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I've started speedrunning this game and it seems like others have as well. I'm learning the any% route currently.

My best time so far is 47:24 -

Current Any% Route:

- Acorn Plains -
Acorn Plains Way - 350 (Grab Acorn)
Tilted Tunnel (Secret Exit) - 321
Blooper's Secret Lair - 214

- Soda Jungle -
Jungle of the Giants - 331
Bridge over Poisoned Waters - 336
Snake Block Tower - 436
Which-Way Labyrinth (Secret Exit) - 468
Flight of the Para-Beetles

- Meringue Clouds -
Land of Flying Blocks - 323 (Skip cloud with acorn)
Switchback Hill - 346
Slide Lift Tower
Spinning Spirit House - 331
Ludwig's Clockwork Castle
Boarding the Airship

- Peach's Castle -
Meteor Moat - 341
Magma-River Cruise - 332 (Skip boat with acorn, if you don't have an acorn, take the secret exit in Meteor Moat)
Rising Tides of Lava
Firefall Cliffs - 202
Red-Hot Elevator Ride
The FInal Battle

Some ideas I have:

Acorn Plains Way - With a triple jump at a certain position off the first squirrel you can collect the acorn he is holding and maintain speed.
Flight of the Para-Beetles - It seems you're able to climb above the screen to some height, I'm not sure how high it goes, but you might be able to get to the top tube faster if doing it off screen.
Land of Flying Blocks - The cloud platforms can be completely skipped by using the flying squirrel powerup.
Snake Block Tower - There's a secret at the beginning that leads to the 2nd room, and you can skip part of the 2nd room using the squirrel suit. There might be a way to skip more or do it faster by using spin jumps.
Spinning Spirit House - The 2nd room can be skipped with the squirrel suit and jumping on question mark boxes.
Meteor Moat - It seems like you want to hit the p switch when the ground is completely in the lava, as this lines up the next jumps to the secret exit, and the timing can be tight on it otherwise.
Magma-River Cruise - Although this level isn't currently in the route, it may be in the future. I'm able to completely skip the boat with the flying squirrel powerup for this level so it is no longer an autoscroller. I'll have to time if this + the next level is faster than the autoscroller I do now.
Red-Hot Elevator Ride - This level is much faster with a P-Acorn. Even taking the time to go back and grab nabbit and do this level with the P-Acorn should save time. It's much harder to do that way though.

I haven't tried routing any% warpless or 100% yet. If anyone else is working on this game or has any ideas about any secrets or tricks feel free to post here.


Fireworks happen at the end of the level if you have double digits. This could be used to get a powerup for a certain level.

00 - Nothing
11 - Mushroom
22 - Mushroom
33 - Mushroom
44 - Fire Flower
55 - Ice Flower
66 - Mini Mushroom
77 - Acorn Suit
88 - Star
99 - Star
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ewaller: 2012-11-27 03:50:03 pm
Here are 3 videos of skips that might be useful in this run:

Land of Flying Blocks:

Magma-River Cruise Boat:

Red-Hot Elevator Ride:
Seems like with enough practice, those tricks might not be terribly difficult. I'm looking forward to running this at least casually if/when I get a Wii U, but great finds so far!
I'm interested by the Red Hot Elevator P Acorn strat. IIRC when you take the any% route Nabbit first becomes available in Acorn Plains after you beat 5-1, so I'd be interested to see if it's worth the savings in the Elevator level to go back to 1-1 and catch Nabbit to get the P-Acorn.
I think going back and getting the P-Acorn and then using it in Red-Hot Elevator Ride will save at least 10 seconds, I'll do some more timings tomorrow and also check the Magma-River route to see what the fastest route is.
Just wanted to drop in with an update on the current progress of this game.

My new times are:

Any%: 46:53 -
Warpless: 1:42:10
100%: 6:33:41

I've updated the initial post with explanations on all double digits, and with a new route.

The new route takes the normal exit in Meteor Moat and uses the acorn suit to skip through Magma-River Cruise Boat. Done well this should save about 40 seconds. I haven't completed a run with this route yet.

I haven't tested the P-Acorn times yet, but getting the P-Acorn from nabbit and getting back takes about 59 seconds from my tming today.

There's a possibility that a mini mushroom would save more time than the P-Acorn in Red-Hot Elevator Ride, but it seems pretty difficult and I haven't figured out an optimal strategy yet. The lift rises up with you when you go off-screen, so you could run up certain walls mini and ride the lift up, you could also possibly jump off the parachuting coins and bombs to make your way upwards.

I've seen a few people doing runs of this game, so hopefully this post will help out others looking at the game :).
DS Dictator
I only just completed the game and I am pretty surprised with the Any% time being pretty long for a 2D Mario game.

With my limited knowledge with 100% route I assume there is a world that lack underwater stages (something like World 2 Layer-Cake Desert), if you get all of the star coins from that world and then clear a Superstar Road course to unlock a special mushroom house, you can pick up a propeller mushroom and/or a Penguin suit. The penguin suit if I remember correctly increases Mario's swimming speed underwater like NSMB Wii, I assume it's functions the same on NSMB U.
You could save that penguin suit and use it for many stages that focuses on underwater swimming. Does 100% uses that kind of tactic ewaller?

Here's something for a laugh that occurred in my casual playthrough.
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Carl Sagan: 2012-12-03 09:28:31 pm
Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and say I'm running this game casually for now as well, and am starting with any% w/ warps. I don't really have any information compiled at the moment, but I'll try to get something together as I play the game more. The only things I've done so far have been small optimizations, like in Snake Block Tower getting up to the door one cycle of that big swinging mace earlier, as you say, using spin jumps. I'll let you know if I find anything important Smiley

Maybe we can get some races going! I'm not quite comfortable racing yet, but should be soon.
i would totally skip class to see races of this game

(not that i skip class already anyways...)
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Carl and Trihex on the same game....IS THIS YOSHI'S ISLAND 2? happy
Quote from CrypticJacknife:
Carl and Trihex on the same game....IS THIS YOSHI'S ISLAND 2? happy
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
yoyo I'm hype for dat New SMB U.

Not much to report, but I'm hard at work on perfecting "all castles" as a category.

I originally wanted to start with "any% warpless", but it gets a bit arbitrary with what counts as a warp, a skip, a secret exit, and an alt-route-in-world. So trying to define warp proved too difficult -- ban 1-2 secret exit, but allow 5-2 's secret exit?, allow 6-fortress's secret exit?, etc.

"All Castles" or "Defeat All Koopalings" or whatever you wanna call it, is IMO, a cool category middleground between super-ambitious 100% and 'diet lite' any%:

- Defeat all castles
- Skipping fortresses is allowed where possible
- Star World doesn't contain castles, and thus isn't required. Wink

I'm doing "All Castles" as a huge incentive to get extremely good at the mechanics and physics of the game before getting into the real category I care about -- 100%. Wink

Hope to report more soon~
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Carl Sagan: 2012-12-05 09:48:34 pm
Carl Sagan: 2012-12-05 08:34:19 pm
I've been working on that minimushroom Red-Hot Elevator skip. It's freaking hard! I played it for like four hours straight to come up with this. I'm sure there are ways to improve it much further.

I switch to regular mushroom towards the end because mini mario has no good way to get the bombs off the platform, and the position of the electric balls kind of ruins further wall climbing unless you just completely beast it, which seems a little unreasonable for realtime at the moment. YOu can ride the platform a little, and despawn incoming bombs by getting high enough, but that requires a verrrry precise route. Let me know if anyone gets ideas on how to improve this! Would be much more fun than doing the autoscroll.

It seems like I could probably get 270 or something with these strats if well executed. I'm not sure how long NSMBU seconds are, but they seem to be like .8 of a second? So this might save up to 15 seconds over the regular route atm. Of course, it takes what, 8-10 seconds to get the minimushroom with 66 at the end of a level?
Really cool with the mini mushroom, although I'm not sure it's worth it with the fireworks and the menu item screen where it shows it appearing, and then the menu time to use it, and any time spent waiting to 66.

If you're not aware you can also groundpound on things to get extra height, and you can spin jump while holding onto a wall which puts you up higher vertically, but can only be followed by a regular walljump.

Using an acorn suit I got a 247 for comparison.
DS Dictator

Full game 100% run of this stage will be slightly different as you start off as Small Mario on Acorn Plains-1
DS Dictator

Spin Jumping while wearing the Flying Squirrel suit gives better height than regular jumps by 1 block. This run shows how useful Squirrel suit spin jumps are on this stage alone.
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JayFermont: 2013-01-14 01:56:25 am
FFXIII and Mario Games, yup.
Since the thread hasnt been updated for a while I thought I give it a little newsflash for people who are interested in running this and stumble upon this thread.

-updating ewallers time and route list-

Current Any% Route:

- Acorn Plains -
Acorn Plains Way - 350 (Grab Acorn)
Tilted Tunnel (Secret Exit) - 321
Blooper's Secret Lair - 223

- Soda Jungle -
Jungle of the Giants - 331
Bridge over Poisoned Waters - 336
Snake Block Tower - 444
Which-Way Labyrinth (Secret Exit) - 468
Flight of the Para-Beetles - 147

- Meringue Clouds -
Land of Flying Blocks - 323 (Skip cloud with acorn)
Switchback Hill - 346
Slide Lift Tower - 407 (faster might be possible pending on tower climb speed)
Spinning Spirit House - 337
Ludwig's Clockwork Castle - 396 (might be faster pending on castle progress speed)
Boarding the Airship - 298

- Peach's Castle -
Meteor Moat - 341
Magma-River Cruise - 354 (Skip boat with acorn, if you don't have an acorn, take the secret exit in Meteor Moat)
Rising Tides of Lava - 340
Red-Hot Elevator Ride - 263 (without skip)
The Final Battle

New Strats

Acorn Plains-Blooper: Much time can be saved by mashing the swim button in the last section of the level, beware of the currents.
Snake Block Tower: 2nd part can be skipped halfway through -
Meringue Clouds-1: Cloud Skip has been a bit optimized to shave 7 seconds off.
Slide Lift Tower: Kamek Rushkill: Kamek can be killed in very fast succession with Acorn Suit by high jumping of her and using the airtime to keep the height to land the next hit as soon as she reappears. 3rd appearance always in the middle. 2nd one unfortunately untelegraphed (by current knowledge.)
Ludwigs Clockwork Castle: 1st hit on ludwig can be achieved with acorn by immediately spin jumping and boosting as the fight starts, hit before he splits into 3.
Boarding the Airship: Bowser Jr can be rushkilled the same way by spin-jump boosting above him.
Magma-River Cruise: Skip saves 50 seconds when performed perfectly together with the following level.
Red-Hot Elevator Ride: Spin jumping towards the wall, wall-jump, boosting towards the wall, wall-jumping again allows to get high vertical distance and makes the elevator pass coins or enemies that would normally stop him.
Final Boss: Bowser Jr Section can be made easy with an Acorn since you get a lot of height by bouncing off his hovership. Bowser 1 can be killed in 2 seconds by stepping 2 steps forward and spin-jump-glide over bowser to the switch.

The current times are:
Any%: 42:02
Any% Boost Mode: 40:21
Any% Warpless: 1:42:10
All Castles: 1:42:29
100%: 4:22:42

Good luck to any future runners of this very fun to run game!

Just wanted to say that most of the discussion for this game takes place on IRC. Server: channel: #nsmb

The new times are:
Any%: 41:23
All Castles: 1:41:27
100%: 4:22:42

Also I found some tasty strats for Red Hot Elevator today:
The Great Farming Empire
Just want to point out that the new WR is 40:21 by Hardpelicn:

Loving this intense optimization from all of you guys. It's only January of the new year, and I think this game is already getting maxed out. O_o
Definitely keen on this any% w/warps. Nice to see that the game is already being beaten to a pulp.
ewallertv also got a new 100% WR yesterday... Cheesy
Just wanna update SDA with the current times:

Any%- 39:47 (me)
All Castles- 1:36:42 (Hardpelicn)
100%- 3:45:42 (ewaller)

ewaller and JayFermont are really going at it in 100%. I think within the next couple of months all categories of this game will be maxed out and we'll have to wait until the DLC New Super Luigi U comes out for new runs of the game :/
Are any of you interested in submitting?
I can't speak for anyone else but for Any% I want to shave off a few more seconds before I submit.
Fine with me as long as submission is at least part of the plan at some point.