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Ewil: 2008-12-28 12:10:07 pm
Serious Sam 2 - confirmed, working for single-player and usable for SDA. Been using it for 2 years. There are just 2 issues:

1) Timer not shown - screenshot of the stats after finishing level is required
2) Short cutscenes are not skipped even if you did so. They are very short anyway, so it shouldn't matter.

Everything like hud and things needed for verification are alright.

Postal 2 - I couldn't find anything in this game to produce demos, so I'd remove it from the list.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - I should clarify this. Demo recording works in single-player too, but even the game itself is unable to playback, because it creates unsupported old extension. This should be ok for multi-player though.

Driver - Not usable for SDA since playback doesn't show Damage and Felony bars, speed and timer.
Also, Soldier of Fortune 2 only has demo recording in multiplayer.
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djcj: 2008-12-29 07:23:23 am
Quote from Sid:
Quote from Ewil:
Quote from djcj:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault doesn't have a demo function, even if it's using the Q3 engine.

That's weird. How come Seismovision supports it ?

Maybe because of this:

Huh? Weird. I'm sure I tried a bunch of different commands to record demos and in the MOHAA thread some people mentioned that it doesn't seem to work too. I swear, if that works... all the effort in recording my run with fraps has gone to waste... and I have to rerun it. Sad


Now I see, they use a patched .exe for that. Will that be allowed on SDA?

Oh, and the Unreal 2 demo function is broken (even more than in Doom 3). It creates a demo file, but it doesn't replay it proper. It always shows like an empty skybox. Tested it on the German and UK version of the game.
Quote from djcj:
Now I see, they use a patched .exe for that. Will that be allowed on SDA?

If a modification in Red Alert 2 run will be allowed(The added ingame timer)! Then this would too!
Quote from Pendrokar:
Quote from djcj:
Now I see, they use a patched .exe for that. Will that be allowed on SDA?

If a modification in Red Alert 2 run will be allowed(The added ingame timer)! Then this would too!

Are the patches officially released from the company who made the games? Then yes no problems using them.
If not official, then SDA can't confirm that the patch is only doing what it says and nothing else, in which case they will most likely not be allowed.
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djcj: 2008-12-30 08:49:04 am
It looks unofficial. But the demo's playback is a bit shaky anyways. Got a bit motion sick by watching it. And sometimes it's buggy and it crashes.


Unreal II: The Awakening <-- reported graphical glitches with skyboxes

Well, that's not quite it.
When you playback a demo, it just loads a weird skybox with nothing in it and you can move your mouse and look around. You can't walk, there's no hud and there's nothing else from the level you were playing (like enemies, sound, etc).
It's just useless.
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djcj: 2009-01-04 10:29:39 am
Duke Nukem 3D, afaik.


About confirmation, you actually can get demos of American Mc Gee's Alice here:

And the Duke Nukem 3D page says something about the runs in original DMO format, but the homepage of the runner is offline now:
I am afraid no ones riding nothing!!!
what's the command to get the call of duty 4 record function working?
Quote from Fyourics:
what's the command to get the call of duty 4 record function working?

Seems I will have to apply the how to the table too!

To answer your question. -
Read right at "Recording CoD4 Demos"!
By the way, I think they removed the demo function from Prey but I'm not sure. I'll test it later.
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The Ship and The Ship Single Player (tutorial should as well) does have demo recording.  Enable the Developer Console and enter Record <Demoname>
Record SDA_Rules.dem

To end recording, type in the console:

Valve's own Wiki for Demo commands in the console:
I tested it, Prey has a demo function.
Spectator :)
I'm think about Call of Juarez speedrun, and the game have a record feature.

To use a command line parameter, go to your Call of Juarez launch icon, right-click on it and select Properties. In the Target box, at the end of the line of text after the " mark, insert a space and then the relevant command(s), e.g.:

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Techland\Call of Juarez\CoJ.exe" -level saloon

-record levelname
Starts the specified level and records a demo of you playing it. The file is typically saved as demo.rec in your base \Call of Juarez game directory.

home (also the home1, home2, home3, home4 sub-chapters)
murder (murder 1)
saloon (saloon1, saloon2)
scarp (scarp1, scarp2, scarp3, scarp4)
mine (mine2, mine3, mine4)
train (train1, train2)
ranch (ranch1, ranch2, ranch3)
hijack (hijack1, hijack2, hijack3, hijack4)
ride (ride1)
cemetery (cemetery1, cemetery2)
dungeons (dungeons1, dungeons2)
final (final1, final2)

-input demoname.rec -play
Plays back a recorded demo file. Note if the filename is demo.rec, you can just use the -play command by itself to launch and play back the demo.

i verified it. all cool - record (also records mouse cursor in menu; little mouse lag), and play records.
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Touhou games have replay recording feature, although pretty much the only one eligible for SDA is Shoot the Bullet. It has a precise in-game timer, too.
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Sid: 2009-03-19 05:22:13 pm
Now it's Sui^^
I don't think that SWAT 4 has demo record feature. I've checked the Demorec from UT2003... nothing.

also I found this:

And I'm almost sure, that Descent 3 has demo record. I'm now installing it Tongue
Yeah, I was right! Descent 3 has demo record feature. You just have to press F5. I think it record bugles. I recorded over 2 minut gameplay and there was no bugs while playing demo from a file. The only problem is that there's no cockpit while playing demo, but it can be restored by double-pressing F3 Smiley
Command and Conquer: Generals has it. And so does its expansion: Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour
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Sins of a Solar Empire has demo recording 8)
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Quote from OrionWarrior:
Command and Conquer: Generals has it. And so does its expansion: Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour

So do C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, C&C3: Kane's Wrath.
Also Red Alert 3 has a demo record function as well.
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Sid: 2009-09-01 09:06:43 am
Now it's Sui^^
You can add also "Ghost Recon" - it has replay function, which allows to record and watch whole missions - the only problem is, that it's a little bugged - sometimes it doesn't save enough data about player aiming (so while watching replay crosshair can be away from enemy soldier but he'll die Cheesy - it just looks kinda strange).

Anyway, if Ghost Recon have this function, so it's expansion packs should have it also:
- Ghost Recon: Desert Siege
- Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Oh... "IL-2 Sturmovik" has demo recording feature also.
Just noticed a mistake: Doom 3 is id tech 4, not 5. id tech 5 will be used for Rage and Doom 4
Rise of the Triad anyone?
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets doesn't have it. I enabled debug mode, which let me get a console, but trying to record anything would cause a crash no matter what I tried.
Then probably both don't have it.
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Red_Shifter: 2009-10-02 06:03:37 am
yes, an iron knuckle riding a mechanical horse
Tribes: Vengeance has demo recording.  According to a site I read, you need to use demorec <demoname> in the console to record and use demoplay <demoname> to replay it.  The console is activated by specifying a -console switch on your shortcut.  The game is very glitchy, and I've heard demo recording in the game has a major performance hit.  I'm not even sure if you can record single player.  I'm not reinstalling that cheap imitation of a Tribes game to find out.