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Artas1984: 2011-01-22 07:42:11 am
Artas1984: 2011-01-22 07:41:40 am
Quote from TheVoid:
Very nice stuff.

I also had a 0:54 for Ruins a while ago by the way.

Please run all levels so that it can be submitted to SDA Smiley

Yes, i know your Ruins run. You were absolutely right about the fact, that shaving off even one more second would be hard. I even managed to get Thor into position where he is standing still the whole time with the hammer, but i only got 1:00, so after that i was surprised and decided not to do any more Ruins runs and keep my 0:54.

I remember you also did a City On Water run, where is it?
Le Prince Noir
Quote from Ewil:
I might be wrong, but I do vaguely remember fps issues with ragdoll physics, which PK use. You might want to turn that off if it's even possible.

Ragdoll physics seems to be suppported fine. Actually the only issue I have with this game is concerning the shotgun. The game is running 4-5 times slower when I fire at point blank (given that this is the base weapon it's pretty often). I have turned down pretty much every option I could so that five times slower means 30 fps at least but this number is going down when fraps comes into play. According to Artas this could be an issue with the sound of the SG.

Quote from Artas1984:
Going to the roof is the special shortcut that will allow you later to go directly into the final battle.

I meant the shortcut at 0:30 that Risto wasn't using at the time.
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Artas1984: 2011-01-26 08:27:32 am
My speedrun continues...

Catacombs: 5:53

I hate this level. There are so many spawn errors and the 3 floor fight is always unpredictable due to random monster spawn time and waypoints.. I was doing this for 8 hours, just to beat Risto's time.
I won't bother to improve this.

Atrium 2:22

If the shortcut in this level had been easy, i would have perfected this in 2:17, but whenever i reached that fence, i always took so many seconds just to squeeze through there, so i am lucky to just slightly beat Risto's time..

Cathedral 5:41

The most fun level to speeedrun! I did not found a new shortcut, but i found a new tactic by which you can save 30+ seconds. The deal is: when the giant vampire boss spawns, you must concentrate all your firepower on him and ignore the psycho nuns. Once the boss is dead, take out the main group on nuns by fastest ways possible, but don't bother waiting for all of them to spawn. Once the field is clear and nuns start spawning one by one - grab the first nun and painkiller-jump on the second floor! The nuns will keep spawning and gathering near the closed gate; in the mean time, start clearing the area behind the closed doors and then clear the left wing of the second floor - once you have done that and return to the stairs, you just beat all the remaining nuns that have spawned after and about this time the last evil monks will spawn in the first floor, so you take them out fast with rockets. So, this way you don't have to wait for monsters to spawn in the first floor and can go to the right wing of the second floor.

Town 1:06

Simply used the newest shortcut found by Cyody. I did some testing - if you get less than 120 FPS, it is impossible to squeeze through that wall outside the level boundaries. I had to lower the settings to 640X480 just make the shortcut possible to record with fraps with 120+ FPS... So this run was almost impossible to achieve technically and that it would be SDA approved...

Asylum 3:10

The worst level to speedrun in the whole game, because it is most annoying - it is extremely hard to notice if you killed all of the amputees, as one of them always get's his carcass hidden in some dark corner and when you think that you have cleared the area, the checkpoint does not open, you can't proceed, then you know that you have left some piece of schit behind.. This was my nightmare...
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Artas1984: 2011-01-29 04:01:42 pm
Artas1984: 2011-01-29 04:01:10 pm
Looks like the folks here lost interest in PK. I kinda expected more activity, comments and competition, especially that the speedrun is almost finished... Whatever...

Station 6:49

Quite a frustrating level with no shortcuts and very bad health placement.

Factory 9:38

No shortcuts here, but in the end you can climb the ladder behind the closed gates on the silo, and wait for the monsters to gather at one point. Saves time.

Forest 0:53

Not a record, but i just recently realized that you just have to kill 37 monsters in order to trigger the teleport. Before that i just randomly blasted everyone.

Prison done in 1:00. Here is the video:
I don't think I will try to run this level again soon although it is possible to squeeze another second or two
Opera done in 1:56

I'm quite happy with it, missed only one stake in the final battle
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Artas1984: 2011-01-31 09:08:15 pm
Thank's goes to Undead Warrior for his new Prison shortcut, which i used to my advantage.

Prison 0:49

Seeing Risto's new Opera run, i also remade my own Opera from old 2:19 to new 2:02. My run is a bit different through - i grabbed the shotgun in the start and used it in the end.

Opera 2:02

Palace 4:35
Wiggle wiggle
I am amused and confused by that barrel trick in Palace. How does that work without dealing massive splash damage to you?
The barrels won't deal any damage when they start flying, they only deal damage when they fall down to the ground and explode.

Anyway here is my level Hell in 1:41
Undead Warrior advised me to redo the Town speedrun, hacking through a different wall, and so i did

Town 1:01
Abandoned Factory in 9:13

Made some small mistakes here and there but I'm happy with this. Enemies' movement is so random in the level that you can never use exactly the same tactic.

Sorry for the filesize but it's really hard to keep that statistic screen readable at the end.
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Abandoned Factory 9:21

When i scored 9:38 i knew the run could be improved, since i wasted time getting the additional ammo, but i did not thought that Risto would capitalize on my mistakes so soon. So just as Risto made a record run of 9:13, i knew i had to redo my run also by changing some tactics. Factory is one level where "luck" is more evident than in any other level. Especially this place:

Sado Commandos would always jump into the first floor when i am on the second. Also as Risto pointed out, the enemy behavior, Sado Commando in particular, is so random that no mater how skilled you are, you get jack assed by them.
Militray Base 6:35

Speedrun complete.
Check out this new City On Water speedrun by Cyody, as he discovered a new pk-jump shortcut:

City On Water 2:39
Le Prince Noir
Houdini Biker!!!
Here is my Train Station in 6:12. No new shortcuts, just improved gameplay. Small mistakes here and there but it's a long level with the random element.

This is the first time I used MeGui for compressing and I hope that this passes the IQ requirement. I also have a HQ version and I will compress my other speedruns too with MeGui.
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RJ19: 2011-02-23 07:36:39 am
I have now collected all supposedly fastest times here:

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Artas1984: 2020-01-30 08:26:59 pm
Artas1984: 2020-01-30 08:26:49 pm
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Artas1984: 2020-03-26 06:14:05 am
Artas1984: 2020-01-30 08:28:15 pm
Hello all of You SPAWN!

After 7 years of absence i came back here to inform you that the Painkiller speedrun is not dead!!! Even though it was released in 2011, fans of the community are still trying to improve the individual level runs of the original game and it's expansion!

I have recently updated my personal page in Painkiller Zone:

At the very top you can see the current world records, done on trauma, without tarot cards. Since the time of my and RJ19 SDA approved speedrun, some fans have found new shortcuts, improved the times.

At this moment some folks are actually trying to finish the Battle out of Hell speedrun on trauma.
Remember that the people watching runs on the SDA front page are completely different from those watching them elsewhere online. Many of them might not even have heard of the game but they'll still watch a high-quality run, especially if someone was kind enough to supply some notes to follow. We always appreciate an occasional submission, even though it's more effort to get them up (for the runners and us both)!
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Artas1984: 2020-03-26 07:49:49 pm
The speedrun is finished. I am talking to the author about the final video compression settings and future verification at the moment.

Where is Void, Kibumbi, Ewil, and KlVis?