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Some of you may know that I've been working on this recently. I've gotten the time down to 4:26:26 (video:, but that run had 2 deaths that cost ~23 minutes. I'm pretty confident sub 4 hours is doable.

I finally got around to typing up my route notes. If anyone has any feedback, it'd be appreciated.
Items in Bold are for a Marathon route only
Items in Italics are for pure speed only
Everything else applies to both routes.

Magic School
-First thing, change message speed to 1.
-Collect the Learn H and Home Dor from the far room on the 2nd floor.
-When climbing Gabnid's Tower, have Duke defend and Chezni cast FireS every battle.
-Be sure to collect the 50G on the way up the tower.
-Just defend vs. Kaymat. No elemental affinities can be gained from this fight.

World Map
-Collect the 50G from the chest on the beach.
-If you don't have 107G entering Ratsurk, fight battles until you do. Odds are you'll get 3 battles in Gabnid's Tower, and you'll need 4 total to have the money.

-Sell Chezni's Kn (13G) and the Learn H (10G). Buy 2 Wood Sh (60G each).
-Equip Chezni: Wood Sh, Wood Sh, Uniform, MiniBl.
-Buy Sph magic (10G) for Chezni.
-Be sure to speak with the elder. This is the trigger that causes Fritz to be at his house.

World Map
-Always be casting FireS/FireG, depending on the battle. FireG probably won't kill anything just yet, but it's actually pretty unlikely you'll get any battles where it will be worth fighting and casting FireG until after Fritz joins you.

Resutar Island
-Grab the AntiBl near the entrance. Odds are you may never wind up using it, but it's better to have than to not have, especially before you get Midia.
-Until Fritz joins you, run from Constrics. Heliopods are fine to fight, and Helioreds depend on how many there are, and how your HP is looking at the start of the fight.
-Grab the Dagger off the bookshelf in Fritz's house.
-For the Goblins, have Fritz attack both rounds, and have Chezni cast FireG, then FireS.
-With Fritz on the team, fight everything. Cast FireG/FireS as necessary. If you know you can kill something with FireG, it's preferable to cast that over FireS simply because it guarantees at least one affinity will rise. Fire affinity is technically more important, but Sph is better than nothing, since FireG will see some use over a good chunk of the run.

Resutar Cave
-Grab the Home Dor, 100G, and Fl Dor on the way to Alornso.
-Only grab the Fl Dor on the way to Alornso. We'll grab the other 2 chests on the way out.
-Again, fight every battle here. FireS/FireG as necessary. When HP runs low, use Fritz's MiniBl over Chezni's.

-Have Chezni cast FireS every round. If you want to sneak a FireG in there for the chance at Sph going up as well, feel free, but it's not really all that worth it.
-Fritz will either attack or heal, as needed. Fritz will be hitting for less than Chezni, so always have Fritz do the healing.
-When Alornso's HP is low, stop healing Fritz. You want him low HP after the fight.
-Use the Fl Dor to get out after rescuing Midia.

Resutar Cave 2
-You'll be walking out of here, FYI.
-Try and have Fritz die each battle. Never heal him either. This way Chezni and Midia get all the experience.
-Grab the Home Dor and 100G on your way out. Getting them now gives more chances for battles with Midia in the party.
-Once back outside it's unlikely Fritz will die since Chezni/Midia should be going before the enemies, so don't worry about it outside (the experience is pretty bad out here anyway, so it's not a big deal).

World Map
-Same as before, have Chezni casting FireS/FireG each battle. If there's 2 different groups of enemies, have Midia use BoltS.

-Refill Bottles if necessary. It's unlikely that you'll have to refill too much.
-Buy Sph magic (10G) for Midia. Do not rearrange spell list yet.
-Talk to the Elder to progress. Midia will leave temporarily.
-Midia will rejoin and the Elder will give you the Sph Cr.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Sacr Drs, MiniBl.
-Reorder Midia's spells: Put SpUp and BoltS as the top 2 spells. Others don't matter.

World Map
-Fight virtually everything. The next set of encounters actually extends a bit to the east of the tree line, provided you're far enough north. When Kongs/Hedgehogs start appearing, fight so long as it doesn't cause you to use bottles. Chezni casts FireS/FireG, Midia casts BoltS.
-Hopefully you didn't use any bottle charges.

Rest House
-Pick up the Fire Cd and the Pro Ball on the shelf.
-Use the Fire Cd on Chezni and hope for good RNG.
-Talk to the man and rest for the night. The Skuruu Mobile Camp won't appear until after you rest.

Skuruu Mobile Camp
-Nothing to do here but talk to the Elder and Tiger.

Denebra Mountain
-Reorder party: Tiger, Midia, Chezni.
-Fight every encounter. Use whatever means necessary, but make sure Chezni is using FireS/FireG every fight. Also remember that Tiger has BreakS/BreakG. These are loads better than his physical attacks.
-Stop fighting once Chezni is level 4 and Midia is level 5.
-Use Chezni's bottles for healing. Save Midia's for Jarmlu.

-Chezni casts FireS every round. Hope Jarmlu doesn't target him too much.
-Tiger Defends every round. Note that DFUp is useless here since it only increases the receiving character's Defense by 25% of their base Endurance stat, which are laughably low at these levels. Tiger should have the highest base Endurance, and his is only ~40.
-Midia casts SpUp, then heals or defends depending on needs. If Jarmlu hits Chezni heal him immediately. Hopefully Midia goes before Jarmlu more often than not. If Midia takes a hit, have her heal herself the next round (with a bottle, since she gets a speed bonus). Only heal Tiger if he gets down to ~50 HP.
-With any luck, you'll get a P Fth drop.

World Map
-Head to the Resting House if both Chezni and Midia's bottles are running low. (Note: Need to determine an amount that would be considered OK to proceed without refilling bottles)
-If bottles are OK, head to Hagudo Caves.

Hagudo Caves
-Don't fight anything right now. Chezni and Midia are relatively weak right now, especially since it's just the 2 of them.
-Pick up the Bow on the way to Hagudo.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Bow, Sacr Drs, MiniBl.

-Stop in the Tool Shop and refill bottles.
-Buy 1 Fl Dor.
-Buy 2 Fl Dors.
-Speak with the Elder, then speak with Smash at the Pub, followed by the Piano Player. This triggers the lava rising.
-Grab the MiniBl on the shelf by the barkeep.
-Reorder your items to have the MiniBl in the first slot.
-Speak with the dancers in the inn, then proceed down the well.

Hagudo Mines
-Again, don't fight anything right now.
-Use the MiniBl in the inventory to heal rather than Chezni or Midia's. Save those for in battle emergencies.
-Grab the Glow Sc and head back to the dancers.
-With the dancers in tow, head to the other side of the cave and exit into the Pub.

-Speak with the Piano Player again, and let the dancers do their thing. Speak with the Piano Player one more time.
-Speak with Smash to recruit him.

Hagudo Mines
-Reorder party: Smash, Chezni, Midia.
-Battles can be fought now, but some enemies are not worth fighting. Redballs and Bombrocks are not worth it, unless you get a formation that has only 1 Bombrock.
-Grab the Pickaxe on the first floor, then the Short Bt on the second floor.
-Equip Chezni: Wood Sh, Wood Sh, Uniform, Short Bt, MiniBl.
-Smash will fix the lava leak, then return to the Pub.

-Head to the Tool Shop again. Prices are normal. Refill Bottles.
-Sell Para Kn (25G), Short Bt (50G), Pickaxe (75G), Bow (47G), Dagger (35G), and Pro Ball (250G).
-Head the lower Pub and Hire Gorf.
-Reorder party: Gorf, Chezni, Midia.

Hagudo Caves
-Same as with Smash, only fight certain battles. Gorf is only on the team to act as a tank, and help run away (or fight, depending on the battle).

World Map
-Don't fight anything out here. Everything is really dangerous.

-Dismiss Gorf, and Hire Dan and Zuran. You should have the 800G required.
-Reorder party: Zuran, Dan, Chezni, Midia.
-Talk to the Mayor at the top of the Temple, then proceed to the basement.

Temple Basement
-Only fight enemies in small numbers. Run from anything else.
-Don't bother picking anything up down here. Just power the crown up.
-Use a Fl Dor to get out.

Sky Temple
-Same as the basement, only fight battles with small numbers.
-Exception: Don't fight SusAgents. They're not worth it.
-Pick up the Mid Sw and Mid Drs on the way up.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Mid Drs, MiniBl.

-Prepare to die.
-For real though, Dan uses Iron Bt every round. Hope it hits the same one a lot.
-Zuran defends unless he's over 450 HP. If above this threshold, he can attack (except on the first round).
-Midia casts SpUp, then heals along with Chezni for the rest of the fight. If not healing, defend.

Sky Temple
-Place the Crown's power in the...object, then use a Fl Dor.

-Speak with the Mayor in the Temple lobby to receive the Navdex.
-Depending on bottle situation, refill at the tool shop.
-Sell Mid Sw (210G) and Mid Drs (240G). Buy Gauntlet(s) (350G each) for Midia? This will make money super tight though...
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Gauntlet, Gauntlet(?), Sacr Drs, MiniBl.

World Map
-Fight nothing.
-Bypass Doubor. There's nothing of interest here.

Daphne's Cave
-Refill bottles. It's free here.
-Also take the free healing.
-Answer Daphne's questions, then use the teleporter.

World Map
-Again, fight nothing. The enemies here are stupid unbalanced and can easily take you out in one round if they feel like it.

-Grab the Sky Cd from the Dragon Statue.
-Buy Sky magic (200G) for Midia.
-Reorder Midia's spell: Put StrUp and SpUp on the top row, with BoltS and BoltG on the 2nd row.
-Dismiss Dan, and Hire Wild.
-Reorder party: Wild, Zuran, Chezni, Midia.
-Use the Sky Cd on Wild.
-Even if you don't safety save anywhere else, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAFETY SAVE HERE!

World Map
-Yeah, just run from everything, unless you like dying.

Dragon Cave
-There's one lone formation here that's worth fighting: Amoeba (Top Row) and Virus (Bottom Row). Run from everything else.
-For that one formation, Wild casts BreakG and Zuran uses Bmg on the Amoebas, Chezni uses FireG on the Virus'. Midia could cast BoltG on the Virus', but it won't be enough to kill them.
-Use bottles in this order: Inventory, Wild, Midia, Chezni.
-Grab the Kormu Sw at the end. Beware the enemies outside...they're REALLY strong, and are not worth fighting.

World Map
-Use the Healing Spring before setting out.
-Don't fight anything right now.
-Enter Barsas and immediately exit. This causes the circus tent to appear.

Circus Tent
-Dismiss Zuran and hire Fastjo.
-Reorder party: Fastjo, Wild, Chezni, Midia.

World Map
-The only fight worth doing is T. Rex accompanied by Microrats, and even that's debatable.

Helmet Shrine
-Fight nothing.
-What items are picked up here depends on current finances.
--If funds are at 850+ (Mid Sw and Mid Drs sold already) or 400+ (Haven't sold Mid Sw or Mid Drs), only grab the HighBl and P Tears.
--If funds are lower than that pick up the Long Bt, Pow Drs, and Sword St as needed.
--Pow Drs is worth 360, Sword St is worth 245, and Long Bt is worth 115.
-Use P Tears on Midia, hope for good RNG.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Sacr Drs, HighBl.
-Reorder items: Put the 2nd MiniBl on the top row with the other MiniBl.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Gauntlet, Gauntlet(?), Pow Drs, Long Bt, HighBl.

-This fight will either be really quick, or impossible.
-If all he does is attack, it'll be quick
-If he clones himself a lot, it's pretty much impossible.
-Have Fastjo cast ATBack, then attack every round.
-Wild casts BreakG every round. Wild's Water affinity is higher than her Sky affinity so BreakG does more than BreakS.
-Midia casts StrUp on Fastjo, then casts SpUp. She defends unless needed to heal after this.
-Chezni...god what can Chezni do. Equipped with the Kormu Sw he still can't hit very hard (and StrUp does almost nothing due to his low base Strength). Casting FireS/FireG seems to be the best bet here. He can also heal if needed.

Helmet Temple
-Grab the Kormu Ht and have Fastjo cast Escape.

World Map
-Use a Home Dor.

Circus Tent
-Talk to the woman on the right and get the Actor Cl.
-If funds are under 1,000, talk to the Tool Shop and sell Pow Drs (360G), Long Bt (115G), and/or Sword St (245G), depending on needs.
--Selling order would be Sword St, Long Bt, Pow Drs.
--Selling Order would be Pow Drs, Sword St, Long Bt.

Rope Network
-Use the Actor Cl to gain access, then ride the lift to Reukon. Use this break to hit the bathroom or grab a quick drink/snack.
-Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Wood Sh, Wood Sh, Uniform, MiniBl.

-Nothing to do here but talk to the northern guard. He charges 100G to climb the Throne of the Immortals.

Throne of the Immortals
-Fight nothing, as usual.
-Grab the HighBl on the way up.
-Talk to Jo-An and grab the Kormu Ar.
-Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Kormu Sw, Wood Sh, Kormu Ar, HighBl.
-Reorder items: Put Chezni's former MiniBl in the first slot.
-Hop on the Bo@ to get back to Daphne's Cave.

Daphne's Cave
-Once again, refill bottles and heal for free.
-Answer Daphne's questions, then leave via the Saskuot Tunnel.

Saskuot Tunnel
-You know the drill: Fight nothing.
-Pick up the S Sweat on the way, and force feed it to Midia.

World Map
-Do I have to say it? (Fight nothing)
-Enter and exit Misuto to set it as a warp point.

Kaiyowa Cave
-Fight nothing.
-Grab the P Fth, and use it on Chezni.
-Beeline for the Kaiyowa, then have Fastjo cast Escape.
-Use a Home Dor once outside.

-Grab the S Sweat from the weapon shop sign (stand above it and face down) and force feed it to Midia.
-Buy Air magic (400G each) for both Chezni and Midia.
-Reorder Chezni's magic: Put FireA and FireS on the top row, and FireG on the 2nd row.
-Don't reorder Midia's spells just yet.
-Give the Kaiyowa to Joyce, and get rid of your stench.
-Grab the Air Cd out of the mailbox next to the bakery, and use it on Midia.

Rope Network
-With your stench gone, you can pay 100G to ride to Karon.

Resistance Hideout #1
-Midia is forced out of the party, and is replaced with Grunt.
-Dismiss either Wild or Fastjo, and Hire Gunny. Which mercenary you dismiss doesn't matter much.
-Reorder party: Grunt, Gunny, Fastjo/Wild, Chezni.
-Take the free bottle refill before leaving.
-Laugh at Chezni's level compared to everyone elses.

World Map
-The only fight worth doing is Eyebird + Boy.
-Have Grunt use Com Kn, Gunny uses G Tree, Fastjo uses Btl Ct/Wild uses BreakG, Chezni casts FireA.
-Attack the Eyebirds first since the Boys are pretty non-threatening.

-Fastjo/Wild will be forced out and replaced with Chill. Lame.

-Grunt uses Blkjack, Gunny uses R Crag, Chezni does...something (FireA is fine, as is FireS. Attacking will probably do single digit damage...)

-Once Wind joins, reorder party: Grunt, Gunny, Wind, Chezni.
-Fight nothing inside the prison.
-Once outisde, only bother with fights that are Boys and/or Girls. Kids aren't worth the EXP and like to summon Widows. With any luck Chezni can kind of catch up a bit in levels here.
-Use whatever necessary to kill enemies - Com Kn/Blkjack for Grunt, G Tree/R Crag for Gunny, H Heels for Wind, FireA or FireS for Chezni (Hey guys! I'm a hero! I'm helping!)
-Use Grunt's bottles to heal with.

World Map
-Same as before, only bother with the Boy/Eyebird formation.

Resistance Base #1
-Grunt and Wind leave, Midia rejoins.
-Reorder Midia's spells: Put Bury and StrUp on the top row, SpUp on the second row.

World Map
-Fight nothing on the way to Karon.

-Hire Bean.
-Reorder party: Bean, Gunny, Chezni, Midia.

Karon Tower
-Grab the St Rb near the entrance.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, St Rb, HighBl.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Gauntlet, Gauntlet(?), St Rb, Long Bt(?), HighBl.
-Only bother fighting battles with 2-3 enemies (not counting the Sleepers). Bean and Gunny attack, Chezni can either FireA or attack, Midia casts Bury. Keep a close eye on Midia's HP though, since Bury costs 110, and she'll probably barely be pushing 300 coming in here. If the Sleeper(s) are still in the battle after the other enemies are dead, intentionally split them.
-If you can get 6 Sleepers, good. Fight the Bigboss. Midia casts StrUp on Bean, then heal herself (Sph Cr). Bigboss will cast Heat every round, and everyone but Chezni will take ~130 damage from it. Pray for a Gomutai drop.
-If you get a Gomutai drop, run from everything for the rest of the tower.
-On the top floor, fall down the upper-most hole.
-Grab the S Tavern, the walk through the right wall and grab the Anq Sw (Don't pick this up if you got Gomutai already).
-Head down the stairs and grab the Anq Ar, then go back upstairs.
-Fall down the bottom-left hole, then go down the stairs (ignore the chest).
-Grab the HighBl, and reorder items to have it in the first slot.
-Fall down the upper hole, and grab the Glow Sd, then walk through the right wall and pick up the Anq Sh (Again, skip this if you got Gomutai).
-Go up the stairs and grab the Anq Hl, then go back downstairs, fall in the hole, and leave the Tower (Escape doesn't work here).

World Map
-Have Midia cast Warp.

-(Gomutai drop only) Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Gomutai, Kormu Ar, HighBl.
-Talk to the Innkeeper and rest.
-Talk to the Rackgorn a couple times to access the Tool Shop if needed (refill bottles)
-The Hood fights are easysauce. Bean and Gunny make short work of them.

-Bean uses Anq Sw, Gunny uses R Crag, Chezni casts FireS (unless you got a Gomutai, then use that instead). Midia casts StrUp on Bean, then Gunny, then casts SpUp. After that she either heals or casts Bury.

-Talk to Joyce, but only for one conversation. The gravemaking can be skipped.

World Map
-Fight nothing, as usual.
-Talk to the guard at Resistance Base #2 twice to gain entry.

Resistance Base #2
-Dismiss Bean and Gunny, and Hire JRasav and GRasav.
-Reorder party: JRasav, GRasav, Chezni, Midia.
-Grab the Com Sk.
-Refill bottles if necessary.

World Map
-Run from the first encounter you get into.
-Dismiss JRasav and GRasav.
-Use the S Tavern, and rehire JRasav and GRasav.
-Reorder party: GRasav, JRasav, Chezni, Midia.
-Reorder GRasav's spells: Put AT S in the first slot.
-Enter and exit Roki to set it as a warp point.

Raiga Temple
-We'll be fighting a LOT here.
-Ms. EX/Dogfish are the most dangerous encounter, since they can all hit the entire party. Ms. EX should be killed first in this group.
-For any battle where the above 2 enemies aren't present, have GRasav cast AT S at the start. This will draw all attacks to him and away from Chezni and Midia.
-Have GRasav attack with Seed Sw, JRasav attack with Wind Sw, Chezni either casts FireA or FireG (or attacks with Gomutai if you got it), Midia casts Bury. Midia's affinities are very important right now...she needs Bury to gain strength.
-Be aware of Midia's low HP, as she'll die quickly if you're casting Bury a lot.
-Pick up the Water Cd on the top level.

-GRasav attacks with Seed Sw, JRasav attacks with Wind Sw, Chezni uses FireS (Or Gomutai), Midia casts StrUp on JRasav, then GRasav, then Chezni (Gomutai only). Cast Bury after that.
-If lucky, Seed Sw will freeze him.

Raiga Temple
-Grab the S Tavern near where you fought Bubbley.
-Grab the Raiga St.
-If Chezni and Midia have been dying too much, continue to grind for a short bit. 25 is the farthest you want to go, but almost anything over 20 should do.
-Have Midia cast Escape, then Warp once outside. Do not heal.

-Buy Water magic (1,000G) for Midia.
-Grab the Water Cd and Btl Ct, and the S Tavern in the Mayor's House. Btl Ct is a maybe.
-Talk to the Mayor and head out.

Temple of Zaygos
-During Lokiarn (1st battle), have both Midia and Chezni attack, so they take as much damage as possible.
-Speak to the upper right prisoner, then upper left prisoner, then walk to the bottom left corner (approach it from the right). Stupid trigger, but this is what's required to make Fiery show up.
-Once Fiery joins, speak with the upper left prisoner and hire him (Chen).
-Reorder party: Fiery, Chen, Midia, Chezni.
-Refill bottles near the save woman.
-Run from all battles in here.
-Grab the Kormu Sw, Kormu Ht, and Kormu Ar.
-Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Kormu Sw, Anq Sh, Kormu Ar, Com Sk, HighBl.

-Fiery and Chen defend every round.
-Midia casts StrUp on Chezni, then SpUp. After that defends unless someone needs healing. Chezni has priority over everyone else for healing.
-Chezni should attack with Kormu Sw every round.

Underground Ruins
-(Gomutai drop only) Equip Chezni: Anq Hl, Gomutai, Anq Ar, Com Sk, HighBl.
-(No Gomutai) Equip Chezni: Anq Hl, Anq Sw, Anq Sh, Anq Ar, Com Sk, HighBl.
-Ride the central area, then hire Mouth.
-Reorder party: Mouth, Chen, Chezni, Midia.
-Reorder Mouth's spells: Put LStorm and DfUp on the top row.
-Use both Water Cds on Mouth.
-Climb up 2 levels and pick up Sph Gown.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Gauntlet, Gauntlet(?), Sph Gown, Long Bt(?), HighBl.
-Climb back down and enter the water door.

-Dismiss Chen, Hire Hawk.
-Use rope network to get to Reiyold.

World Map
-Easy battles can be fought (Note: still need to work out what "easy battles" are)
-Right before entering Reiyold, dismiss Hawk.
-Use S Tavern and rehire Chen.

-Speak with Chezni's mom, then speak with the fisherman.
-Grab the S Sweat from the fisherman's house, and once again force feed it to Midia.
-Get on the Bo@ and head out.

Dasdan Island
-Exit the dungeon. Whew! That was tough!

-Avoid getting near the Sgt.Alons, and go into Chezni's mom's house.

-Mouth attacks with Giga Sw, Chen attack with...anything, Chezni casts FireS (or attacks with Gomutai), Midia casts StrUp on Chen, then Mouth (then Chezni if Gomutai), followed by SpUp, and Bury after that. She also heals if need be.

-Dismiss Chen, then use the S Tavern. Rehire Hawk.
-Reorder party: Mouth, Hawk, Chezni, Midia.
-Reorder Hawk's spells: BreakA and StrUp on the first row, Wall and DfUp on the 2nd row.
-#Grinding. Chezni and Midia will be leveled to 45. You also need 39,900G minimum.
-Mouth will cast LStorm, and Midia will cast Bury. Hawk supports with BreakA and Chezni supports with FireA. Once Bury/LStorm are enough to take out most enemies, only cast BreakA/FireA on groups with Graycrabs (Defense too high for LStorm/Bury to kill outright).
-While #Grinding, head west from Reiyold and get the GigaBl. Don't equip it yet.
-Also, pick up the Air Cd (West of the GigaBl), Water Cd (West and slightly south of the Air Cd), and Earth Cd (2 islands west of the Water Cd).
-Use the Air and Earth Cds on Midia, and the Water Cd on Mouth.
-Head straight south from the Earth Cd to an island with a swamp. Hang around here to grind.
-If you really need to, you can go to the island north of the Earth Cd, and rest at the house (bottle refill included).
-Once you're close to 45 on both characters, hang out a bit south of the water currents that are south of Piaz's Tower.
-If you're getting Tempest/Hectopus/Twinhawk/Mokofish in battle, head south a bit farther.
-Once 45 (and have at least 39,900G), head to Piaz's Tower.

Piaz's Tower
-Grab the Life Cor (3rd case from the left) and Wndr Bt (console right of the elevator) on the first floor.
-Talk to the man right of the elevator for free bottle refill and healing.
-Go back in time.

Kormu's House
-Get Old Kormu equipment.
-Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Kormu Sw, Anq Sh, Kormu Ar, Com Sk, GigaBl.
-Talk to Kormu.

-Head to the weapon shop, and if funds are less than 44,500G, sell Btl Ct (2,000G) and St Rb (2,600G).
-Buy Sun Ht (6,500G), 2x Gabni Sh (16,000G each), and 2x Bib (1,000G each)
-Head to the magic shop and buy Heart magic (2,000G each) for Chezni and Midia.
-Head to the Mayor's house, grab the GigaBl on the first floor, then talk to the mayor.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Life Cor, Gauntlet, Bib, Wndr Bt, GigaBl.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Life Cor, Bib, Wndr Bt, GigaBl.
-(Gomutai Only) Equip Chezni: Kormu Ht, Gomutai, Kormu Ar, Com Sk, GigaBl.
-Reorder Midia's spells: ATBack and SpUp on the first row, StrUp and DfUp on the second row.
-Reorder Chezni's spells: ATBack in the first slot.
-Reorder party: Chezni, Midia, Mouth, Hawk.
-Climb Gabnid's Tower.
-Fight nothing.

-Chezni and Midia both cast ATBack the first round. Mouth attacks with Giga Sw, Hawk casts StrUp on Mouth.
-Round 2 Chezni attacks with Kormu Sw or Gomutai, Midia casts SpUp, Mouth keeps attacking, and Hawk casts StrUp on Chezni.
-After that, Chezni and Mouth keep attacking, Midia uses GigaBl if whole party needs healing, otherwise Life Cor, and Hawk uses MegaBl, unless healing isn't needed, then casts StrUp on self and attacks with Lth Sh.

Crystal Prison
--Up 7
--Right 2
--Left 2
--Up 2
--Left 2
--Down 1
--Left 2
--Up 1
--Left 2
--Up 2
--Right 3
--Up 2
--Left 1
--Up 2
--Right 2
--Up 5
--Right 1
--Left 1
--Right 1
--Left 1
--Right 1
--Left 1
--Right 1
--Left 1
--Right 1
--Left 1
--Right 1
--Up 3
--Right 2
--Down 5
--Left 1
--Down 6
--Answer questions
--Up 1

-Cast Spirit. GG.

Kormu's House
-Equip Chezni: Sun Ht, Gabni Sh, Gabni Sh, Bib, Com Sk, GigaBl.
-Reorder Chezni's spells: Spirit and ATBack on the first row, SpUp and DfUp on the second row.
-Talk to Kormu, then board the Time Bo@ outside.

Piaz's Tower
-Talk to Piaz. Grab a free Bottle/Heal as well.

World Map
-Fly back to the Magic School.

Underground Ruins
-Fight nothing.
-Start climbing. Pick up Sph Ring on the 2nd to last floor.
-Equip Midia: Sph Cr, Life Cor, Sph Ring, Bib, Wndr Bt, GigaBl.
-Talk to Jo-An and get free bottle refill and heal.

Dal Gren
-Just keep running. No fighting.
-Before talking to Zaygos, heal everyone up with inventory bottles.
-Check everyone's speed and defense values. Hopefully Midia is close to or past 280 Attack Speed.

-Round 1: Chezni casts ATBack, Midia casts SpUp, Mouth and Hawk defend.
-Round 2: Chezni either defends, or casts AT S (depends on HP). Midia casts ATBack (or heals if the whole party needs it). Mouth and Hawk heal as necessary, otherwise defend.
-Round 3: Chezni casts AT S is he hasn't already, otherwise defend (low HP) or casts Spirit (high HP). Midia uses GigaBl if whole party needs healing, otherwise uses Life Cor. Mouth and Hawk continue healing as needed, otherwise defending.
-When Zaygos' HP gets low, try and finish him off with Spirit rather than reflected damage. That way you'll be in good shape to start Kaymat.

-Trying to explain this round by round is impossible.
-The basics: Healing is priority #1. Getting SpUp is #2. Wall/DfUp is #3. ATBack is #4.
-Order of DfUp targets is your party order. Chezni is the most important by a large margin, and should be healed often, even if you may think he's OK.
-If Wall misses any targets, recast it to make sure it hits, ESPECIALLY if it misses Chezni or Midia.
-Hawk makes a really good healer here since he is naturally faster than Kaymat. Mouth is less so since his speed will probably only be in the 250ish range. Once SpUp is up everyone can make a decent healer.
-Once all buffs are up, Chezni can start casting Spirit. This should do 600-900 damage per cast, at the cost of 250 HP. One cast will put Chezni around 1,000 HP if he was full beforehand.
-Note that casting Spirit is ALWAYS risky, since Kaymat can kill any character off regardless of what their current status is if he really wants to.
-The force punches from Zaygos are the most dangerous, namely if he does 5 of them, and he targets the same character. It does around 1,500 damage to a non-defending Chezni WITH DfUp and Wall running.
-Essentially you want to be casting Spirit every round, while Midia uses GigaBl every round. Midia healing is a bit risky since she can die easily when not defending, but she has a GigaBl and is very likely to go first once SpUp is up.
-If Chezni goes down, the fight can still be won by having Midia reflect damage. It's slow but possible.
-If Midia goes down, switch the healing to Mouth and Hawk, and try to keep up the Spirit casts. Pray Hawk goes first. Pray even harder that Chezni goes before Hawk.
-If Chezni and Midia both go down, you lose.
-Sadly, Kaymat can decide that you lose even if you do everything right. Chezni (or anyone) can easily be killed on the first round if RNG isn't on your side.
-Not much else to say. Good luck.

Jurayn Temple
-Just walk past everyone to the top floor and talk to Piaz. Game complete.
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I know this thread is a little necro. But I've been wanting to get into speed running and had a lot of interest in this game. Childhood memories and all. Did you ever do any more routing on this? If not this is a great place to start things off. For me. I have unable to find any recorded speedruns but I did find a sub 2 hour TAS.
@Karaco Have you made any runs?  These notes are pretty stellar.  If you have a screen open with these notes and the WR video up


you can make quick work of the game!  Playing the game this morning after not having played in years, I managed a sub-7 hour time.  I'll be running this game at least once weekly, I have to imagine I'll get sub-6 next time out.  If you haven't tried a run yet you should just go for it!  It would be awesome if a handful of people started playing this game.  Excellent soundtrack.  Unique color palette.  This is a great game.  And Lennus II is also pretty terrific.  Before the end of this year I'm going to try and put a run of that game together.  WildBill did the community a huge solid with the ENG patch.
Rad... They have taken me...
Love this game, didn't even know it had a sequel.