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Quote from gusmancini:
Also i have a question for ninja gaiden II the first form of the final boss where is his hit box because i feel like sometimes i hit em and other times its complete miss this boss fight is where im losing most of my time in my pacifist runs currently a 18:16

im not sure if his head is vulnerable, but i aim for his chest area when i swing. you may be too far from the boss if you arent registering hits on him. i dont have a precise answer if you wanted an exact hitbox though, sorry!
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gusmancini: 2014-09-05 07:33:59 pm
yeah its where the star on his chest is his hitbox i kinda figured
so sad i just lost a sub pacifist 16 run because i got greedy on the final  form of the final boss  trying to save like 3 seconds and i ended up dying cuz of it Cry o well i can still save a bunch of time i think sub 15:30 is within reason idk how much lower than that though

Also i think i might have found a very slight time saver in act 6 for the any% route im not really sure but instead of killing the fires on the 2nd screen would damaging over them be faster it at least feels that way but i dont really have a consistent way of testing it and its not much its only a few frames its still something to consider
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UraniumAnchor: 2014-09-06 08:45:12 am
Not a walrus
Not sure who you guys had in mind for the NG relay race at AGDQ if that becomes a thing, but I'm definitely up for NG3 any% if that's what ends up making it in.

Though I'd rather see pacifist just so I can sit on the couch and say how happy I am to be proven wrong. Cheesy
You can never have too much zips
I started going back to speed running NG3 Any% yesterday and I wanted to know if you guys knew about something I found out a year ago.

Its about Act 6-2, the floor is weird and if walk too much without jumping you will die.But thing about the first screen is that if you scroll the screen up,then get back down,the line where you fall is lower then before allowing you to get inside the wall. You can see in this video below.

Now this is not faster for real time any%,but I know the TAS does some super fast left+right wall jumping stuff. Could that be faster?

Also this is another weird thing I found:

So what do you think? P.S : Sorry about the videos quality,didnt really know how to record properly back then.
Hax I used all of my strengthz
Did not know about the warp. Always great to have NG3 runners finding new or relatively unknown things. The TAS still has room for improvement but yes the fast wall jumping (left+right) is always going to be faster vertically if it can be utilized properly. Unfortunately you would need to input jump + left -> right every 2-3 frames I believe it was in order to save time.
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gusmancini: 2014-09-06 10:47:56 am
the first strat may not be faster but it would make NG3 US pacifist much easier

The wrong warp doesnt seem to be really helpful but its the closest thing to a wrong warp ive ever seen in a ninja gaiden game so maybe TASers can use it somehow
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gusmancini: 2014-09-20 10:47:17 pm
new Ninja Gaiden II pacifist WR 15:55 about 25 second improvement still plenty of time to save low 15 maybe sub 15 is possible but since i got a time im happy with im gonna focus on any% for the relay for AGDQ current PB 13:50
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jimmypoopins: 2014-10-02 02:58:36 am

got a pb in ninja gaiden 2, 10:51!  not bad after taking about a year and a half break and getting this type of time only a few days into attempts.  got the act 1 and 3 quick kills, too.  i've actually been extremely consistent in the act 3 quick kill.  i think its difficulty was overhyped.

edit: i just realized i've been using the wrong timing for ending the game.  this is actually more like a 10:52 or 10:53 unfortunately.  i will cut the sinister some day!
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jimmypoopins: 2014-10-03 12:30:07 am

two pb's in two days.  10:45 this time around (more like :46 or :47 with sda timing).  pretty happy though, since i had a few runs get to act 7 but i kept dying there.  again i got both quick kills in the run.

edit: wait, what is sda timing?  i thought it was when you lose control of character, but sinister said in the first post here that it was when timer reached 0.  if that's the case, i've been splitting correctly.
so pro u don't even know
Yeah SDA timing is what you said, I messed up on the timer reaching 0 because in NG1 that is when you lose control also. Not sure why they changed that in NG2.
Did an Speedrun of Duckfist's Ninja Gaiden Romhack "Ninja Gaiden Master"


It's a great romhack except that some parts are way too frame perfect to do (Like the last sword guy in 3-1)

I couldn't figure out a way to do the birds part at 3-2 without stopping, got 2 consecutive bird boosts but the third one hits you as soon as you get out of your invincibility frames.
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Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:28:56 pm
Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:27:23 pm
Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:25:18 pm
Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:24:44 pm
Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:24:24 pm
Sanaefroggy: 2014-10-19 10:23:21 pm
Hello, posting my latest (and probably last for a long while) PB i have got in NG1 last week


Got 2 PBs the same day after losing dozens of great runs by bad rng and risky strats (like clipping trough the ladder or messing up some boosts)
Got really good RNG for the most part, decent rng at some parts, grinding always pays off at the very end, i call this the gold run due to how many gold splits got, i was aiming for a sub 12:30 , taking it too safe anywhere in the game made me think i wouldn't get that time, when i killed the 3rd form jaquio i got surprised from getting a much lower time than that even if my wall climbing was a bit mediocre.
I am really happy with this run since it's a lot better than my expectations. hope you guys enjoy the new (i think?) strats i found by myself (4-1 clip to get extra spinslash (did this out of habit from duckfist's hack, it's actually slower if you don't get the bird boost i tried to get in the run, you use it to kill it if you got the bird boost wrong, i didn't get the right one) , 5-1 backup green ninja boost, 6-3 fireball boost)
Enjoy (:
For now i am aiming to get a sub 11 in NG2  (right now it's 11:13) after that i will learn NG3, the entire trilogy are great speedgames.
Holy shit!! Talk about progress! Cheesy

Beat my time by 1s Sad                                    Cheesy

Getting sub 12 in NG. One of the Holy Grails in speedrunning I would say. Impressive!!!!!!!
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gusmancini: 2014-10-29 09:37:51 pm
There is another way of doing it that Jimmypoopins where you take a bird boost both ways are probably about the same speed
Ninja Gaiden II strat to have Aotfw for the 4-2 boss which according to the TAS is faster but im not sure how much faster
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gusmancini: 2014-10-29 11:32:21 pm
Just cut the Duckfist high 10:37 low 10:38 when timer hits zero which is jorf and jimmy have agreeded on highlight will be up soon

retimed it its a low 10:38 here it is

including this PB i think ive gotten 4 pbs within like 10 days from 11:00 down to 10:38
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KrazyRasmus: 2014-11-13 04:48:35 am
There is now a leaderboard for Ninja Gaiden up on So feel free to put all your best times up there!

Let me know if you want to be a mod, and I'll add you to the mod list as soon as possible.
got 10:28 in ng2.  finally cut the 10:30, which is a huge milestone in my opinion.  this puts me as #3 i believe, beating backslash by 1 second (sorry friend!)

i was actually WR pace in 7-2 but i made a huge mistake that cost me 4 seconds.  watch out jorf.
nice job i had a PB run goin last night but took too much damage in 7-1 even with a death it was a 10:46 it was like 5 second PB pace

10:26.  Lost 4 seconds in act 7, again.  Ironically enough it was due to my own strat, which only saves 0.5 seconds.  Godly Jacquio fight, though.

Sum of best is 10:18 now.  If I get WR I think I will push to get sub 10:20.
hi all, i started speedrunning ng1 a couple weeks ago. i managed to find a new strat in 5-1 that saves roughly half a second (for any% and low%).
so pro u don't even know
Great job everyone on all the PBs, glad people are still so interested in this series and pushing it far.

@cyghfer: Nice find, I would expect nothing less even in a game this optimized. You always seem to find a way to improve. Really looking forward to what you can do witht this game.
was doing WR attempts today, and wasn't playing all that well, so I decided to do some no reset runs for practice.  After 5 of them, these were my times:


All of them deathless.  11:01 was due to missing fire wheel in 5-1.  I am excited for AGDQ.

Finally beat Ohon.  Two big time losses for stupid reasons.  Gold act 7, nearly perfect Jacquio.  Exactly 1 second off of WR.
so pro u don't even know
Wow Jimmy! You are killin' it lately! I hope Gus is keeping up, because it sure looks like you are ready for the relay.
Thanks!  If you see him in your chat or elsewhere, you should ask him.  I haven't heard from him or seen him stream, and I even sent him a PM about racing and I haven't heard back.