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Hey everyone, I'm looking to gauge interest on an event in Ohio -- Cleveland-Akron and Columbus areas are the two main candidates. I know there are a lot of runners in the MI-OH-PA area and thought it would be great to hold an event locally. Right now I'm still in the preliminary stages, trying to see if it would even be feasible. I have some ideas on what I think would work for the event, but ultimately would like to get community feedback and make sure I'm on the right track. If you could take a moment to fill out the form even if you wouldn't attend that would go a long way in helping me see if this is something I should move forward with. Of course, any questions or discussions are also welcome in this thread.

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For Fun! For GLORY!!
I'd be game. Picked Cleveland just cuz its closer to me. Tongue
Formerly known as Skullboy
Filled out the form. Another Cleveland vote here. I live an hour east of it. Columbus is nice too though. Good luck.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
I'm putting Columbus since even though I'm in Ohio, I'm on both the Kentucky and West Virginia borders (Southeast corner REPRESENT)!!!  2 hours to Columbus verses over 3 for Cleveland.  Everyone forgets about us in this area of the state (just kidding).
I don't have much in the way of transportation right now, but I'd really like to be a runner in an event in the Columbus area. There is an MLG building in the Columbus area. I think using them as a resource would greatly help us get resources for as many events as we want to do each year.
I could most certainly do Columbus being 30-45 away from downtown depending on traffic and the weight of my foot, TO THE FORM!
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opus: 2015-05-31 12:22:56 am
I'm up for it for sure! I'm a Zelda II runner and I know a few other runners in Ohio that might be interested, too.

If you need any other help, I am more than happy to contribute.
I would have to say try to have it in Columbus, since there are people in the Dayton / Cincy scene.
Cleaveland is 4 hours away i'd be down to run Mystic quest 100% for a marathon
i can do either or. columbus is closer to me but cleveland would be close to other family i could visit while up there
Hey, everyone!

I'm pretty glad I found this thread; a couple of Northeast Ohio speedrunners (Opus, Skavenger, etc.) including myself were wondering where the community was at.
We were trying to set up something here (jokingly calling it 'Cleveland Speedgame Assembly'), but if a lot of people would rather have it in Columbus, that'd be fine too. Just want to get the group together. Smiley
Let me know if there's anything I/we can do to help set this up and make it a bangin' time!

I'm not usually on the forums, but I'll keep an eye out if this thread grows.
Feel free to contact me via PM.

EDIT: Some thoughts here, maybe we could try getting a small marathon together before AGDQ rolls around, show people what the Midwest is made of. Smiley
Haters gonna hate
I would be down for Cleveland. It's pretty close for me.
A few of us in the yoshi's island community live close enough that making it to a marathon in cleveland could be possible/reasonable if it ends up happening.
Hey all,

Just an update: I was really busy this summer with changing jobs and some other things in my life. As it stands now it looks like the August/September time would be best for those who responded (which, thank you to everyone who filled in the form). Tterraj42 reached out to me since he is planning a Kentucky marathon and there may be some collaboration opportunities. Will keep this thread updated with info!
I'd be down for Cleveland, I live here, so its really close, lol. If anything comes out of this, sign me up.
Awesome to see heads peeking out and this idea making some progress.

@Genocidal, seems like Cleveland is looking to be the spot to hold this? I'm right in the heart of it (5 minute drive to downtown, basically), so this is great news to me if it holds true.
Let me know how things are coming along so I can help scope out a place if anything.
I can do Cleveland or Columbus, but man it'd be awesome if we could have a Kentucky event as I'm from Louisville.
A quick update for those interested in a Columbus event. I have very recently joined up with the Columbus retro league. I should be able to find a few new speedrunning candidates when I get a chance to meet more members. When I find son new recruits we will need to take a tally of runners able to attend an event.
What's that gemma?
I don't remember if the survey above was linked to my name or not, but I am in the Columbus area.
I think I will just message everyone that posted on this forum individually when I can come up with something more concrete. So don't worry, everyone will have a chance to be included.
Or post a link to some form so those lurking (me) can stay involved.
There look to be enough responses that I'm going to start researching some venues in NE Ohio -- unfortunately my apartment isn't big enough to host more than a couple people. My initial research will be Independence/south Cleveland area over a weekend in the August-October timeframe but that's flexible. At this point I'm completely open to having the event in Lexington, Columbus, or any combination of the three if the demand is there. Luke, would it be fair for me to call you lead on a Columbus event and then I'd help out there as possible, or do you want to do your own thing? If we've got someone in Cleveland, Columbus, and Lexington who can all be "in charge" for that location it'd make planning a lot smoother.
Well don't quote me on anything yet. I am going to see what I can do about finding a location to meet up at. I know a man that may be able to help me get connected. I meet up with him in two weeks, and I will try and figure out a location. We will need at least one person to work tech and it would help if someone could find an organization that needs fundraising. Keep in mind the organization needs to be for a cause that a lot of people can relate to. There is a forum area on SDA for organizing events. So yes I can do a lot of work on organizing this.
Tterraj I did not forget you. I created a free forum for us to discuss everything we need to. Please visit

When I have more information it will be posted her, but feel free to post concerns here.

Okay, so this is real now.
Whooo, it's real in some form! This is good news since I have at least one new game I'm confident in offering for marathons! Also, shoot me a message about that Retro League in C-bus I might have to look you guys up sometime, I don't get out of the house enough and would like to thumbsup