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Just FYI TMx isnt a speedrun site
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries:
run by tycho102 | topic (video) | in verification

tycho102 had I bounty on this game so i took it. He wanted to be responsible for the vid(editing, storage) but not the run! I did the run.  Roll Eyes
Fixed Smiley
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TheVoid: 2008-09-19 02:55:27 am
Heh, I was just checking the list on the first page again and noticed something. Is there a reason why Gothic I & II are combined and Gothic 3 is seperate? Smiley Shouldn't they all be seperate (Or maybe combined)?
Heh that was strange. I don't remember why I did it but they are all separated now Smiley
Suga, I saw you mentioned in General Chat that this thread is getting too much for you to maintain. I'm willing to take it over Smiley I shall talk to Mike about it.
That would be great, thanks. I gladly give this over to you Smiley
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MortyreR45: 2013-05-27 10:09:05 pm
MortyreR45: 2013-05-27 08:50:48 am
Quote from TheVoid:
Mortyr III - Akcje dywersyjne [Polish Version]:

Thanks for adding this run in the PC collection topic.  Smiley
No problem Wink

I must say, the voice acting of especially the main character in Mortyr III is quite laughable Wink
sda loyalist
Weren't you going to wiki-ize this list anyway?
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TheVoid: 2008-10-16 06:21:18 am
Yes, and I've been checking how it looks and works and such, but I'm actually not really satisfied with it. The way the list looks and works in this thread seems to be much more efficient to me than it would be in a wiki. In a wiki it would look very chaotic, especially with those printer icons (?) next to each link. Although I think they can be removed but that wasn't advisable, or so they said in the help page on Wink

I don't know... Maybe I should just start it a bit and put it up and then see what others have to say.

EDIT: Well, I've put a little list in the KB to show how it would look like. If those printer icons could (Are allowed to) be removed, that would look nicer Wink
My run on Mechwarrior 4: Mercs has been verified!  Wink
Ah yes, and "Accepted" according to the thread in the verification board, so it can get off the list here since it'll get on SDA sometime soon Wink
The Gothic run with glitches is obsoleted:
(user is banned)
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MortyreR45: 2013-05-27 10:11:09 pm
MortyreR45: 2013-05-27 09:20:16 am
Soldier of Fortune: Payback

I had reject my run, because of bad video quality and it was a individual run with oob.
The oob's do only work in individual level run, because of select the weapons for each mission.
Not longer in the verification list.
I think I should mention it now... For the ones that pay attention to the list, you should've noticed that it hasn't been updated/fixed for a long time. Even though I like making such lists and keep it updated (And I've got a shitload of free time so that's not an issue), the list now needs a LOT of fixing and weeding through a lot of threads and such and somehow I just don't feel motivated to start with that (Or rather continue since I did update the "Other Speedrun Sites" and "Runs Completed" parts and also added that to the Knowledge Base) Undecided
So before the list falls any further into oblivion, I unfortunately need to ask if there's perhaps someone else who wants to take it over? If you want to take it over contact mikwuyma so that he can give the posts to you.

If there's no one that wants to take it over, then I guess I need to try to gather some serious motivation to start with it again...
Well I won't submit my Medieval: Total War run because of video quality and audio desync! So this list keeps it alive!
Some people think they can outsmart me.
I have been (slowly) messing around with a Panzer General 2 video. It's not exactly a speedrun, but more of an effort to illicit a speedrun. As in, show that the game can actually be played with current hardware. Holy cocks it has taken long enough for people to just figure out how to get it to run. A speedrun of the game would necessitate significant amounts of prestige gathing during the opening levels, something close to what I've done.

Anyway, several videos are here.

They were recorded using "recordmydesktop", on Wine/Linux. They started off with 100% quality (theora/vorbis), and converted over to high-level/high quality H264. I don't know if they'll play on X360 or PS3, but they will certainly play on a modest PC.
I did a run of Neon Genesis Evangelion - the Iron Maiden 2nd in 13:47 (SS).
It's a Japanese dating game and therefore probably nothing for SDA.

Part 1 | Part 2
Djcj's awesome speedrun of a Japanese dating game (Try to submit it anyway 8)) gave me a little motivation to create my own HTML page with the list.

Which you can find here.

I've added a little bit there so you can get an idea of how it'll look like. For some reason I've actually never liked the list in the Knowledge Base, and in this thread I don't really like having the stuff in multiple posts (I could maybe put the entire list in one post but as far as I know I can't use tag linking on the forum, which is most likely the reason why it's divided into several posts).

The colour of the links are the ones from my forum theme (Not the background though, since on the forum for me it's more dark greyish, but I liked black better for this page).

Well, let me know what you think about it. Should I continue with it? Any suggestions? Stuff to add/change?
sda loyalist
I'd rather you used my linkhome, it's much easier to search etc.
I just checked it a bit lag, and the searching is a little strange. For example, I searched for "ha" and it gave me as first result "Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies" Smiley Only the last result (Out of 10) started with "ha" which was "Half-Life: Opposing Force".
It also only shows 10 results at once, after that you need to click on next, so there's a lack of overview (I can imagine why you wouldn't show everything at once on your page, but still).

Not to mention that everything can be mixed in there (Runs on SDA, console runs, etc.). And I found no way to sort it.
You also can't search for something like "in progress", it'll give all kinds of results you're not looking for.
As a matter of fact, the entire search function is weird. If you search for "ss", the first result is "Beyond Good & Evil"... Wink

The point of the list is to have an easy overview of the "PC runs completed but not on SDA" and "PC runs in progress" where you can easily browse through, the user shouldn't need to search for something specific (Or if he wants he can just use a browser search, or click on a specific letter from the "Runs Completed" or "Runs in Progress" categories which will be added later on).

To put it blunt, I find your page highly inconvenient for the purpose of this thread.

Let's wait what others have to say about it.
My Keen run is on that site Cheesy

I searched for Half-Life to which there was an error :\
sda loyalist
The reason 'ss' gets Beyond Good & Evil is because it's a single-segment run. :p

Those are some valid criticisms about the searching, though. I'll add an advanced search option.

Edit: fixed the half-life problem. apparently returning zero results broke my searcher 8)
Quote from lag:
The reason 'ss' gets Beyond Good & Evil is because it's a single-segment run. :p

No it's not only because of it being a single-segment run. Just check all the other results from "ss". It seems your engine checks if "ss" exists "anywhere" in the line, either the title or if it's a single-segment or in the name of the runner Wink
So it returns any result where "ss" can be found.

Lag: You could add an option of un/check all in the Advanced Search Options, especially for Platforms.