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I've been thinking for some time now there ought to be a generic guide for speedrunning games of a certain genre, specifically I'm looking at point-and-click adventure games, because there's a good chance the same considerations are relevant to many many titles. I was wondering since it's a kind of superclass could we make the games page have a space reserved up top for this kind of affair? I'm going to get said adventure game tips page started myself and I'm thinking of just making it simple list of pointers.

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Judgy: 2015-05-01 12:21:04 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
I was actually contemplating doing a video guide for game breaking of FPS's (on the topic of Genres) after gaining a lot of experience through games such as Borderlands, Sniper ghost warrior, Call of Juarez: gunslinger, Bioshock, and other FPS's.

I could probably throw together I relatively detailed "basics" guide for that genre of what to try, how my thought process works when i try find glitches or try understand why "random" glitches happen and it would be great if others could do the same for other genres.