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I can't do anything until I figure out what is going on with my car. It isn't working right at all. Sorry I haven't been checking this thread.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
Chelles... Interesting. I'll get back to you on that in a PM.
Could November 1 or 8 be possible instead of the 15 since I'll be in South America by the 15th?  Or is that a no?
Dapper as fuck.
Chelles, getting more word out about this community could be interesting.  I think most of us in this thread have been in a marathon and plan to be in more coming up. Smiley
Thanks for the interest! My goal is to fit as much of a representation of the community into a 90-120 minute documentary that I can. Finding stories within real life situations will create the narrative for the documentary, giving movement to the film instead of it being more of a flat "educational video". I am not a speed-runner, but I'm a fan of speed-running and gaming in general. I'm definitely not an expert, so this journey is personal in that I will get to learn a lot more about speed-running and the people behind it, and then I will get to share this knowledge with an audience. Through the documentary I want to present an argument to the audience that we as a society still struggle to recognize "gaming" as a positive concept, and that we shouldn't be ignoring the individual achievements and the positive work of the community. We pay so much attention to the (often exaggerated) negative aspects of gaming and that disadvantages the hard work and talent that goes into something like speed-running. (Not to mention the marathon charities and entertainment aspect; speed-runners share their talents for a greater good)

I am still working out some technical logistics, especially in regards to whether or not we will actually be able to film at AGDQ 2015. I have started reaching out (rather blindly) for some information. So if anyone has any good advice or know of someone who would be good for me to contact in regards to the event, I would appreciate the help =)  I will be making this documentary whether AGDQ is a part of it or not, so if I am unable to film there that is not a deal breaker for my narrative by any means.

I hope to capture most of the footage and complete interviews during the late fall/early winter. I will have a small filming crew of Audio/Visual and Electronic Media Grads assisting in filming, sound, editing, etc.

Please feel free to reply or message me with any other questions, and thanks again for the interest!
Dapper as fuck.
You should definitely talk to Mike Uyama about the AGDQ stuff as he's the organizer.  His username on here is mikwuyma.
Thanks! I believe that is who I emailed initially but if contacting him through the forum would be more effective I may try that as well
Just sent you a rather lengthy PM. I apologize haha.
^ That's totally cool! I've got a little work to do on an essay but I will respond before I head out the door for the evening
Cosmyk, I've got plans up to the 6th, so the 8th *should* work. I just didn't want to offer it initially.

Chelles, the GDQs are pretty chill, and most people are willing to talk about speed running. But yeah, send Mike a pm on here to get the official word.

If anyone's also going to MAGFest, we should see about group travel / lodging.
Speaking of group lodging and travel, anybody here going to AGDQ? Figured I would ask about car pooling or something.
Yes. I'm going to AGDQ and MAGFest. My last post was unclear, sorry.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
I might make it to AGDQ if I have enough money left over, but I'll probably just pop in for a day or two, see if there's anything I can do behind the scenes to help for that time and then leave.
We should see about carpooling up then Terra if you're cool with it. We can split gas and it would save a ton of money.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
Is this still a thing on November 8th?  If so, meet up spot and who is really interested:
Kefka, Tterraj42, philsoraptor, zimsmlgpro, BoomBoom, stealinbread and myself have all expressed some interest at this point.
Is the interest still there?
On to the second point: location in Lexignton.  Kefka, is your house still avaible at those dates?
Games to run:
Personally, I can run Hot Wheels: TR, Trackmania Wii, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine fairly well.  I could attempt Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi and Donkey Kong '94 runs and can supply a N64, Wii, Genesis and SNES with a Super Game Boy.  Other runs and consoles people should bring to this meet up, TVs, ect?  Will we be streaming this?
A lot of questions.  If anything more specific needs answered, feel free to post here or PM everyone I guess.
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Dapper as fuck.
Kefka and I are in a marathon that just got pushed back into Nov.  Not sure when it will be yet.

I'm still up for doing a little something at some point.  If we're running stuff, I can do Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers fairly well, and I'm also working on StarTropics and Phantasy Star 2.  I have an NES, N64, Genesis, and SNES.  Wii U also if we want to play Mario Kart 8 or SM3DW.  I also have an Everdrive for the NES and an SD2SNES for SNES (obviously) and have tons of roms loaded on an SD card for them.

You have good questions though.  I don't have any CRT TVs, I just deal with whatever little input lag I get off my LED TV, so not sure how we want to handle that stuff.  Streaming could be fun.  Maybe one of us streams and the rest of us host that stream from our channels so our viewers can watch, or something like that.

Edit:  Looks like you're potentially signed up for the same marathon so you're already aware.