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Yeah, it searches for it anywhere. The idea was that somebody could type anything, like a game name, or a player name, etc. and it would find it. In other words, it's a feature, not a bug! Tongue

Christ, that was fast, I only just implemented it. Yeah, I'll do that in a second.
Edit: Done.
Quote from TheVoid:
Try to submit it anyway 8)

Maybe I'll try to improve it and then submit it. This run has still too much mistakes. But it's really hard to remember what to click if the only thing you understand is "baka Shinji".
I wonder why Kabuto's MDK run isn't on this list:,4023.msg249293.html#msg249293 (other levels are on the last page)
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TheVoid: 2009-09-22 09:19:37 am
It actually is.

Though no specific video links next to it, perhaps that could be added.

EDIT: Oh wait a second, the run was finished. Do note djcj that this list is massively outdated.
It's fixed now.
I have a question!
Is infinite weapons speed run allowed here?
Quote from CROta03:
Is infinite weapons speed run allowed here?


First of all, this is the wrong thread to ask about something like that Smiley
Secondly, what game are you talking about exactly?

It would likely be a New Game+ type of run because of the infinite weapons thing, then yes it'll probably be allowed. Depends how you get the infinite weapons. But again, which game are you talking about? It would be better if you ask it in a thread about the game, search the forum.
It is word about BioHazard 3 (resident evil 3) When I chose new game I allready have infinite weapons! I get it on mercenaries!
(user is banned)
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MortyreR45: 2013-05-27 10:12:39 pm
Quote from CROta03:
It is word about BioHazard 3 (resident evil 3) When I chose new game I allready have infinite weapons! I get it on mercenaries!

this is boring
Here's a playlist with a few IL runs of Global Operations from me (easy and medium difficulty):
I'm not working on GO runs anymore.

Some updates on DOOM:

The Doomed  Speed demos Archive is now at

The Compet-n site is still an important resource, and should naturally be linked to, but hasn't been updated in a while, although people are uploading Compet-n demos and other DOOM speed runs to the Doomworld Speed Demos Forum through a post attachment system (since DOOM demos are tiny, this is easy) along with chatting and discussion about the demos. These demos generally end up in the DSDA, as well.
I have a Mafia 2 speed run that is in individual level but of all 15 chapters
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
I've got a speedrun of "Coinbox Hero" I'd like to submit, is this the right area? if so, here is the link.

                                                          Coinbox Hero Single-Segment [27:44.37] Nick 'Kabob34' Van Winkle

To download the video, Click the big "Coinbox Hero 2744.37" at the top.
This one has sound!  d(o3o)b

Kabob34: No this isn't the right place. Check this page:
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
Ive been there a billion times.. give me a full instruction on how do u get to the speedrun submission
Send Flip a Private Message.
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
No.. no, HOW??? i go on his prof and no pm button there
You need to start a Private Thread with him (Little button in the top-left), yeah my bad, it's actually not a PM but a PT on this forum.
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
but he's offline :|
Doesn't matter, just start a thread... Or send him a mail.
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
What if he doesn't respond? I mean he probably has like 100 private threads
He will always respond. Be patient.
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
thanks Smiley
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djcj: 2013-02-20 07:06:11 am
djcj: 2013-02-20 07:05:23 am
I guess this thread is inactive for over a year, but since it's still "pinned" at the top of this sub-forum, I'm gonna post a PC run of Wolfschanze 1944 that I'm not going to submit for 2 or more reasons:

This run is full of flying and oob, so if you like glitchy runs you should watch it.


I've uploaded a complete* IL speedrun table of Global Operations to Youtube.

*excluding unrunnable levels
CIA Operative: Solo Missions

by - 'spec' single-segment any% - 9:14 (it show the most tricks)

thanks go to 'tmaq'

Video on Youtube ->


Necrovision - version 1.2

by - 'Artas1984' on demon crusher difficulty in 63 minutes, 7 seconds

Videos on Youtube ->

Submission cancel, lost of raw video files. Found of new tricks.


Renegade X: Black Dawn

by - 'cortez' in 18:06

Video on Youtube:


Sorry 'cortez', I can not help with this run. Sad
I only know of the normal Renegade game and it was great.