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Night World () (pc) [100 %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Cancelled

Reason: Submission withdrawn by the runner

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Night World () (pc) [100 %] [Single Segment]

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I'm watching this tonight. You didn't have any imminent plans for comments for this one?

I'm immediately noticing the video (IQ, same quality I watched for the any%) seems a lot blurrier here. Is there some reason for that?

I watched this and I'm as baffled about what I've seen as the other one and more so! The A/V might be a problem. It's noticeably blurrier so I'm worried something went wrong with the recording. So I'll leave it at that for now.
I'll take a look at the raw footage and see what's going on, might just be a bad encode. I'm away from home for a week or so though, so may take a while.

It was recorded in the same session as the v2 any% run, so I should have a good raw. I had been having a lot of grief with Yua though.
Comments (from memory as I'm away from home, will elaborate later):

First half is exactly the same as the any% only instead of exiting you hit the secret passage to get the health, then another secret passage to get back to the prism 2 room. The fleece is only available as the human so you need to time that.

Holy grail would be not collecting the health and going straight to the passage after prism 4, but I don't think it's physically possible to do the entire game on a single health bar, and even if it was, getting to the fleece before transforming to gargoyle is probably impossible, barring a significant new discovery, so you would be waiting around for 90 seconds for the next transformation.

Once collected there's the new manic-miner style crumbling floor mechanic, except it only crumbles as you move. This introduces a significantly higher risk of softlocking yourself as the collision detection is still the same six pixels. Combined with the fixed jump height it gets quite challenging quite quickly.

Other than that, it's basically the same route again. Only real difference is taking the top route to the prism 3 room as I'm the human, so my fast route up doesn't work.

This is also the only part of the run where you will see me using the game's wall climb mechanic, and it should be obvious why I normally avoid it. It's faster as the human because each jump only gets you 2 blocks, even with the gargoyle's jump height. Only exception to this is if you hit your head on something.
The crumbling mechanic: Well, if you didn't tell me that was a mechanic, I would have had to have run with "this game's not even trying". I don't know if this is all par for the course for platformers this old but... geez.

Yeah, no rush.
With this game my opinion keeps varying between "they didn't even try" and "actually they had a lot of good ideas but...". I do wonder if it was released in an incomplete state. Like adding new mechanics that late in the game and advertising a sequel suggests it was clearly meant to be a complete game.

Hell maybe the original dev reads SDA, will see there's still interest in their 37 year old BBC Micro game and get in touch Cheesy
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Lum: 2022-12-13 04:42:18 am
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Hell maybe the original dev reads SDA, will see there's still interest in their 37 year old BBC Micro game and get in touch Cheesy

I'm ROFLing here with the amount of optimism in this sentence...
Yeah, I wasn't serious, but a few of the oldschool Beeb devs have turned up on the stardot forums and talked about their old games, which is nice.
Yup. Well, anyhow, post again when you've re-encoded and I'll give the verdict. Hope it works out!
Gameplay-wise, I noticed the following things:
* Some trouble the first time in room J, around 3:26. I believe this was without consequence though because of the next forced transformation wait in room L, around 4:49.
* Several issues in room K. Was this also without consequence for the time? Not immediately apparent to me where that would be (you transformed to human well before the room G to collect the fleece). Or did you need to be human already when jumping on the bat in room F?
* Not possible to use the crumbling floor mechanics to quicker get past the barrier in room J to end the game?
Due to the Christmas holidays, this verification will be extended to the new year.
Hey, sorry for the slow replies. Christmas break and illness.

You might have a point about room K, I'll see what I can do on that when I'm feeling better. Maybe put this one on hold for now (though I do still think the any% variant is as good as it gets short of new tech)
And sadly no, the crumbling floor doesn't work on the bottom row of the floor. Beleive me that was the first thing I tried with it Cheesy
Do you have any update on the A/V quality here?
Not really, (only just settling back to normal life) but as I think I can see a point where I can improve the run, I'm probably not going to re-encode, may as well reject this one
As you prefer! Good that you're keeping the raws at hand for situations like this.
Decision posted.