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Nox (Any %) (Segmented) [Character: Wizard]

Verifier Responses

A/V quality is fine although the 'improved' segments have much lower audio than the others (should be fixable, right?)

Chapter 1:
A third apple isn't really needed for that bump but I guess it makes it a lot easier to line up that way. Not getting the elevator cycles is unfortunate, but considering the whole area runs on one timer and the cutscene duration at the start is extremely random, there's only so much you can ask for, and the execution is solid.

Chapter 2:
Pretty straight-forward, the time spent on killing otherwise unnecessary mobs pays off later.

Chapter 3:
Getting the elevator cycles after the basement without dying to the archers is pretty tough. Slight bit of hesitation before the bandit leader, but nothing major.

Chapter 4:
You can only make that earliest elevator cycle if you enter the chapter with Haste already active. You could skip the necromancer battle by applebumping out, but I wouldn't know where you'd get the apples to do so, and you'd also miss out on the experience. Same story with the tomb guardian, but then you'd also be lacking money. Some great swap locations, quick fights, no real errors.

Chapter 5:
Segmenting in the middle is pretty much necessary considering the archwizard has surprising amounts of trouble defeating a single ogre. Again great swaps, a good fight, and most importantly, a living archwizard.

Chapter 6:
I keep being disappointed at how every potential applebump in this run is slower than doing it the intended way. This chapter is a lot of running and being sad at the fact that none of thes trap cycles ever align properly, followed by the fastest Horrendous kill imaginable. Even getting both of his minions for the bonus experience. Awesome.

Chapter 7:
Infinite jumping makes this chapter a pushover, alongside the use of invisibility and swaps. The greater demon fight is about as perfect as it could be, getting a level-up with just a sliver of mana left, and all of his spells missing because he's smart like that.

Chapter 8:
Making that bat behave for the location swap can be really tricky, he can randomly decide to no longer want to kill you, and then you have to push him through the window as well. A lot more running, followed by a straight-forward bossfight that really just requires you to not miss any fireballs.

Chapter 9:
One could gather a lot of free experience by placing Burns underneath the plants while running past them at no time lost, but I'm not sure to what extent this might help orchestrate a timely level-up like in chapter 7. I also feel it should be possible to get a better run through the traps in the ogre stronghold. But as I've never looked much into either of these, I'll leave them as suggestions for future runners.
Fuck yeah telekinesis sliding. Judging by the point at which the slide stops, it's not a perfect slide, but it saves enough time to be worth it and it just looks swag as hell. Good enough Lich fight to follow.

Chapter 10:
This chapter is unrecognizable from the old run. So many optimized strategies, new tricks, new glitches, all of them executed perfectly. Especially the telekinesis bump through two solid doors is done really smoothly, although having telekinesis up screws with the consistency of the following room, though it doesn't screw up all that much.
Solid laser skip, solid laser traps room. Shame the top pair of mobs didn't cooperate for the effortless kill, but it's no time loss since the bottom pair always dies last.

Found her quickly, killed her quickly, killed her quickly a second time. Ate a finger of death, no fucks given.
Don't be confused, the video quality of that ending cutscene is intended to be that awful.

This run is a huge improvement upon the currently posted run in every single aspect: experience planning, gold planning, overall execution, boss strategies, abusable tricks, and glitches. Small mistakes in movement or misclicking are very easy to make in this game, so the occasional hiccup in that department is easy to forgive.


No cheating detected. In segment 2 the runner actually starts with slightly lower health and mana than segment 1 finished with, but I believe this is allowed by SDA rules and it makes no difference to the actual run.

Video frame rate suffers from the same problem as all Nox recordings, so shouldn't be a problem.

This run is excellent. There are some great new Wizardy tricks in there. In a game like this there are bound to be some minor movement errors and unlucky lift timings but overall the runner shows great skill in all areas.


Pretty much every concern (two) I brought up with this run was brought up in the planning stages, and Pjoxt went back and fixed them with his improved segments. Definite accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Anders 'Pjoxt' Örndahl!
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Race you to get the Conjurer run done.