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Some more Ninja Gaiden I pacifist Tech the first one is not recommended and only saves up to a second probably less though and the 2nd tech saves 2-3 seconds and was first thought of by sinister by since i already play on emulator its so much easier for me to test these things its not super hard but if you mess up you will die so not marathon safe strat but its another 2-3 seconds for WR attempts i think i'm gonna add this to my run as well
The tech in this just jumping on the edge of the platform and jumping over the first sword guy on the screen instead of waiting for him to turn around and walk away only saves a few frames up to maybe a second
This tech is jumping over the 2nd sword guy it saves 2-3 seconds fairly tough but doable
At the end of my stream tonight was messing around with jaquio and got really close to a two rounder i was 15/16 i have it saved in my highlights

Has anyone gotten a 2 rounder or has gotten as close as i have?
The 3-1 tech is something ive been doing during some of my attempts actually. but cut it back since it was kinda hard sometimes. Sad

And 2-2 was pretty cool, I knew this was possible but never really went for it. since it doesnt save that much time.

Keep it going!
2.5 rounds is the best iv'e achived on Jaquio. But 2 rounds is plasuible i think or it should be feels that way.
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gusmancini: 2014-04-13 03:15:27 pm
So today again doing more attempts and i came across the god boost in 5-2 this is not something that is repeatable because it was 100% luck but i think was really cool

The next highlight is strat i tested in 4-1 i started to test it because i remember sinister saying there has to be a way to not wait for the bullets and this is what i found this really doesn't save that much time maybe .1 - .2 seconds based on my testing but framed saves is time saved
so pro u don't even know
That god boost was fun. Maybe the TAS can use it? Not sure what they do there.

4-1 is also useful, looks pretty easy to do.
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dragonore: 2014-04-26 06:12:11 pm
I really enjoy the Ninja Gaiden I Pacifist runs, y'all are awesome.  I just got my first sub 16 pacifist run.  Need to work on my mashing.
so pro u don't even know
Quote from dragonore:
I really enjoy the Ninja Gaiden I Pacifist runs, y'all are awesome.  I just got my first sub 16 pacifist run.  Need to work on my mashing.

Sub 16 is awesome, keep going!
Quote from sinister1:
Sub 16 is awesome, keep going!
Thanks, it took a long time to get to this point.  Has anyone in this thread ever get a 101 for act 2-2?  I have a highlight of it.  The strats are the same, just have to jump early on screen 2 before the green guy jumps out at you where the bat appears and also jump off the wall soon before doing the bat boost on screen 3.  I still have a long ways to go for a time I'm happy with.  Good luck to all the Ninja Gaiden runners for all categories.
New PB for me, just got a 15:15 on Ninja Gaiden Pacifist, is WR possible for me?  I may make a few attempts, but even if I never get it, I still respect Dxtr, he is an awesome speed runner.  Video Proof of my PB is on my stream highlights. 
Oh wow! Nice progression!

Im glad that more are playing pacifist. Its fun, challenging, weird. Smiley
New pacifist strat?

I think you guys have probably thought of it but here is a video about it basically it helps remove some RNG from the hammer bro in 6-2 screen 2 it heavily execution based

With so many getting into the lower 15's something i hope to be obtaining soon with a recent pb of 16:19 meaning that those who take the most risk of the best chance to have the best time

there are many variations of this strat that i tested some take more damage but are easier to execute some are back up strats in case things go wrong and so on so before using this strat i would recommend using game saver and going through and practicing and coming up with back-up strats there can be quiet a few possibilities

That was a lovely strat! saves alot of time, 5-10s easy.
Although i've come up with quiet a few already i figured id spoil you guys with another strat

This one however is Consistent and not hard to pull off at all

ENJOY!!! Grin
so pro u don't even know
Great strats Gus! I am gonna have to learn these for SGDQ. I always knew there was some way to boost off that bird in 6-3, glad you figured it out.
Finally started playing NG1 on a WIRED controller (I had been using the Wii Classic Controller) and I can actually move now! Amazing how minimal lag can affect the fluidity of playing this game. When you are playing or even just watching oldschool Ninja Gaiden, there is no better rush.

I've reached the point where I can beat the first one consistantly without dying and have already incorporated some strats in my runs (particularly boosting), will start going for times at some point soon.

Also, if anyone remembers Spook (he ran NG1 at an early GDQ event....2010, I think), got to play some old NES games with him the other day. Ran through Mario 3 and Contra together. Need him to get back into NG, so we can race!
Here it is Finally i have proof of a 2 rounder jaquio fight i've grinded this out for weeks and now i finally got it on stream

please ENJOY!!
Getting it during a run and grinding it on emulator is a complete different thing.

But still hard to pull off, nice!
so pro u don't even know
Hot damn! Nice one gus, if someone got that in a run it would be sick.
I dont know if this belongs here but where else?
I really want to see the ng1 and the ng2 wr but i cant find the videos anywhere. Could someone please link the videos in this thread?

I also just got a new pb for Shadow Warriors on 170% speed (9:30) heres a link if anyone is interested: (sorry for the bad quality and the chicken strats :P)
I will improve this!
Actually I think its 180% speed...
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gusmancini: 2014-07-02 10:35:27 pm
This isnt the NG1 WR but it is only 1 second off i dont remember the name of the person who has the WR but its 11:49 but here is a run but EXO who has a 11:50
For NG2 again im not 100% sure on this one but when i googled it the only run i see is the Duckfist 10:40 ----->

However im also here to update the strat i have for 6-2 i wish i found this before the marathon because in my opinion its an easier setup less punishing and is faster by about a second or to compared to the old strat. While testing this new strat i came across an accidental frame perfect boost that allowed me to keep a sprite limit and despawn the hammer bro in this highlight you see the first run is what my strat is intended to be. The second time i boosted in a way that allowed the bird to boost me through the turret a frame before the bullet that comes out of the turret would hit me i was really shocked when it happened and reacted slowly it says it got about a 13.XX but i know if i was going full speed it would've been faster

Thanks to the TAS and duckfist for the idea. I went and looked back at the TAS and thought that was too hard to replicate for a player consistently so i can up with my own variation and i think if someone were to re-tas NG pacifist you can cut the time down by seconds with taking the Game over at the start of 6-2 instead of the start of 6-3 anyway here is the highlight enjoy

The boost through the turret is pretty tight where you have to stand when getting hit by the crackhead but its not horrible once you get used to doing the strat you kinda visually will know if your gonna get it or not.

EDIT: here is another small improvement that im pretty sure dxtr (his low% run has a very similar boost) might already know about. Its the TAS strat on 6-2 done RTA on the second to last screen its a pretty tight saves about 2 seconds
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Exo: 2014-07-15 06:48:52 am
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Quote from gusmancini:
This isnt the NG1 WR but it is only 1 second off i dont remember the name of the person who has the WR but its 11:49 but here is a run but EXO

Wii VC runs slower than NES (only found that out after getting my run Sad ). No idea what the exact time differences are but I'm guessing the records are at best tied.
I think Arctic did a 10:36 run of NG2 but someone told me that its been beaten but I cant find any video of it. in NG1 I was referring to the 11:49 time but it doesnt matter now since its tied with Exo.

But Exo didnt you say that you will improve that run? I would love to see that happen because that is one of the most impressing speedruns I have ever seen!
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gusmancini: 2014-08-16 10:04:44 pm
its crazy to see how good the movement is for Ninja gaiden games tbh honest i find it hard to believe there is that much more time to save on the levels i know that the final bosses can be done a little quicker since 2 rounder jaquio is feasible and  there was a bit of bad rng on the tail in the final form that lost maybe 1 second as well i see 11:46 maybe 11:45 being theoretically possible

EDIT i've gotten a new Ninja gaiden III JP Pacifist PB pretty decent about 30 second improvement i'm also 100% sure that sub 17 is very realistic wonder much better it can get

Also i have a question for ninja gaiden II the first form of the final boss where is his hit box because i feel like sometimes i hit em and other times its complete miss this boss fight is where im losing most of my time in my pacifist runs currently a 18:16
Despite what most people might think, I think Ninja Gaiden I is one of the easiest NES games, but that's only because I did a lot of save state rehearsing. I'm a complete disaster at most video games but Ninja Gaiden I is an exception. Yes, Down+B has to be pressed on the same frame for Air Slash Canceling. I have it on Wii U VC.

My fastest Clear Time is around 20:40 in the SNES version (on an emulator, go figure...) with 2 deaths at Stages 3-2 and 5-3. It's not exactly a Speed Run, though. I've never beaten it without dying yet. I wasted my Jump 'n Slash ammo very poorly at Stage 2-2.