
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Nice run. It was cool to see the duping and stacking glitches in action; I only have the Plus version of the game, so I've never done them. The beginning of the run was hard to follow, but once you got to the levels, you did a good job navigating and killing enemies. Your item management was also good throughout the run.