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stick to t2, but please no more happy bouncy fun maps, vgs :<
It's a BIG HEAD!
How about the "Action Love" engine? Atleast
Ganbare Natsuki-san, Kaiten Patissier and Green Island use it.
Are you saying they have replay recording feature or asking if they have it?
It's a BIG HEAD!
They have it -.-
100% runs=great to watch
DoomRL should have it now...though I think it it slated to become more robust eventually.
100% runs=great to watch  If I read it right and somehow the feature didn't get lost in the shuffle at some point, this RTS game SunAge has a Replay recorder feature to it.  Also had a massive new official patch release the other day that I caught mention of on Blue's News.
100% runs=great to watch  Modern classic Roguelike Brogue just added saves and replay recording features in the last major  1.4 patch---should be much potential!  It is ASCII....but tries to be very pretty ASCII.
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AlexFolland: 2011-06-27 05:12:57 am
Worms Armageddon has had a replay feature for many years now.  It also has unassisted and tool-assisted speed runs of all the missions.
Temporal is a 2008 freeware game supporting replays.

Silence of the Chicks, an older game from the same author, also supports replays for the home-made levels but, unfortunately, not for the main game levels.
metoxys Productions
All games in the TrackMania series can save replays and the user is able to edit them
(TrackMania Original, TrackMania Sunrise, TrackMania Sunrise Extreme, TrackMania United, TrackMania Nations ESWC, TrackMania Nations Forever, TrackMania United Forever, TrackMania² Canyon)
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Dustforce has replay recording, but only for IL's.
But the demo video is in this forum or other forum?
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re: Marathon, the code for all three games has been released to the public domain, the data files making up the assets are free, and an engine has been made for modern PCs to run them, and they've been ported to the iPad (also free); if you want to know more you can look here or here, but you might be better off just asking Cody Miller (this is assuming he or someone else hasn't made this known, it's likely he has and I'm just repeating things as I sometimes do)
edit: did a search, this was known, and apparently the games aren't accepted here? awww Sad
From the Rage thread:

Just found a record demo feature, the commands are: demorecord, demostop and demoplay. When i write demorecord in the console it responds "Recording demos/demo00001.demo" but when i write demostop it doesen't say anything. When i write "demoplay demos/demo00001.demo" the game starts the loading screen of the particular area I recorded the demo in and then the game crashes. I suspect that I'm not using "demostop" correctly since the console doesen't respond anything and the .demo files end up 1kb. Anyone with knowledge about these stuff? Guess it's similar in quake 4, which i never got into.
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Any of the GOG games that use DOSBox as their compatibility platform can use DOSBox's innate AVI recording, which is very high quality. These should be good for SDA. The games I care about for this are:
- Wing Commander
- Wing Commander 2
- Wing Commander 3
- Wing Commander: Privateer

There are a LOT of these games, which really opens up old DOS speedruns, now that we have a consistent, commercial wrapper that Just Works on modern Window and Linux OSes.
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Spore has a method to record videos and upload them directly to YouTube. I never used it myself, so I don't know if it's a 10-minute thing or if you can record an entire stage. I will see sometime.
I'd like to confirm the fact that these games do have demo recording.

Unreal Engine 2:
- Pariah
- Land of the dead: Road to Fiddler's Green
- Day of the Zombie

However, attempting to demoplay them will INSTANTLY crash the game, as they cannot playback them at all (common Unreal Engine 2.X problem)
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Hi mates, retaking the thread about PC games with recording demo feature, how is that Starcraft and World of Warcraft both games of Blizzard and Diablo it doesn't the same feature?