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henkie: 2006-01-31 11:05:10 pm
I can't seem to find the other video of the C4L5 in your other post.

I've just looked at the 0:41 vid and it does look somewhat funky and out of the ordinary. Don't know how SDA (or, more to the point, Radix) would view such a fluke/bug. Still is a pretty awesome bug from a speed run point of view.
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RJ19: 2006-02-06 01:35:27 am
Painkiller speedrun, Trauma difficulty level times:

Chapter I:

C1L1    04:38;4714657;;/fileinfo.html 
C1L2    05:46;4583703;;/fileinfo.html 
C1L3    05:59;4588122;;/fileinfo.html
C1L4    06:14;4595501;;/fileinfo.html
C1L5    01:19;4601584;;/fileinfo.html
TOTAL  23:56

Chapter II:

C2L1    03:41;4631701;;/fileinfo.html
C2L2    02:21;4632494;;/fileinfo.html
C2L3    03:12;4632750;;/fileinfo.html
C2L4    04:31;4633346;;/fileinfo.html
C2L5    04:18;4637802;;/filenfo.html
C2L6    01:27;4638171;;/fileinfo.html
TOTAL  19:30

Chapter III:

C3L1    06:51;4647824;;/fileinfo.html
C3L2    09:50;4652046;;/fileinfo.html
C3L3    09:33;4665671;;/fileinfo.html
C3L4    00:55;4652161;;/fileinfo.html 
TOTAL  27:09

Chapter IV:

C4L1    03:52;4680055;;/fileinfo.html
C4L2    08:52;4682379;;/fileinfo.html
C4L3    05:19;4685349;;/fileinfo.html
C4L4    03:52;4705878;;/fileinfo.html
C4L5    02:58;4706586;;/fileinfo.html
TOTAL  24:53

Chapter V:

C5L1    04:59;4705325;;/fileinfo.html
C5L2    09:50;4716755;;/fileinfo.html
C5L3    03:24;4711420;;/fileinfo.html
C5L4    01:48;4717249;;/fileinfo.html
TOTAL  20:01

FINAL 1:55:29   
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RJ19: 2006-02-08 01:40:18 am
Well that's it. Hardest skill and no tarot cards or savegames used. I think I won't try to improve anything until someone breaks those records. I'll add the last vids soon. Now I'll compress lower quality videos and have some sleep. I'll put some message to Radix tomorrow what to do next.

Paska homma mut tulipahan tehtyä...

-Risto "RJ19" "Risto_reipas" Jouslahti
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RJ19: 2006-02-08 03:15:11 pm
Haaaaudi hou back in bisnes again. I was able to beat Loony Park level in expansion with ZERO kills!!!!!!!! in 1:32. Not very usual if your thinking about painkiller  Roll Eyes

I'm not sure when I'm gonna run rest of the expansion disk levels since im working on Painkiller done quick website but I'll add this video as soon as filefront is back online.
Ok here's that 1:32 Zero kills video;4745019;;/fileinfo.html

I hope that the link works, because there have been many problems in filefront.

And here's chapter III zipped
I just want to tell you what an excellent job you have done...

I even bought PK after seeing your runs.

Heh, somebody buying the game because of my run. That's news to me. Maybe I should ask sponsorship from the game developers  Grin
I downloaded the first two chapters off the new links.  I must say this is a very fun to watch speedrun, as there is always action and stuff to see.

Good job.  Cheesy
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RJ19: 2006-02-18 11:54:47 am
All the chapter zips  are now hosted at

I'll continue my work on Painkiller web site and I'll post a link here when I get it finished.  Smiley
And I summed up my speedrun here with commentary:

There will be other things added to the page when I get them finished  Smiley
Are you going to contact Radix? or just leave it like this.
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RJ19: 2006-02-25 02:13:00 am
I have contacted Radix but I also want to make my own page  about Painkiller  Smiley

Edit: And Radix said I should keep my page so check my signature. I will update my run if there's going to be some new records.  Smiley
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RJ19: 2006-02-25 02:13:17 am
I found a new shortcut and improved Atrium Complex from 5:46 to 3:51 and the whole run time is now 1:53:34

Everything is on my website
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RJ19: 2006-03-09 10:19:56 pm
I've updated my speedrun with new C2L5 Town video.
Check my site  Smiley

Edit: Now there's also a new video of C2L6 Swamp
cant download it, because i am not a fastpass member @ filefront Sad
Try the full chapter .zip files (1 & 2 not available atm)
They are not hosted at filefront.
And filefront links should work without fastpass, there must be a server maintenance going on.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Is this run being submitted to SDA?
Nope but I'll kepp my site updated  Smiley
would like to start with chapter 1, then 2 and so on Wink
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DemonStrate: 2006-04-03 04:37:43 am
If we were you, we would quit now.
Hey, you know you can fly upwards with certain objects in Painkiller? You stand on them and jump and continually, then use the painkiller to pull them under your feet. I knew about this a year ago, because i did it with my friend using a ceiling lamp object in the game. Its pretty useful, and i thought i should say something about it. I dont know how you could use it to your advantage, but just try it sometime. I dont have the patience to reinstall painkiller and take screenshots. Sorry.
Edit history:
RJ19: 2006-04-04 03:32:15 pm
Yeah I know painkiller weapon jumping. There just aren't any places in the game where PK jumping could be used to reach shortcuts or to go faster. PK jumping is a trick for reaching few secrets.

Edit: It's a shame that there's no rocket jumping in PK singleplayer. I could have made few interesting tricks. Maybe there will be a mod for this someday  Smiley
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painkiller: 2009-04-27 09:15:10 am
ive always been a big fan of the painkiller games and when i noticed the only post about the speed runs was only one page long i decided to repost here

I am looking to do the following games
Painkiller (PC)
Painkiller Battle out of Hell (PC)
Painkiller: Hell Wars (XBOX)
Painkiller: Overdose
Painkiller: Special Edition (PC and if it counts seeing that its a budget version of the orginal painkiller with only 12 of the 24 levels)

and some time this year
Painkiller: Resurrection (PC and is due out 4th Quarter)

I am a huge fan of Painkiller, Battle out of hell but not so much of the Overdose... but figured it would be great to have my name to all 4 games.

the main problem if it is one is there are not many buggs in terms of skipping parts seeing you need to clear a room then a red glow pops out of the ground and you go over to it it unlocks the next door.... you can skip right to the end of some levels but the problem is that the red spawn dosnt show up to finsh level so the whole run will be based on Frags aiming and moving skill.

i am not sure if anyone would want to watch that or if this site would even accept it.

i know the boss fights would be great to watch because the game has some of the biggest bosses in a fps to date Quote from wiki

Also i do not know 100% about this site but i do watch alot of speed runs fav are cod4 and doom 3 you guys rock!!!  Grin
but seeing that you cant speed run in the way its normaly done by skipping most monsters and such i would go for 100% if they let you post them with the other vid's if someone could let me know that would be great if not o well just frag no stop

Please post throughts on these games or even letting me know you might take a look at it once done

Peace out

P.s i would be relentless with times... would want to make it so good that people just sit back and go well screw that... im just that type of person (i can do it ive been playing ever snice the first one in 2004) also if no one really feels that these runs will be any fun to watch ill be going after the doom3 records hehe so dont hold back if you think its going to be crap to watch
Expert Donkey Fister
as you said, the games arent very interesting for speedrunning so id say go for d3
There already is a pretty good run:
you are not the first one who got the idea of running that game,2594.0.html oldtopic  the videos

i played only the original painkiller, which is very similar to the Serious sam series. if you try hard enough you will find shortcuts which will it make easier for you to run that game.

so go on and beat it ! Wink