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Any% Segmented run [PAL - PS1]
100% Segmented run [PC]
Any% Segmented run [PC]

Verifier Responses

No cheating detected and the video quality's good.

Any% Segmented run [PAL - PS1]
This is a really bad run, theres so many mistakes its hard to watch, also doesnt do things the fastest ways.
Verdict: Reject

100% Segmented run [PC]
This one is done really well mostly, there's some small errors but nothing major.
Verdict: Accept

Any% Segmented run [PC]
Best of the three, while its not perfect, its pretty close.
Verdict: Accept

The PC runs cant be timed properly on the verification copys because the runner cut off at the end of some segments too early meaning you cant see the auto-save 'diamond' appear.

Any%, PS1:
Video: Good
Audio: Quiet except for segments 7-11 and the beginning of the other segments
Total Time: 45:05

This run cuts it very close when running away from the sligs. Almost all of the slig encounters were close, but the ones that looked the most suspicious to me were when Abe got on Elum for the first time and ran away from the slig in segment 3 and during the second room that was entered in Zulag 2, after he pulled the switch at the end of the room to release the slogs, Abe chanted and scared the slig, but when the slig turned around, it didn't shoot Abe even though I remember in the NTSC version that the sligs will always shoot you, even when they're scared, as long as they're facing you.

Segment 8 also made the run feel suspicious in the second room he entered in the temple. After observing this segment multiple times, I still can't figure out what ledge he used to allow him to jump and grab through the floor at the end of the room. I remember that you need to jump onto a ledge in the wrong direction and run away before Abe completes the animation to activate the trick, but I never saw him do it in this segment, and I'm pretty sure that you can't do a glitch, save and load the save with the glitch still working. Also, I remember that I wasn't able to hold the jumping-ledge glitch and the dropping-ledge glitch at the same time, but he does it during this segment, so maybe I'm wrong about that.

Decision: Reject, unless my suspicions are proven wrong

Any%, PC:
Video: There seemed to be a little bit of lag on my computer
Audio: It always seemed to play faster than the video, but it could've just been my computer.
Total Time: 45:26

This run didn't have any of the problems that I saw in the PAL run. In fact, I didn't see any real issues in this run altogether; however 21:16 and 34:23 did seem a tad too close for me to believe that Abe lived through it, but I guess I could see that working out on the PC version of this game. The way that each segment ended was a bit strange, but then again I guess the game either saves that way or the runner didn't think that the saving was too necessary to show, which I can understand either way.

Decision: Accept

100%, PC:
Video: Same as the other PC run
Audio: Same as the other PC run
Total Time: 1:20:49

Overall, I didn't see enough issues in the run to say that any type of cheating could've been involved in the making of this run; however, I don't see why the Shrykull was used at the end to kill all of the glukkons, but that only wasted around 3 seconds.

Decision: Accept

Segmented PAL - Was this played on an emulator? I saw a graphical glitch outside in the first segment where you can see the square around the fire that appears on emulators. Reject.

100%PC- As others have said this is a great run, and the runner clearly knows most of the tricks and it was played well with a reasonable amount of segments. Accept.

Any%PC- This is as good as the other PC run. The close encounters the other verifiers were suspicious of can be replicated, so it's not unusual. Accept.

As for the PC, it just looks like the saving time was cut from the video which should matter any way since load times are factored out on PC, correct?

Decision: Reject the PAL any%, Accept the PC any% and 100%

Reason: The PAL any% is significantly worse than the other two

Congratulations to Sam 'Samlaptop' Locke!

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-15 03:24:19 pm
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Edit: Fixed it, nothing to see here.
Well now I'm curious!
Not a walrus
Quote from Flip:
Well now I'm curious!

The link was wrong in the database, so it was redirecting to the PC run of Exxodus, but I fixed it.
Oddworld Speedrun Master!
Thanks for all the verifiers for verifying my runs. It has took several months to verify all my runs and I'm glad that the PC runs got accepted.

The PSX run was done on a PS3 console and was captured using Roxio Game Capture. I did not use any emulators to capture the PSX PAL run.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Is the PC version significantly different in terms of level design compared to the PS1 version? If not, I think I'm safe to remove the 100% request for the PS1 version.
Oddworld Speedrun Master!
Level designs are the same in the PC version.
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
so it was redirecting to the PC run of Exxodus

The game's spelt 'Exoddus'. The same mistake was also made on the thread title for my run.
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Samtastic: 2012-10-21 01:30:02 am
Samtastic: 2012-10-20 03:12:22 pm
Oddworld Speedrun Master!
I will be uploading my accepted runs on YouTube tonight. Will add the links when they are uploaded. I have the ability to upload more than 15 minutes on my account so I will not need to split the run in parts.

Youtube mirror:
Oddysee 100%:
Oddysee any%:
If done correctly...
You put in the 100% run twice; you might want to fix that.
Oddworld Speedrun Master!
I have sent a PM to Nate today and asked him to edit my videos so they will be similar to Sligfantry's Exoddus run. I asked him to take out the loading screens and the black screens that appear when there's a new segment. It will be eaiser to time the runs and it will look seamless.
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Nate doesn't really do that. If you want the loading screens edited out you will need to send him trim strings; unless of course that's what you meant.