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Anyone who runs Mario Party, Crash Bash, or any game that's meant to imitate those, I have something you might like: Party Girls, a Japan and PAL only budget PS2 game where a variety of lovely ladies compete in sets of minigames for victory. If you live in the USA, you can just use your PAL PS2 you got for Crash games or Japanese PS2 you got for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix or whatever it is you run on it. This game is published by 505 Game Street in PAL regions (Just like Pink Pong), so it'll work on your NTSC TV.

The main category to run is 100%. That means you have to beat all 10 girls, unlocking the bikini of each girl you beat. You don't have to play as all of the girls, however, so Kana Momozono (the green haired one) is used throughout the majority of the run. This is because each girl has an interview at the end when they win, and Kana's is the shortest. Conveniently, the other 100% requirement is revealing Reiko Mizusaki's name (it starts as "????" when you unlock her) which you do by winning against any opponent while playing as her. This is when you play against Kana. One more thing: You start the game with only 7 of the 10 girls. The other three, Riho, Kyouko, and Reiko, have to be unlocked by beating all 5 minigames in a row in each of the sets with no losses, and they're always unlocked in that order, meaning Reiko's last no matter what. This means that ideally, you'll beat the two sets that aren't the shortest in one try to unlock Riho and Kyouko, and you'll have six chances to unlock Reiko.

So here's the route: the longest and most random minigame is the first minigame of Set 2, Helmet and Hammer. It's like a cross between Rock Paper Scissors and the Game & Watch game Judge. The spinners pick the RPS winner at random, and whoever wins has to smack the opponent with the Hammer by pressing Circle. First to three wins A successful dodge, done by pressing X to use the Helmet, doesn't give you any points, so you're at the mercy of the RNG (ohhh yes) to win quickly enough. And there's no time limit for this minigame either. Oh and there's something I haven't mention yet: every mistake you make is multiplied by two in this game. After every single minigame (Every SINGLE one), there is an unskippable replay of the ENTIRE minigame you just played, so saving time is crucial. In my PB, I did Set 1 first to get it out of the way since I have more trouble with it than Set 2, but I imagine an optimized run of Party Girls would keep doing Helmet and Hammer until they got a pretty good run with only 2 or 1 losses (or even zero) and then proceed to beat Set 2 and then 1 with no losses, then have plenty of chances to beat Set 3. Not to mention I found out Set 3 was the shortest set when I did an attempt where Set 1 was what I did 8 times instead of Set 3, and it took longer even though I made fewer costly mistakes. Using this route, you'll have to see the credits a minimum of ten times (Yes, you watch interviews and the credits 10 times, nine of them with Kana, and they're unskippable). Below is my PB, and below that is my Set 1 8 times for comparison (and no, playing on the PAL or Japanese version makes no difference that I know of)

Time starts when you pick the second opponent before the first Set of minigames. Time ends when the game tells you you've unlocked the final swimsuit (if you've revealed Reiko's name of course). You can check to see if you got 100% by seeing if "Go" mode has been unlocked.

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This is a demonstration of what most runs of Party Girls will be like with the new route. Anyone who's into luck-based runs, such as Pokemon, Digimon, or Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as Mario Party and Crash Bash, or any other game that requires loads of resets very early to get a run going, try it out!

One part of the game that many people have trouble with is the last minigame of Set 1, Run n Jump. A minigame that took literal hours on my first play of the game, and will give many of you trouble due to how obtuse it is. Here's how you beat it: pay attention to which floatie isn't bouncing as much, and jump on that one. To beat it quickly, always be looking ahead one pair so you won't have to stop each time. By looking one pair ahead, I was able to do a near TAS-like demonstration of how to complete this minigame quickly.

Got a new PB! There are some resets at the beginning. Sets 2 and 1 are overall slower, but fewer losses in Set 3 make up for it. Plus a new strategy in Stop The Watch. Plus, the Japanese Circle and X being Confirm and Cancel makes Smile Disguise Game easier.

The actual length of a 100% Party Girls run is 25-30 minutes. I am interested in working towards the small improvements due to one factor- ThaRixer has made a different Simple 2000 game popular. Finally this game might have an audience and competition. In addition to that, there could also be IL runs that could eliminate a lot of the repetition found in 100% runs as well as being able to choose any characters and suit you want. IL runs are for whole sets of minigames, not just one mini game.
New strategies

In both Run n Jump minigames, look at the one in front of you and the one ahead to be prepared.

In Helmet and Hammer, don't pause. Just keep pressing circle.

In Smile Disguise Game, don't pause. Not pausing would alone have saved a minute in my PB and brought it down to sub 90.
Oh yeah, the game might be optimized to a hilt soon, so here’s a new category: Longest Path. You do either Sets 1 or 3, then Set 2 eight times. The other difference being that you MUST complete 1 and 3 in one go. If you fail, that’s run over or you do it again (if you’ve already completed one) to MAXIMIZE the length. It goes without saying that you must win as Reiko at least once.
I have gotten 1:52:02 in Longest Path and 1:27:38 (a sub 90! Yay!) in 100%.

It doesn't matter, though. At the VERY END of the 1:27:38 100% run, I discovered a new skip on my own by accident that will make runs 1/3 of their length (not an exaggeration): Cutscene Skips. How do you skip cutscenes? Simple: Just press X (or Triangle in the PAL version). That's it- no complicated glitch or anything.

This game is so bad at conveying information that I have found no evidence of anything in the manual or game telling people about this or anyone figuring it out earlier. I guess this game is just that unpopular that nobody bothered. The developers must have forgot it was even part of the game.

Anyone who's been watching from the sidelines: Now's the time to start. Princess Rescuer out.
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Princess Rescuer: 2018-10-07 06:00:18 pm
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Did two runs with the cutscene skip. 100% is now 33:56 and Longest Path is now 41:54. I have achieved a level of skill and strategic optimization I am satisfied with for now. Obviously things could be better, but only by a bit.

Edit: I included a reset in both runs. Actual runs: 100%: 33:09. Longest Path: 40:54.
Got a 30:15 in 100%!

I’m actually thinking of having six categories: regular 100%, Middle Path, and Longest Path, and having Cutscene Skip and Cutscenes branches for all three of them. My 1:27:38 run has a cutscene skip and is no longer my CS PB, so it’s disqualified in both cases. If you have the console and want to join, now’s the time.
New strat development:

Panic Balloon: Stop pumping the balloon well before the first possible place it can pop. At least make the balloon big enough to reach the wall, then change. This greatly reduces risk.

The Big Quiz Game: Don't pause. You can usually tune out X and Triangle, only looking for Circle and Square which aren't as eye-catchingly dark.

Log Rodeo: The dodge can be a lot shorter and smaller. Your opponent will still miss and you'll save a second per go.
New Longest Path PB! 1:50:34. Longest Path wasn't as unoptimized as I thought.
Glad to see people making progress with their runs BTW! Hope it'll evolve into a submission-quality run. I'm a little bit concerned for the psychological damage watching it might induce though. :/
New PB in Middle Path Cutscenes: 1:35:42. This run uses all the current strategies.
BTW, are you thinking of all those categories as valid for SDA as well? Asking now in case you're meaning to submit at some point.