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SS any% run (with warps)

Verifier Responses

Short story: Accept on gameplay...iffy on video quality.

No signs of cheating.

The video is a little bouncy at points, and it is also very bright towards the beginning. Nothing else wrong besides that.

Audio is good. Seems slightly off-sync, but hardly noticable.

Start timing: 1:36 (when overworld music starts playing)
End timing: 27:08 (switch hit)

Total time: 25:32

1-1: 453. Good.
1-2: 454. Little bit of slowness from running into ? block. Other than that, smooth.
1-3: 449. Good. Wonder if you can gain more speed by sliding on the slope that's on the top of the screen before the pipe to the hidden exit.
5-1: 445. Nice star manipulation, although getting it was a little sloppy (nothing really bad at all though).
5-Piranha: 91. Good.
5-2: 446. Good.
5-T: 519. Very good.
5-4: 350. Amazing. Slight slowdown getting on top of one of the blocks, but then again doing this perfectly is $J:@#$LK:JF...just like that.
5-G: 569. Good.
8-1: 431. Good. I hate this level.
8-2: 415. Still good. Seems like you already know where you can improve.
8-7: 338. Good.
8-A: 360. Good prop skips. Good boss fight.
8-C: 503. I just realized...Bowser is probably a better jumper than Mario is.

Overall: big ACCEPT! I think the raw file may need to be re-encoded or something as far as the quality goes, but even as it is now I think it's still fine. Way to go!

Start frame: 5821
End frame: 97592
Total time: 25:31

Audio is fine, I did not notice any syncing problems. There is some excessive brightness but just at the menu in the beginning. However, the video is constantly bouncing and there is a partly white line at the top of the screen throughout the run. The bouncing is not major and not noticeable when the screen is moving, but it's pretty clear if you look at the HUD elements or when the screen is still. Not a big deal, but the white lines should at least be removed.

The run itself is very good. I only noticed a few one second mistakes here and there, verifier 1 covered it well. Beating a segmented run is always impressive. Also, the propeller is really OP Smiley

Accept, but I agree that the videos should be re-encoded.

This run is really good.  There were a few mistakes, so there is still room for improvement, but the runner pretty much covered that stuff in his comments.  I agree that there is some speed/risk tradeoff with the propeller in world 8; whether to take hits in 8-1 or to keep the propeller through 8-2/8-7.  Given that there is such a high risk of taking a hit accidentally, it probably makes the most sense to just take damage in 8-1 at this point.  At least until the record time gets a bit tigher.

I seem to remember a way of getting through the first room of Castle 8 using less propeller than that (which generally makes things faster).  I wish i could remember exactly, but some experimentation here might pay off in future runs.

5-4 was impressive.  So was the flying section of 5-1, as this is one of the trickier parts, imo.  The ghost house was one of the highlihghts, especially the circle jump at the end, which is great to see in a single-segment run.  I was also impressed by the perfect manipulation of the flames during the Bowser fight.

This is an ACCEPT.  The run seems legit, the runner clearly understands the movement mechanics, and the execution was tight with very few mistakes.

Video and audio: as previously mentioned, there's a thin bar at the top of the video that seems out of place.  I didn't notice anything else to nitpick, but I might not have been very observant.

No cheating, I'm slightly familiar with running this game and it looks like it all checks out.

1-1 - Looking good.  The jump before the midway flag is tricky, but it went well.  The key to optimizing this level is to run/slide at the downhill slopes, jump over the uphill slopes, and run along the "gears" that are moving in the same direction (unless it means running uphill).  453.

1-2 - Mistake at 492, didn't clear the block and lost some speed.  This probably made the runner improvise a bit at the next part, due to platforms being at a different angle, but he improvised well.  The rest of the level went quite smoothly, including the star grab, and the tilt-able platforms were fully exploited for extra speed.  454, just one tick from UCpro's segmented run.

1-3 - Nice clean run.  The only slowdown, at 469, isn't really something you can do much about; the piranha plant's just really in the way.  449.

1-Cannon - Good.  Off to World 5!

5-1 - Here's where the speedrun strats really start to get tricky.  The runner runs up the uphill slope of the shell to slow down just enough to hit the block for a star.  Minor mistake grabbing the star though.  Clean star run, and a well-executed risky strategy to get past the water piranhas - he harmlessly grazed the last spiky ball.  445; despite the star grab mistake, he lost just one tick to UCpro's segmented run.

5-Piranha - This piranha always gets in the way here, there's no known way to avoid it.  The "fight" goes well.  The runner probably gets 92 sometimes, since it looks like it just ticked over to 91.

5-2 - Bounced off the wiggler while jumping *up* at 464, wonder how tight that is to make.  Smooth run of the level, the one use of the propeller is pretty pinpoint too.

5-Fort - Smooth climb to the top.  The wall cycles look fairly forgiving though, so I'm guessing it's not all that difficult to do once you learn it (but I could be wrong).  The runner gets as close as reasonably possible to the spike wall to save frames before the boss.  Up is pressed at the middle of the boss doors, so Mario doesn't waste time automatically walking to the middle before entering it.  Fast boss hits, the runner obviously knows exactly where Iggy will stop.  519.

5-4 - Here's one of the most impressive levels of the run.  The runner doesn't use the raft, and instead uses pinpoint propeller spins to go across the enemy-infested platforms across the top of the stage.  This saves loads of time, and I'm amazed if the strategy's at all consistent.  Near the end, I think the runner uses a platform that's hidden off the top of the screen.  Looks like everything was executed very well.  350.

5-Ghost House - I'm not too familiar with this level, but it looks like there are some jumps that are relatively picky to optimize, especially with reduced vision.  Looks like everything goes without a hitch.  Nice jump through the boo circle at the end, 569.

5-Cannon - Good.  And off to World 8!

8-1 - The runner's worked out a damage-taking strategy here because: (1) it saves 1 timer tick here over UCpro's segmented run, (2) it cuts down on some luck with the falling rocks at the end, and (3) keeping the propeller's only good if it can also be consistently kept throughout 8-2 anyway, and that's not the easiest thing to do.  The loss of the propeller will cost about 4 ticks later, but overall, I think the runner's decision is sound.

Besides one propeller spin and the damage, the rest of this level is totally full speed till the end, so very good.  431.

8-2 - I've actually practiced this level a good amount, so let's see.  One break from full speed at 472, probably because the previous wheel didn't slow the runner down as much as he expected; stuff like that just happens in this level, it's hard to always avoid.  More risks could be taken with the fast wheels after the midway flag, but it's not that worth it in my opinion.  The runner gets hit by a spike ball on the way to the pipe - not the most ideal thing to have happen, but it's hard to get past that last spike ball without damage.  Small mistake before the last pipe; again, hard to avoid sometimes with how the wheels affect your movement.  415.  Not the best, but it can be tough to run this level consistently well.

8-7 - Nice early and fast jumps off of snakes 1, 2, and 4, average on 3.  Good stuff, and I appreciate the star coin and sliding showboating as well.  338; the runner loses a tick or two to UCpro's segmented strategy due to not having propeller.

8-Airship - A couple of ticks are lost in the first area from having to get the propeller.  At the second and third areas, the runner goes for all the risky propeller tricks to avoid turning almost all of the screws.  Two of these propeller tricks actually require you to duck-jump to not hit the ceiling so early, so you can get enough distance.  A couple of things could've gone slightly better though: getting a lower propeller spin at 434, and getting high enough at 422 to not have to walljump.  Bowser Jr. goes well; the fireballs are directed into the wall pretty effortlessly.  360.

8-Castle - Finishes the first room with 652 on the timer.  The runner uses more slow propeller spins than is needed because he has to wait for the firebars anyway.  It's possible to catch faster firebar cycles to finish this room up to 4 ticks earlier (as evidenced by UCpro's segmented run), but it requires some VERY tight platforming, and it's quite understandable that the runner didn't go for it.

The random fireballs go well, the second group was a close shave though.  Bowser goes down pathetically with a single propeller spin... or does he?  Nope, epic chase time!

It looks like one of the giant fireballs ended up being nullified by Bowser, but the runner only lost maybe 1 tick from that.  526 was a VERY tight jump.  The rest of the platforming looks pretty solid, especially considering it's the final moments of the run.  Switch is hit at 503, and Bowser goes down for real this time.

Overall, despite a couple of timer ticks here and there that could be shaved, I'm extremely impressed at how comparable this run is to UCpro's segmented run, despite there being not much in the way of new strategy since that run.  Also consider that this is not a short or easy run; there's 13 levels with a lot of execution-demanding moments.  The runner's obviously practiced the run quite a lot, and given a lot of thought about consistent fast strategies.  I say that this run is quite worthy of standing next to the other high-quality 2D Mario runs on the site.

Decision: ACCEPT

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zach ‘RaikerZ’ Waggoner!
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Raiker Z: 2012-06-23 12:41:51 am
Thanks all! Cheesy

The one major thing that was mentioned is video quality, it was a pretty uphill battle getting the run recorded in an acceptable quality. :| I know it wasn't great to begin with, but it didn't look that bad, at least when I checked it. Not sure about the white bar either, it randomly shows up or not on its own, I have no clue why, anyone who has a guess is free to explain to me.

The other thing I feel I should mention is shortly after I submitted this I found a few tricks for 8-2 that makes my prop loss in 8-1 faster (in theory) then keeping the propeller. I think overall you lose about 3-5 seconds in 8-7 and 8-A, but save like 4-6 in 8-1 and 8-2. The big time saver is skipping a rotating block, which cannot be done with the propeller *at least without doing a spin*, and a star with some precise jumps means that I'll not only not have an issue with the spiked balls, but Mario only hits the rotating platforms 3 times throughout the whole room, and only 1 of those without the star to save speed.

Nothing else really to note on my end, a TAS is in the works by rog, but it isn't a priority, and ewallertv on twitch has been working on 100%. Doicm says he's close to starting attempts, hopefully. I need to fix irc so I can start talking again.

Congrats RaikerZ!  I was the last verifier by the way.  Looking forward to seeing this on the site.
*I made my username when I was 13.
Aw, i was gonna do a run Sad Congrats anyways thumbsup
Your more then welcome to join us, myself ewaller and vongola are working out strategies and routes in the thread and in nsmbwii irc.