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Low % run

Verifier Responses

First off I would just like to say what an honour it is to be verifying this Ninja Gaiden run. Ninja Gaiden is such a tough, but great game. I myself got into running it a few months back and have beaten it many times now, but never sword only so this was a true treat to watch and Sinister absolutely annihilates the game. So let's start shall we?

A/V quality is perfect and I can't find a single bad thing to say about it. Now on to the run itself:
The run is close to flawless, and almost any time wasted is not even the runner's fault at all as it is usually something random and uncontrollable in the game (for example the bat damage boost in 4-1.) There are some times in the run where he plays it slightly safe, but it's rare that you see it and most of the time necessary anyways. I can see maybe 5 seconds coming off of this, but what's possible and what's humanly possible is completely different. I love the strat for the boss on level 3-3. The hits in the air with the sword as it passes by you every time is pretty smart and loved it. Many great damage boosts as well in this run that are all performed flawlessly might I add.
Also the Kelbeross boss fight is truly awesome. For a boss fight that can go song wrong in a sword only run, it went the exact opposite and was nailed. Next boss is Malth and what can I say really? Malth is Malth, it's even more uneventful in a sword only run. Like Sinister said, it could have been done in 3 cycles but very minor mistake in an already great run. I think it's made up for greatly by the flawless execution in some of the previous stages. Also I loved the strat used in the horrible part of 6-2 with the falcons. If I'm being honest I don't think I've seen it done that exact way so far, and was sexy.
From here on it's perfect up until the final boss fight with Jaquio. The first form is same old same old and nothing too hard, but I have to say major kudos to the mashing for the sword glitch. I swear he's getting in about 5-6 slashes every jump and it's just plain insanity. The 2nd form of Jaquio is SO close to absolute near perfection, the smallest bit of a mistake when he is hit by a fireball and knocked back. The overall result though puts it to shame. Smiley
Then the final form is great and he gets the glitch beautifully to finish the boss off faster than you can say "Ninja Gaiden". The only issue I have is with the timing. From what I've read/heard the run starts when you gain control of Ryu and ends when the timer hits 0 on the final boss. From start to final hit the run is 13:08 when I timed it, but if it actually is until the timer hits 0 then I think the run is a 13:10 instead. I could be wrong though.

Anyways final decision:

No reason why it wouldn't be. Smiley Congrats Sinister!

Typing with my mouse so I will make this brief.

No cheating, A/V is good, play style is impressive. Easy Accept.


NG is looking and sounding good.

Act I - Exactly what you'd expect.
Act II - One spot of bad luck with a thrown dagger.  Flawless otherwise.
Act III - Pretty clean, one missed slash.  That last jump is always hot.
Act IV - WHOO!  Batman had it in for you.  Lucky!  The rest is awesome.
Act V - Good start, but some rock climbing issues.  As noted, minor boss hiccup.
Act VI - All I have to say is "6-2, no items".  Sinister has 12 inches and he's gonna make you swallow it all.
Boss Gauntlet -

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to ‘sinister1!’
Thread title:
Congrats Sinister! You deserve it. Smiley
Gratz sinister. Now run a real category ;P
Congrats sinister!  Now get back to pacifist (I think that's what Exo means).
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Wait, sinister was running Ninja Gaiden?!
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sinister1: 2012-08-21 01:03:55 pm
sinister1: 2012-08-21 01:03:37 pm
so pro u don't even know
Exooooooo!!!! *shakes fist*

Yes sir, PJ, sir. I will do anything to get back in the PJ 10!

Oh you didn't know, verifier 3? Tongue

<----------- Avatar RNG, it has been win of late.
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DK28: 2012-08-21 04:45:00 pm
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Whatever gave it away?  You should stream your attempts sometime.  Wink 
But congrats, epic run.

<--- My RNG is lazy as hell.  WTF?
Congrats, well done. Time to smash some NG2 records!
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usedpizza: 2012-08-21 11:14:37 pm
Nice one Sin, I wanna see sub-17 pacifist on here next. I don't care if its not a "real" category Tongue
seems to be very good
look forward to your NG2 run
so pro u don't even know
Thanks everyone!

For Ninja Gaiden 2 you guys should be looking forward to a run from Duckfist. He is likely going to break Hotarubi's record before I do.

As far as pacifist goes, I already got a sub 17 usedpizza. I am still looking to get it a bit lower though, probably around 16:30ish.