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Much of the competition in speedrunning is based around a few records that matter- not many. These tend to be popular games revolving around a small amount of series. However, if qualified runners with proper skillsets tackled these little-known runs, possibly together to maximize the effect, they would own them. Speedrunning as a collaborative performance art, with their help, would realize its full potential with those right for the job. First will be a list of my PBs and those who could beat them. Next will be a list of less-than-optimized runs that could use a significant improvement that aren't invented/worked on by me. Favorites to beat the record (and reasons why in parenthesis) will be mentioned, but please note that this is only to emphasize how much attention said runs are not getting, and whose myriad skills they are in dire need of. If you're not a favorite pick, don't be discouraged.

My runs- I started speedrunning not to promote myself or become a champion (although it may seem that way), my original intention was to build the elevators that others would use to reach the top of the mountain- to make them into heroes that would take my extensive research and skill and use their expertise to perfect them. Speedrunning is as much a competition as it is a new form of game criticism- and criticism is more effective against bad examples than good ones. This is why, despite these seeming like undesirable choices to speedrun, they could have a positive impact on the development of future video games, even those not related. As soon as one of my runs is beaten, I will abandon it now that the torch has been passed. I want to be the soil that makes the plants grow.

For any game that is different on multiple consoles, it doesn't matter which one you beat the record on.

Wii Sports Boxing and Wii Sports Club Boxing- Zero to Champion

Despite the immense popularity of the Wii Sports series, I am currently the only runner to have done Zero to Champion. There are categories such as Zero to Pro (which goes for all sports so it's easy to put in leaderboards) as well as completing a round of golf, but no runs that start at the beginning and end at the top. Not only are these categories short and easy to learn, they will help you grow into immense popularity as well. Low effort, big reward. Not many "techniques" but you could use a break from those.

Time(s) to beat: Wii Sports Boxing- 43:09 Wii Sports Club Boxing: 1:11:17 (was supposed to start the timing at a different point making it a 1:11:02 but the leaderboard moderator had other ideas)

Favorites to win:
Darbian (Has held the record in Wii Golf, as well as another popular Nintendo franchise, 2D Mario games)
Zallard1 (Expert in the Punch-Out series)
Poshact (Has held the record in Wii Boxing Zero to Pro, but not Champion... yet)

Umihara Kawase Original- All Golden Arrows and High Score

Two extremely difficult categories in the already challenging Umihara Kawase, in which I hold both uncontested WRs in. Not even Japanese players will touch them... yet. Both categories are long, difficult, and boring, involving lots of repetition and filler. Not fun to do, not fun to watch, amazing to brag about. I did the heavy lifting on strategizing and setting the bar sky high on these ones.

Time (and score) to beat: 1:37:48 (AGA) 402115 (HS)

Favorites- AGA:
BJW (Signature Umihara Kawase runner)
Siousatou (Umihara Kawase master)
Nero_X2 (Umihara Kawase runner)
Badlose (Umihara Kawase runner)
KawaseFan (Umihara Kawase superfan)
TheMexicanRunner (Great at games/categories that have a reputation for being hard)

Favorites- High Score:
Robbie Lakeman (Held 1.2M in Donkey Kong Arcade)
Wes Copeland (Held 1.2M in Donkey Kong Arcade)
Siousatou (Umihara Kawase master)
NESCardinality (Dragon Warrior master, this run is about as repetitive)
Bill Mitchell (LOL)

WarioWare Mega Microgames 100% and WarioWare Mega Party Games Full Album

Easily the longest and most brutal category I've ever done, WarioWare Mega Microgames 100% will test your endurance and well-roundedness. Almost no breaks and plenty of different types of microgames to keep you on your toes. My longest category, requiring at least 10 hours. Full Album is shorter, but more tedious.

Time to beat- Mega Microgames: 9:41:00 Mega Party Games: 7:13:16

Werster (well-rounded WarioWare player who has held records in multiple games)
Horn (well-rounded WarioWare player who has held records in multiple games, must use a console this time)
Hdot12 (has held a record before, must use console this time)
P4ntz (Nintendo-based longrunner)
Coldeggman (Nintendo-based longrunner)

Coldeggman has beaten the time in WarioWare Mega Microgames with a 9:17:41- a sub 9:30! Let's make it even better next time!

Radio Helicopter- Zero to Champion

In this flight sim for the PS2, the successor to RC Helicopter, you use a helicopter to complete tasks for the populace in exchange for money. Use the dual analog sticks to take flight as you get money and upgrade your copter.

Time to beat- 1:13:16

CaneofPacci (has held a record in RC Helicopter as well as the spin-off game The Submarine)
CavemanDCJ (has held a record in RC Helicopter as well as many other obscure Playstation games)
Graviton (Pilotwings expert)
Puri_Puri (Sky Odyssey expert)

Party Girls 100%

A PS2 minigame party that is a lot like Mario Party and Crash bash, except with bikini girls. Also a great run for those who can stomach lots of luck and long cutscenes.

Time to beat- 1:30:59

360Chrism (Well-rounded Mario Party player)
SSBMStuff (runner of luck-based games)
Inthedarkness5 (Conker's Bad Fur Day expert, including the more-cutscene-than-game Story Mode 100%)
CaracarnVI (Final Fantasy 10 champion, has an NTSC-J PS2)

Mr. Golf All Characters Unlocked

Time to beat- 59:04

In this simplistic and cartoony golf game, beat four opponents to unlock 8 characters on one course. Opponents turns can be skipped with the X button. The sooner you end rounds the better!

TapatioJ (golf game runner)
Bluekandy (golf game runner)
MetalYoshi (golf game runner)
Iambutpixels (golf game runner)
RWhiteGoose (golf game runner)

Pink Pong 100% Hard/Normal/Easy

Time to beat- Hard: 1:11:06 Normal: 53:35 Easy: 50:58

Play against cute girls with powerful shots to win clothes and items.

Mario_aces_speedruns (Mario Tennis runner)
Werster (Mario Tennis runner)

Cosmic Race Couga%

Play this infamously bad PS1 game, whose awfulness rivals Bubsy 3D in the great catalogue of PS1 games so awful, they're practically unfinished. One of gaming's first infamous asset flips is 12 long races until the credits. Can you make it?

Time to beat- 1:18:11

CavemanDCJ (obscure PS1 game runner of games that aren't bad, they're misunderstood)
Authorblues (Held a record in Bubsy 3D)

Crazy Climber Wii Any%

My shortest category. Start to finish, go from the Brick House to the Star Base.

Time to beat: 17:52

Can't think of any
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These next posts will be about games I don't run.

Digimon World 2 Any%

WR: Smartball

Time to beat: 20:09:33

Azureflame4 (runs Digimon)
CaracarnVI (does long speedruns)
Cereth (does long speedruns)
Cordellium (does long speedruns)
Closetowar (does long speedruns)
Highspirits (does long speedruns)
PinkPajamas (does long speedruns)
Hdot (Held a record in Digimon World 3)
Raikou (Held records in Digimon games, has lots of free time)
Kyutora (Held records in Digimon games, has lots of free time)
Maffoonian (does long speedruns)
KainetheBrain (does long speedruns)
Nmarkro (does long speedruns)
Totozigemm (Does long speedruns, attempted to create long categories in Digimon World 3)