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Ninja Sneaking (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

I should admit right away that I have never made it through this game on its normal mode.  I have played through all the floors in Floor Practice mode, so I have seen floors 1 through 4 in their entirety, but until I saw the video I had never seen the short floor 5, and I have no way of verifying that what happens at the end of the video is what should happen at the end of the game.  If this means I am not qualified to verify the run, I am really sorry for wasting everyone's time.

This is an easy accept from me.  It is clear the runner spent a lot of time with this game, and planned well how to evade the flashlights and such while still moving forward whenever possible.  The runner ducks a lot, to time the character's movements at the earliest moment they won't result in being spotted.  Not everything is frame-perfect of course, I suspect seconds could still be taken off of this, but I think this is a very fine run throughout.  Nothing ever goes wrong enough that I'd actually call it a mistake.  Oh, I especially like the single sword swing that damaged two doors, both of which had to be opened to proceed.

I sure see no evidence of cheating, but like I said I have never seen the end outside this video so I can't be 100% sure.  Video quality seems excellent to me, and the sound seems flawless.

The in-game timer finishes at 338 (5:38), but as for real time the run begins right at the start of 0:32 and ends during 6:15, so it seems the real time would be 5:43.  I would guess that the in-game timer is good enough that we could use that.

... Really now?  Only two verifiers?  Well I guess I can't be too shocked...  After all Indy games are the unsung heroes of video games.

I admit that I am in the same boat at verifier 1 in regards of the play through of this game.  This is a tricky game and the runner himself does show great execution in moving around while avoiding guards and spikes.  This is almost like a toned down IWBTG with stealth.  Not much else to say other than accept.

As for categories, I would probably say S-rank run considering for the pacifist ranking.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to David Heidman Jr.!
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Willing to teach you the impossible
Bout time this run figured out how to sneak into the Speedrun Verification board.

Thanks the the verifiers. Yes, this game is rough to get threw with out dieing in normal mode. So I understand the inability for some players to beat this game. Also, you can see how many time I played the game before submitting at the end when I show my stats. Sad this went quickly as I played this game 306 times before I got this run. maybe 20 or so was before I started to speedrun the game.

Thanks again verifiers. Indy games for life!!!
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
((Verifier 2 here, and the extra guy who was probably needed to help get this game through))

You're welcome.

In all seriousness though, it does get to me when games don't get that many verifiers, especially if the run isn't that long.  Must like DLC quest, I checked this one out just to help with the verification, but I saw that this game was actually alot more fun than I first gave it credit for.  It is one part that we need to support all games in the verifications to help cut down on the long list, but more specifically to support indy games since they are basically the only thing that is keeping originality alive in this world of Sequelitis.

Congrats again Heidrage.
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Heidrage: 2012-12-09 04:34:38 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
The large reason I like them is the cost. $1. I know I can get my entertainments worth for a buck no matter how just darn right the game sucks. If I play the game for more than an hour, it was WELL worth my time. If I end up really liking it, JACKPOT!!!!! DLC Quest, Ninja Sneaking, Breath of Death VII, Ninja Bros. are all games I recommend right now. I have a full library of Indy games atm but just off the top of my head, the ones I said are games I think most people would like.
Not a walrus
So when are we seeing a Ninja Bros run from you?
Willing to teach you the impossible
I made it to what I think is the last stage... That Peach wannabe is SO EVIL.
Not a walrus
That entire game looked evil.
Willing to teach you the impossible
... perhaps...
Willing to teach you the impossible
Scratch that UA, Ninja Bros. will be my next project after Christmas. Just for you. And being that the game is next to impossible, it will never get verified. <3 UA
Not a walrus
Impossible has no meaning around you, you should know that by now.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Look under my avatar, I teach it to others. It may be impossible, but it is doable Wink
Waiting hurts my soul...
Is the Ninja Bros. you're talking about the same as colored ninjas (red, blue, green, yellow) that all move with the d-pad, but jump based on the colored face buttons? If so, I've played it. Good luck running it. I couldn't get through Nightmare.

If not, then which game is it?
Not a walrus
Yes, that one.