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New Super Luigi U came out and a lot of the old time NSMBU runners have stop for the moment. Current records for both game's are as follow:

New Super Mario U:

Any% 39:34 by Hardpelicn:
I watch this run and I can tell there's around 15 seconds to improve on. Since pokey's any% there has been a few discoveres such as sj-3(Bramble) is faster then sj-2(Posion bridge) by around 4-5 seconds depending on how risky you want to be. As well as a way to skip the 2en fireball that bowser shoots @ the start of the fight. And lastly you can save around 7 secounds in 8-2 due to some mistakes.

All castles: 1:31:12 by Hardpelicn,

I haven't watched this run but I know there is time to save atleast in bowser and maybe a few other stages due to how early this time was set. This category is = to the "warpless" of other mario games just with a different name. It is unpopular for some reason, Maybe because people don't know if we should consider it a category or not.

100%: 3:34:41 by Ewaller,
I watch some of this run and know of 1-2 easy min to save. But due to being run by less often as any% there can still be a lot of optimizations to the run.

New Super Luigi U,

This game has only been out for a few weeks so there is still a lot of optimizations to do still.

Any%: 28:37 by Acederp,
This run can save 5 secounds throughout 1-2, and 1-secret (cheap cheap). Another 5 from Kamak bad Spawn RNG. And another 5 from 8-1 due to poor play.

All castles: 1:12:57 by DevTwoThousand

As before, This catagory is unpopular although I plan to run it a few times. Dev;s run lose's around 1 min to overworld enemies. But I think the time of this catagory can still gain a few min.

100%: 2:33:43 by Acederp,

This run has a few deaths and I'd say only 40% of the levels maybe even less were optimized. This catagory is still fresh so it should be able to get down to sub 3:20.
Hi all, I just created a wiki page to track all records for video games and wanted to share it with you.  The wiki is open for editing to anyone who wishes to do so, create pages for new games, etc.  Here is the page I created for NSMBU.  Feel free to check it out and edit it as desired.  I was thinking of adding new pages with more details specific to each speed run category, but you guys are the experts. Smiley

Here it is:

I also created an entry for New Super Luigi U:

Check it out and let me know what you think!  Smiley
Hey all - this is my first post, so major apologies if posting in the wrong area.

Always followed forum but never posted as I only run games casually, but recently I have taken NSMBU a bit more seriously.

I was wondering if people have tried running this in co-op (but without the use of the speed blocks/wii u pad)?

The reason I ask is that I found a bug that allowed me to get a time of  355 on Acorn Plains Way, instead of the usual 350, but it only works with a second player.

I do not have a video recorded of it yet, but i will try and get one asap (unless this is already known ect ect), but it works that -

player 2 runs to the far left, while player 1 runs the level as normal -
once at a far enough distance, the camera pans out, allowing for player 1 to run slightly further ahead due to camera placing.

After camera is at furthest point, player 2 dies which snaps the camera to mario (rather then pulling mario backwards to make sure he is in the middle of the screen).

Usually, pick ups/hits will cause lag, but when the camera is at full zoom while player 2 dies, player 1 seems to still run as usual.

With this method (and careful routing to allow me to hit player 2 bubble and allow him to die at optimal point) allowed me to get 355 on Acorn Plains Way.

at the moment, I have not tested this method throughout the game - as I hate playing on a wii remote.

Hope this is helpful / any info you guys have on this trick would be amazing.

- also - you can do super high jumps from jumping out of bubble - you can time it to keep the jump going in the air by timing bubbles/jumps between the two players, so you forever float/jump( may be useful in later levels - looking at you : Red-Hot Elevator Ride)

cheers in advance
Sounds pretty cool, would love to see a video to better understand what is going on.

Is it just game time that ends up being faster? Or do you somehow increase in speed with this strategy?

I don't think anyone has done a 2 player speedrun of this game yet, but it would definitely be cool to see :).
Also, just as an update to the thread about my progress with this game.

I got the NSLU any% wr with 28:08

And I plan to get the NSLU 100% wr soon as well, which is currently 2:29:46 by SweetyT
Leader of Starbirdia!
Okay, time to give this thread a 1up.

I am curious to know if anybody has attempted a Co-op Any% Boost Mode speedrun. I've been attempting the run with my wife with her as Mario and myself as the God of Platforms. This actually takes a lot of coordination between two people (we've had plenty of laughs of me messing up with putting platforms in the right spot or her panicking as I try to save her).

We haven't finished it yet, but a lot of what has been said here has been helpful to the run. I'm just wondering if anybody else has attempted this category at all.
Hey guys, this is my first post, I just started working on my first speedrun and chose this game for it.
Needless to say I'm a noob, but nobody can stop me from casually speedrunning.

However, I got this thing that I don't understand what I missed - how the hell do you make a counter-jump in the air like Wall-E i.e. does att 11:12 (game time) at SGDQ 2014. Is it actually messing with some hidden "hit-boxes" there?

Hi, not sure what you're asking really. I think you just need to press ZR and the other direction on the gamepad while in the air and having the squirrel suit powerup.
Thanks for answering, but, yea, now i managed it too. While I practiced the move I didnt realise that you can only do it one time after standing on the ground if you wanna gain air in the end (otherwise he just does a 180)...

The race is on again =))
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Hey, y'all! Wassup? Cheesy

I did some 100% stage-by-stage speed runs for New Super Mario Bros. U (YouTube NSMBU playlist), but I know the format I presented it in isn't applicable to this site's standards.  Maybe someone that runs the game can find some small thing I did in one of my videos to shave off a little time for your speed runs. Cheesy

For the record, Cooligan Fields, Screwtop Tower, and Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs SUUUUCK!

Have fun!
I could submit sometime, I play as nabbit tho, and my PB Is 52:32. I’ll try to shave off some time first before I upload.
But I’m just doing nabbit%
Yup, try to get as close to the WR as is reasonably possible.