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DXHR runner
How would I go about putting one of my runs on the list to be approved?
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Can I post my speedrun of Might and Magic 9: Writ of Fate here?
Might be magic...
There's a submissions page here:
DXHR runner
It said in the bottom of my submission application that youtube videos and twitch highlights are not accepted...why is this? I can't get the raw video from my highlight...
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
While I can't give you the 100 % answer (if you want all the details, you'ld need to ask UA or Nate) but the gist is:
-> Youtube videos are usually transcoded by Youtube itself, resulting in inferior quality than what we want
-> Twitch videos usually contain splits, the runner talking to his chat or other things. For submission SDA wants the highest reasonably possible quality raw footage of only the game video and audio. (Also there are more things that disqualify Twitch highlight submissions, that were mentioned some time ago, have to do with quality, and whose details I've forgotten.)

To get a submittable video, you would probably need to record the raw footage seperately from what is streamed.
DXHR runner
by "Quality" what are you referring to? Quality to mean means like 1080p, etc. I dont understand why commentary, splitting, etc. gets in the way exactly?
Get over here!
There needs to be a choice between commentary and just the run for the viewer. Some just want to see the game without someone talking over it others like a good commentary more. Oh and talking to Twitch chat isn't exactly good commentary.

Quality doesn't necessarily mean you need to record in 1080p. It's hard to explain so I'd recommend you post a quality check topic over here ->
An admin will tell you wether or not your recording can pass verification.
DXHR runner
Hmmm, alright thanks for the clarification and insight! I'm very new to speed running and the forums in general, and I'm glad I'm a bit caught up now :^)
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Yeah, it's hard to explain what is meant by quality. In the olden days with vcr capture, quality would mean as little artefacts in the picture as humanly possible, so handling the tape gently and using the original recording. Nowadays with digital methods, quality essentially still means the same, but is achieved in a different way: No blurs, no weird colours, no bleeding of colours, no pixelation larger than the game's pixels, no audio artefacts. To greatly simplify: It doesn't mean using a high resolution, but rather a greater bitrate (as in more information saved per pixel and frame). Especially for older consoles ((S)NES etc), standard NTSC resolution (that's 480i, isn't it?) can mean enough, and 1080p is not required.
Hey, I saw a Megaman X5 run (Single Segmented) in 16:00, and I though I could do it faster than that. I did, but before submitting the run, I'd like to know if this run is outdated, just in case
I am trying to get my Costume Quest Any% run spread around so people learn more about it and get it up on the site.

Here is another post with discussion videos and my notes on the game
This is a Master of Orion speedrun that could probably be added to the completed. I don't know if anyone would actually want to watch the whole video, but it's a speedrun nonetheless.
Hey guys, I just finished my Daikatana speedrun. Don't know if this is the right place to post this.
Not sure where to inquire about this, but are there any records of Lemmings/Oh no more lemmings speed runs for separate levels? I think I have a few good runs documented, and assumed there would be a community, but can't find one!  There are lots of videos on youtube but none seem interested in accomplishing the fastest time. Thanks!
I don't see a game I've run on there. I'm new here so idk how to go about adding a game :c. The game is Inside My Radio and here is my PB :).
After looking at the rules for speedruns and the reasons behind them, I'm going to have to rerecord my run (and possibly improve my time) if I want to get it up here.

However, in the meantime, here's my run for Pagan: Ultima VIII.  It's Low% (called Any% No Cheat Mode) with my splits.  I used OBS to create it, and is done marathon style, like how it would be run at any speedrunning event.