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DS Dictator
The most recent link right now is Q4 2015, there are 5 links of old news missing.
This is known about actually... Sad Asked UA if we're able to do something about it.
I just noticed this today: as the latest news posts are published on the main site the last one (at the bottom) always 'disappears' — and as Greenalink mentioned, these 'outdated' news (from 2017 and even 2016) can not be reached right now.

I also noticed this: I checked all of the current posts and the links, because I can not open my Profile (https://queue.speeddemosarchive.com/runner_info/1795/) on my speedrun page of Rambo (http://speeddemosarchive.com/Rambo2014.html). I figured out that the link of my nickname on this page redirects to this: speeddemosarchive.com/runner_info/1795 → and it does not work because the 'queue.' part is missing at the beginning of the link. When I check all of the published nicknames in the main site posts I can open them because they all start with the 'queue.' part. And when I check all of the published game pages on the main site and try to view the profiles of the players, I always get an 'error 404' message because the links do not start with 'queue.' .
That's a really weird thing you know, about the runner links... It might never have worked right in the first place for all I know, but people haven't used that feature a whole lot as it turns out Smiley We'll look into this. And I can't say when the fix for the disappearing updates is coming.
I'm addicted to games
Old news has been updated for January 2016 through March 2017.