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YautjaElder: 2006-10-10 09:04:55 pm
Speed is the key.
They're finished; Kibumbi said Radix has these but has apparently forgotten about them/chosen not to post them.  Cry

Yeah, I know they're finished because I verified them... but after that I didn't know. It's sad if they wont get posted...
i like to watch.
well, there's always youtube? err, googletube.
torch slug since 2006
OKay, hmm,, im planning a good run of pc.. Can i do a run of a  Webgame and record it with AutoScreenRecorder?
hmm it probably fits into freewareruns.com.
WOW! Great work Smiley

I'm sure there are some Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back speedruns, but I forgot the site.
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suga: 2006-10-11 07:40:18 pm
yeah there was a thread about dungeon master, and the run must be lurking somewhere in this site but i couldn't find one.
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groobo: 2006-10-13 01:55:32 pm
Good job!  Wink
I love SpeedRuns
Bhaa, my Gunman Run is very bad tho ^^

Still some handy shortcuts/tricks if someone gonna try it someday. Very good game to explore shortcuts etc
Discover new solutions.
Some of your posts in your list miss a dublepoint ":", some have one. Maybe you should edit this to ensure an equal view for all games. Smiley
torch slug since 2006
What about Crypt Raider on www.miniclip.com?
i just noticed chillout's AvP2 run is up on archive.org Smiley
Speed is the key.
Wow, that must mean it's ready for update. Grin
Whatever happened to your Kingpin run, suga? Did you ever submit it to the SDA?

Also, you managed to find the Red Faction II topic, but not the Red Faction topic, and, more importantly, the run? (yes, it's my run, shameless self-promotion here :P)
give me your eyes!!!
Hehe, it's a list of runs not on this list henkie. It is a good run though *pat pat*
Hehe, it's a list of runs not on this list henkie.

Lol. I totally missed that. Right, carry on then.
ok, here is a collection of pc game runs that are not on the sda game list, runs in progress, and other speedrun sites.


as for kingpin run, no i haven't submit it and probably never will. the run is not optimized at all (especially shooting parts are terrible. kingpin's hitboxes are more than broken though :p) and a member of hl2dq (Pincus) pointed out that there are a few more shortcuts which could shave another 20 seconds off. i won't attempt another try either since i got so tired of the game Lips Sealed
-.oBv.- leader
Great work on keeping this thread up-to date, Suga! And I agree with whoever said it, this topic should be stickeyed.  Wink

Only problem is that the "old" DukeNukem 3d topic is from 2005, but the new one is listed as 2004, which uses the JFDuke3d port (and is actually slower because of the port)
Add this

Narbacular Drop in 2.16 by Jb55

video - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7197485661718425548&q=speedrun
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suga: 2006-10-27 12:29:39 pm
there is a faster run up on the official site. i added that one instead. thx anyway, for reminding me of narbacular drop Smiley
I posted a video for my fur fighters run, so could you mind editing the link in? Wink
Spectator :)
Gish Speedrun (or Done Quick?) Cheesy

by who? you? Huh?
Spectator :)
by who? you? Huh?

im not know
^ A bug called Stinks.
Uh, maybe you should try Google.com for a better translator if you're using one.

Simplier term: You try www.Google.com put in translator "Russia to English".
Rest in pieces.
Simplier term: You try www.Google.com put in translator "Russia to English".

Err, I always thought it was Russian to English, not Russia to English... But you know best Wink