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Speed > Safety
Sock's pretty awesome with glitches *points at his/robdog's OoT Ganon warp*

Kae, perhaps splitting the video is separate sections and uploading them individually would be better for your laptop?
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KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 10:40:56 am
KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 10:33:17 am
KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 10:32:33 am
it was fine the last 3 days ):
yea... I don't have any editing software, and the one that comes with the recording device sucks, so I plan to upload my videos raw until I get a better laptop/internet then I can just  stream.

I was recording this video  last night. This is the strategy I use to kill royal jelly.
Check it out ^_^
Weegee Time
Would Anri or Yua be able to read and process your recording?
That Royal Jelly strat is similar to mine except for a few variations. The biggest is that I didn't sharpener (at least myself. I put it on an AI character). It is hard for me to say if it is faster or slower. Mitey damage seems increased by 50%, but you lose time casting the spell and additional coffee use. Another difference is that I evade the confusion attack instead of defend (I think I was getting confused even after defending?). Also, at least for my equipment setup, Hurly has the strongest gold glim so I tried using that. The best gold glim user for AoE is Gogo I think. I also put storm resistance gear on the other familiar so they wouldn't die.

By the way, why are you missing a familiar??
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KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 03:41:23 pm
KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 03:35:54 pm
KaeLynne: 2013-06-15 01:21:43 pm
Hurley doesn't have any items because I  spent all my money on coffee/sandwiches/phoenix feathers. He's really weak, I only rely on him for his sling stone which does about 35 dmg. He's really slow too, and I can't afford losing gold glims and getting hit by jellies at the same time. Casting  sharpener doesn't lose too much time really. the bonus stacks up really nicely.  I defend  See stars since mitey doesn't have evade and with Mitey, I can get in 4-5 auto attacks before the jelly can hit me with see stas,  and I have a chance to cancel the move. With evading, I have to switch to sid or drongo, which means I can lose 40-50 worth of damage.
the jelly's storm move isn't scary at all, it does little damage to mitey, around 20, and 50 to my party Like I said, I spend all my money on pots, and I find my weapon/equip in chests or from swaine's steals, with a few exceptions.

I'm missing a familar because I  deposited the familiar I got in ToT. It was a test file. I have boogly boo with me in my runs.

I'll check those 2 things out.
I'm going to record another run on monday since there has been several changes to my route.
edit: What does anri do? I'm not too familiar with these things
Weegee Time
You know how the videos on this site have several quality levels from LQ to XQ?  Anri can take a video file and generate those.  It doesn't give you a tremendous amount of control over what quality level/resolution you get back (since it's 5 presets) but it's surely better than uploading massive raw video files.
Ah I see, it seems pretty hard to work, but I'll play around with it
As someone who's reduced their video upload size by factors like 10x by encoding before uploading, I heartily endorse this.
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KaeLynne: 2013-06-16 08:14:13 pm
are there any instructions on how to do this?
I tried to upload one of my videos but I got lost :/

Edit: oh nvm, Rakuen sent me a link to the instructions.
Speed > Safety
Heya guys, any progress on this lately or have we all kind of let it slide for a little bit?
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Rakuen: 2013-06-22 09:22:28 pm
Weegee Time
I'm still working my way through a first playthrough.

Is anyone supposed to be able to act during cinematic attacks?  I got hit by Shadar's Pyre during my sprite's New Dawn.  Was kind of nice since Oliver was at full health at the time, but I thought it was odd that I'd never seen that happen during any other attacks up to that point.  He was in the middle of casting when it executed, but normally I just see the bosses restart their casts afterward when that happens.
Speed > Safety
That's happened to me before as well, I haven't been able to replicate it before such that we could use it to our advantage though. Would be nice.
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KaeLynne: 2013-06-23 03:00:44 pm
I got a really nice casino split in my last run (3hr51min) but the platoon lady kept taking half my stakes so that didn't go too well. I'm taking a short break from this game right now since I'm playing the last of us.
I do want to get a sub 8 run so I'll do some runs later this week. I can upload my run, but it's 50gb big(3hr50min video). I saved it as AVI since Anri chan works with it. I saved my last last run as DIVx and it was only 12gb for 9 hrs.
But yea, I hope sock is still trying to break the game lol so it'll make running this game much faster but I'm fine either way.

And bosses can cancel your moves and your party's when the move goes into a cutscene. It's very frustrating a lot of times but it can work in your favor
I got a 6:38 run today on Easy. I did record it, but when I watched the playback,  it's chaos, especially the audio. I tested my capture device before I started for about 10 mins and it was fine, but when i watched the playback, it was just horrid. I need to get another capture device =_=

I'll upload it  for reference purposes.
Hey guys, I found some interesting videos regarding NNK. They don't have a speedrunning purpose, but if anyone plays it with these glitches, who knows, maybe something good will turn up.

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KaeLynne: 2013-09-06 04:49:07 pm
So I recently sorta "fixed" my capture device, and it doesn't fast forward and have distorted audio anymore so I decided to optimize and re route, and I FOUND SOMETHING!

this mornstar glitch is insane.... it skips the cooldown and it casts another mornstar.
This doesn't only work on Oliver, it works on Marcassin too. Unfortunately the menu  doesn't show. I think it's invicible since when I'm pressing up or down it makes the button sound.

I'm tyring to play around with this glitch some more since I think this is really big for the game.

This glitch works when you switch to a character who has his/her familiar out and you make a command BEFORE that familiar comes back. It has to be quick. Sometimes it doesn't show the spell menu, and it doesn't do anything after (as far as I know)
This is hard to do since whenever I switch to Oliver, mitey comes back right away. I've only done this 3 times so far. I'm looking for a way to stop mitey from coming back so fast :/
Weegee Time
I know changing characters prior to a minion's skill will cancel the skill, but does it do the same when the skill is already in motion, or does the animation have to finish?  That might give you enough of a delay?  It does make the cast more expensive I suppose.

I'd test it myself but I'm foolish and lent my copy out to a friend.
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KaeLynne: 2013-09-07 01:03:25 am
KaeLynne: 2013-09-06 08:00:28 pm
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KaeLynne: 2013-09-06 07:59:02 pm
when a familiar is charging a skill, I think it does cancel but it doesn't cancel when a character is charging. It will continue charging and you can even switch to another character. What I found out while playing around with this glitch was when another character is charging a skill (oliver casting mornstar), if you switch to that character, it will cast it and the cooldown won't apply afterwards which means your spell command is available and can cast another spell. So in this case, 2 mornstars. Very easy to pull off; wait for AI to cast a spell, switch to that character, and it removes the cooldown, but the animnation has to finish. BUT, that depends on the AI. I don't like the AI in this game since it's iffy, and Oliver doesn't cast mornstar too often when you order him to all out attack instead he sends out mitey. That's where I am right now. Or I can take oliver's familiars and hope the AI chooses wisely :3 I'll see how that goes.
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KaeLynne: 2013-10-03 09:35:39 pm
Hello, I have FINALLY recorded a run that isn't distorted or laggy because I got a new cap. card =D
So here it is! my run, which happens to be a new PB.
Sorry for the long wait, but better late than never I guess!

Can shave off 20-25 minutes off this run, but very solid run overall nevertheless. I died once in the 3rd room of Mummy's tummy because it was a very silly fight, but I probably only lost a minute. I've had a few very very bad fight such as Royal Jelly (only dropping one gold glim after baby shower... dat RNG) King Tom (probably the worst fight in the game) and the final boss (just a very bad and slow fight). Fortunately, I had more good fights than bad fights, and a few near perfect or perfect boss fights such as gladiataur, Swaine's nightmare (I think). I would like to note the first 2 hours of this game is INSANELY GOOD until I died and the royal jelly fight ): BUT it's  still a very solid run.  =D
Is anyone still interested/running ni no kuni anymore?
I have been playing nnk recently but just casually. Frcataklysm has been doing runs and firedragon is learning the game. Those are the only two I know of at the moment.  I also recently uploaded my notes for the current route a couple days back Just in case anyone is interested.
thanks man I have been starting to run through the game to get a feel for i think i may keep practicing and if i get good enough i will buy a capture device for ps3 and start actually running it, so i will definately read those notes so again thank you.
Hey, not sure if anyone's still here, but I somehow duplicated some items while practicing. I did a bunch of tests, but I've been getting strange results.

Basically I have a save file right before Moltaan. If I load up that save and beat Moltaan and then proceed to die in any fight, even another boss fight, a few of the items that were in my inventory before Moltaan are re-added into my inventory. It duplicated the 3 Great Sage's Secrets that I had (which is how I noticed in the first place) as well as the 3 Strong Coffees that I had before Moltaan.

The order of my inventory was Bread, Iced Coffee, Poison-Be-Gone, Strong Coffee, Great Sage Elixir. When I shifted the order of the items to Poison-Be-Gone, Strong Coffee, Bread, Ice Coffee, Great Sage Elixir and saved and quit then tried again, it only duplicated the Great Sage Elixir. Even if I move over the Great Sage Elixir over to the 6th slot instead, it still worked. I can't really find a pattern to how it works exactly other than that the Great Sage Elixir always seems like it gets duplicated.

It only worked once (as in if I die twice after killing a boss, it only duplicates items once), and it only works after killing a boss, although I've only had it happen for 2 bosses, Moltaan and I think the Chandelier at the trail (although the second one happened after I opened another file for practice, and I also didn't notice the duplicated items until Royal Jelly since that's the first place I died after). I haven't tested whether I can save and quit and then duplicate items for every boss fight, nor have I tested whether it's possible to dupe multiple times by saving and quitting before each boss yet.

Here's a highlight of the glitch happening while I was streaming:
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Qazplm: 2017-07-17 04:13:10 am
After quite a bit of testing, I've finally figured out how the duplication glitch works, and it's fairly quick and consistent meaning Platoon can be cut out (although I think Platoon first try might be slightly faster, but the glitch is definitely far less annoying and requires little to no RNG). After getting the Great Sage's Secrets at Old Smokey, if you do the glitch 4 times you'll have 48 Great Sage's Secrets (which is more money than the 75 Agility Badges) and another time brings it up to 96 for extra safety. Not entirely sure whether it would be faster to use Great Sage's Secrets for the entire run or if selling a few for MP replenishing items earlier on would be faster and only using the Great Sage's Secrets endgame where you have far more MP.

Basically, I was wrong in thinking there was something about Moltaan that makes the glitch work. You duplicate items by completely using up any item in your inventory in a battle and winning. After winning the battle, get into another encounter and proceed to die and continue. After continuing, the game adds back copies of the last item you *received* in your inventory. The game keeps track of the order in which received each item in your inventory, the order you put them in does not matter at all, which is why the Great Sage's Secrets kept getting duplicated when I was first testing it out at Moltaan. It was the last item I received, and I always used up at least the Strong Coffees which guaranteed duplicating the last item I received.

There are also a few properties to the glitch that I've found after some testing:

1) If you completely use up X items and perform the glitch, you duplicate the last X items you got in your inventory (haven't tested what happens if you say get 3 coffees, buy a bunch of different items, then buy 1 more coffee)

2) If you use up 1 item in a battle and win, then use up X more items in another battle and win, the game saves the items that should get duplicated.
ex: If the order you received items was White Bread, Poison-Be-Gone, Blindness-Be-Gone, Curse-Be-Gone, and Iced Coffee and you use up the White Bread in the first encounter and then the Poison and Blindness-Be-Gone in the next encounter and *then* proceed to die, you will get 2 iced coffees and 1 Curse-Be-Gone. (Haven't done extensive testing on using items up in weird orders, but I did do one weird combination in the video and I think I have a grasp of how the game processes the glitch)

3) If you get a provision after a battle, it can screw up the setup. (I haven't done extensive testing on this, but I did get the glitch to not work when I used White Bread for the glitch and got another White Bread at the end of the encounter)

I've also made a video showing off the glitch and explaining it as well as I could:

Also a few other small things I've found:
1) Pause buffering to skip encounters with the magic menu seems to be faster than using the main menu
2) You can buffer twice in one jump if you open the menu as soon as you jump and open it again before landing to make enemies like Clubber Cubs easier to run from
3) If you choose to do Platoon, you can just cast Travel in the casino instead of running out of the dungeon.
4) Small optimization, but it's faster to go towards the closest point of a cutscene trigger as opposed to running towards the middle of the street or towards where you would normally end up at the end of the cutscene. Seen it in both of the runs on SRC and it's a really bad habit for runners.