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Nox (Any %) (Segmented) [Character: Warrior]

Verifier Responses

No cheating. I ran through the game and reproduced all the tricks and glitches used in this run.

Audio / Video:
* Audio is a little quiet, but quality is good
* Video frame rate is not ideal, but I've had the same issue recording this game
* Audio and video get slightly out of sync on the longer clips

Good points:
* Excellent use of Berserker Charge skill
* Nice "apple bumps"
* Awesome run through Galava Castle and the Land of the Dead
* Very good planning of level gains to make full use of hit points

Other points:
* Unfortunate timing with the lift in segment 2
* In segment 12, there are potions galore on the ground but the runner walks straight past them - would only save a few seconds though.
* A few places with minor movement errors

Accept. It's an excellent run.

Video is Good. Can clearly read the tiny font and framerate is consistent for the most part.
Audio is good except for minor audio desync in most segments.
No cheating detected.
Game doesn't have an in-game timer, estimated time 35 minutes 32 seconds by my count.

segment 1: Nice route, skips entire chapter 1 and 2 with an apple bump.

segment 2: Great urchin shaman fight, too bad some of the time gained from that was lost to the elevator cycle.

segment 3: Very hard applebump at the start of the segment.

segment 4: Good necromancer fight but wasted a bit of time positioning for the apple bump at the start of the next segment.

segment 7 & 8: Great chapter, the runner had to kill only a handful of ogres thanks to clever apple bumps. In a normal playthrough you'd have to clear the entire path for the hostages.

segment 9: Awesome use of charge in this chapter.

segment 10: Very tough to pull off apple bumps through gates with 2 or 3 apples.

segment 11: Great start to the segment with the whole wizard blink shenanigans but then stood in fire for a second wasting 2 potions.

segment 12: Good use of the long sword of bewildernment against the high level wizards. Picking up the 3 potions here could have saved a couple of seconds overall, but I suspect it's to make it out of the room before he gets wrecked by the 2 wizards.

segment 17: Pretty tough charges in this chapter, and the runner barely missed 3 of them, losing about 1 second each. Could have gone a lot worse though, and the lich died pretty fast & close to the area exit.

segment 18: My favourite segment. Lots of efficient charges. Tactical killing of gargoyles while waiting for the moving stone blocks, in order to use a level up for a full heal in the next room.

segment 19: Very fast iron golem kill.

segment 20: Everyone who's tried to apple bump through the double death rays will understand why this segment contains basically nothing but that.

segment 22: Made his way through the horde nicely, and a fast kill on hecubah.

Overall a great run, using tricks that are way too inconsistent for a single segment run.

Decision: Accept, but suggesting the minor audio desync is looked into.

Video 00:

Runner fails to capitalise name. Estimated time loss due to lack of capitalised name: 37 seconds. Per segment.

Video 01:

Collects two apples and purchases 7 more from the vendor after selling his clothes, these will be very useful throughout the rest of the run. No comments or improvements here.

Straight run to the vendors south of Ix. Purchases some potions (essential to survive here) and runs north to finish the chapter.
The run to the urchin shaman fight is pretty uneventful. It's pretty dangerous at such a low level while naked and the runner isn't blocked at all. No comments or improvements here.

Video 02:

Video 02 has 17 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Urchin shaman fight is very good. Getting slowed here is painful but unavoidable and the shaman doesn't manage to escape, which is really difficult to do. From there it's a straight shot to the door leading out, unfortunate that the elevator cycle was off. Nothing you can do about that though, since the elevators run on a global timer.

Video 03:

Video 03 has 27 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Skips collecting a key by using an apple bump through the door. Rest of the segment is running back to hand in the quest and complete the chapter. No comments here.
Runner then purchases some potions from the vendor, it cannot be stressed how important these are. The runner will die in two hits from a zombie or skeleton at such a low level while unarmored. No way to beat the elevator cycle here either, unfortunately. Runner saves at the door leading to the Necromancer fight.

Video 04:

Video 04 has 39 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Kills the necromancer somewhat quickly, only misses a couple shurikens due to being shoved around by fireballs. Runner clears out some mobs for xp and to keep them out of his way as he sets up the apple bump through the fence for the next segment. No comments here.

Video 05:

Video 05 has 24 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner is taken to 1 health by a spider, kills some more zombies for experience and gains enough strength to wear the chainmail he picked up from the Urchin dungeon. Long Sword of Bewilderment allows him to kill the warrior here but still takes a hit and almost dies. If he were still naked and a level below, that would have been a one-hit kill. Good use of Berserker charge to speed up moving across long corridors and the collapsing floor room. Impressive charge past the Skeleton Lord, I was expecting him to collide with it. Saves a couple seconds while looking awesome. Runner saves before the Mage bossfight.

Video 06:

Lots of missed shurikens, but this fight is a pain anyway. Misses the elevator cycle, but the elevator isn't active before the Mage dies anyway so no way to catch it. No comments here.
The charge to the entrance of the village is good. Purchases more supplies for door bumping. Sells stuff picked up from the Field of Valor to buy more shurikens. Ranged combat is far safer and shuriken damage beats Long Sword damage at this point. Runner saves just after leaving the village.

Video 07:

Straight run to the entrance of the Ogre Village. Clears out two Ogre Females and a White Wolf and manages a pretty nice cider bump through the door. Spends a little time setting up three ogres to kill them without wasting shurikens behind the area the women are being held in, could probably have done it faster but I imagine getting a mid-segment cider bump is worth the time loss here.

Video 08:

Video 08 has 55 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner does an apple bump into the holding pen then a meat bump out of it. From there it's a straight run to the waiting Airship Captain back through the caves. No real way to use charge for distance here due to the winding nature of the area.

Video 09:

Video 09 has 58 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner does a fairly long distance charge into Dun Mir. Straight run past the skeletons, zombies and necromancer to the throne room. Armor is unequipped before entering the Hecubah cutscene so the runner autoequips the platemail collected from the dead knights. One Berserk Charge hits a wall and causes stun, this could have been avoided. No other improvements spotted.

Video 10:

Video 10 has 105 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner avoids the irritating little bastard at the entrance to the town. Buys more apples for bumping through doors.
Runner does an amazing job in the Tower proper. It is incredibly easy to die here during a normal playthrough, and with such low levels and no fire resistance gear a single Fireball can end the segment. The boots collected from the side room provide a movement speed increase. No improvements spotted.

Video 11:

Video 11 has 189 seconds of excess footage at the start.

This segment relies on a random teleport from following a Wizard using Blink. The runner then has to pull three switches while not dying to all the fireballs flying around. Very very difficult. Runner stands in fire while collecting a potion costing him two. Other than that, no comments.

Video 12:

Video 12 has 116 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Impressive fight against the mages. Runner could easily have picked up those three potions without dying as the wizards weren't even close and he had war cry available, but this is a very minor issue.

Video 13:

Video 13 has 283 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner fails to cancel the second berserker charge and misses the doorway to the temple on the third. Time lost: about two seconds, no big deal. Fourth charge was not a mistake as it damages the boulder. War Cry was used to cancel the Beholder's slow cast. No improvements spotted.

Video 14:

Video 14 has 234 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Unfortunate confuse cast by the Urchin Shaman forcing use of War Cry, lost a couple seconds. Runner nails the super long berserker charge to the bridge in the cave area. Stone Golem fight goes well, though that one hit was kind of scary. Some missed shurikens on the second golem but nothing too damning. Rest of the segment is a straight run out of Ix, though that missed charge cancel stings.

Video 15:

Dismal Swamp went as well as it ever goes. No improvements to be had here, very clean segment.

Video 16:

Video 16 has 72 seconds of excess footage at the start.

No comments on this one. Hitting the switch behind the scorpion takes a little bit longer than it could have, but a very minor nitpick here.

Video 17:

Video 17 has 62 seconds of excess footage at the start.

I believe the Lich spawn in this is on a separate timer to the Necromancer fight, so killing them faster won't speed the segment up. The missed charges sting, about a second lost for each of them.

Video 18:

Video 18 has 86 seconds of excess footage at the start.

The runner uses shurikens to kill some gargoyles for xp while he waits for the stone blocks to move. Gets an incredibly lucky level up while surrounded by them too. The runner at this point is hitting barely hard enough to oneshot them. (Gargoyles have 40 health). The Vampire fight goes well. The greatsword does less damage than the Halberd but it has an additional knockback component, which is essential as Vampires hit really hard.

Video 19:

Video 19 has 28 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner gets lucky not to get confused by the Lich at the start of the segment. Mechanical Golem fight goes very well. Another well-timed level up here keeps the runner safe after missing a charge cancel. The runner navigates the bouncy room extremely quickly and saves just in front of the lasers.

Video 20:

Video 20 has 20 seconds of excess footage at teh start.

This laser trick is bullshit to pull off. That is all.

Video 21:

Video 21 has 85 seconds of excess footage at the start.

The fight at the start against the two liches is a real pain. Killing them then beating the elevator cycle is even harder. Runner gets unlucky to get hit by confuse from the fourth lich.

Video 22:

Video 22 has 25 seconds of excess footage at the start.

Runner completely ignores the enemies in the room in favour of running to the door out. Very very smooth Hecubah fight.

Overall, a very solid run with very few mistakes. Accept from me.

One question though: What's the purpose of collecting the Warhammer from the Tower of Galava? I didn't see it get used.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Maik 'Onin' Biekart!
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