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Quote from KhanFusion:
It's a bit of an offtopic, but there is a very little known old game with a corny name Space Rangers.

Hi Khan, sounds interesting. I'll check it out, thanks!
Btw, Thinkshooter, sorry for the off topic.
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
Quote from shoop:
Btw, Thinkshooter, sorry for the off topic.

No worries, I'm not a moderator Smiley
Thinkshooter I watched your run and it is just SICK. Didn't expect somebody would make speedrun on such a long game. KOTOR also has a great speedrun and I think it was done by you. Well done!
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
Thanks Smiley
So what about space rangers?
So I've been working on learning this on and off but seeing some interest in KOTOR1 sparked my interest in the run again. Hopefully should stream a run fairly soon, some things are still difficult--the strat the segmented run uses for the Telos droid bunker requires a lot of luck and saves and reloads in RTA, which is pretty annoying. Also "found" a new strat on the Darth Traya fight, similar to how the Tomb of Freedon Nadd skip works: you have a split second to talk to her after the forced conversation but before the first phase of the fight starts. If you talk to her there, you auto advance to the second phase of the fight. I might just go for a strat that (unfortunately) involves killing a bunch of the droids in the bunker because the stuns are too strong.
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
I love the increased activity in the KotOR games! Do let us know when there's a new PB or any recording that you'd like to share. Some of us may not be able watch live Twitch casts due to time zone differences or other occupation, but I'm sure you'll preserve your best runs for everyone to see.
Yeah, definitely. As soon as I figure out a strat that I am decently happy with for that one part I'll give it a shot. First run will probably look pretty ugly, but I'll share it anyways
Ahah nice that some people still run this game Cheesy
I'm learning / routing it in single segmented too, so we'll maybe find new strat Wink
But I still have a question for Thinkshooter, how did you manage to have Jal'Shey armor that fast (on Telos) ? Is it a way to reset seller items or was it just RNG ?
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letterswords: 2014-07-17 10:43:50 am
I'm pretty sure since his run was segmented he just redid it over and over again until he got it. The merchant items are determined the first time you talk to them, so theoretically you could save right before you talk to them and check then reload until they have it, but I doubt that is entirely worth it.

Also, if you've actually finished a run single segment, I'd love to see it. I kinda put this on the backburner for now because I don't have the time to learn a new game right now.
I have not given an end to my run right now, but  I shall be able to do it soon, as I just need to learn the very end (Malachor & Nihilus's destroyer). I'm gonna try your new skip as well so Wink

But I was also wondering, does it count as a glitch when you skip some triger line ? Because even though I'm curently trying do to the run with them, I prefer to run Glitchless first xD
Yeah, i'd consider that a glitch definitely. A good example of why is the one on the Harbinger at the beginning of the game, since it results in Kreia staying in your party when she is supposed to be gone. Also, just so you know, you can do a quicksave and quickload strat like Thinkshooter uses elsewhere in the run to skip all of the same triggers he skips by getting party members to teleport past the line.
Yeah I know that, I mostly use this trick, my partners never want to teleport above the line xD
So I might do a run without those kinds of skip before, should be easiest (sometimes it's hard to be on the exact spot) even though it will result on a longer run.

PS : I'm also considering to to a SW Force Unleashed speedrun which could be realy cool ! So both of my runs will be out at the same moment, even though I'm actualy working on K2 Smiley
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> The merchant items are determined the first time you talk to them, so theoretically you could save right before you talk to them and check then reload until they have it, but I doubt that is entirely worth it.

That's an accurate description of how items turn up in the in-game shops. Luck manipulation gets a lot harder in SS runs for obvious reasons. But IIRC there are other decent robes in KotOR II. There's a Jedi Master or similar robe that you can get early in the game, which would have been my next choice.
Yeah, you'd have to see how rare of a "spawn" it is in the merchant's inventory. When I was spending some time learning the run, it didn't seem that rare, but definitely not something he had every time. Maybe if you can get it on average in like 5 or so reloads in a single segment it might be worth it. I also recall that Thinkshooter picked up some sword from that same vendor which seemed pretty rare and that is probably not worth reloading in single segment for.
So, I tried to reload before the merchand on Telos. Apparently, Jal'Shey armor could spawn imediatly with the best RNG, or in the 4th one. Concerning the sword, this one isn't spawning every time, but there are some other swords which  can spawn and they are almost as good as this one. The Vibroblade isn't that bad though, moreover if those items aren't available on Telos, you can buy them for sure on Nar'shaddaa.

I also found a safer way to do the Telos military bunker. You must buy five stamina stims, use them on Bao dur, give him a shield and run like a rabbit. You can even abuse the solo / group mode teleportation to be safer and faster. I'm not realy sure about the best way to do it, but there are some part that it is freaking good.

I'm gonna record a first try which will end at the end of Telos (when you go back in the EH). For me the begining is almost the hardest part of the run, stuns are realy strong and they're some bad things that could happen.
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letterswords: 2014-07-21 09:09:37 am
yeah, that was definitely the part i had the most trouble with. it seemed really luck based, but stamina stims might help if they help you get stunned less (i'm not sure what type of saving throws are involved in avoiding stuns from the droids).
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YddrA: 2014-07-20 06:54:59 am
It seems those droid stuns are energy based. I use some energy shields on Bao'dur and he's almost never stunned. You can also use an Alacrity Stim (I've never notice they had a boost speed) which increase your movement speed by 20%. I've seen that when I was in my inventory last try so I guess I've looted it somewhere, but I guess you can buy some. 20% is not a lot though, but that's still faster than nothing when you can't use the force sprint xD
Really? Energy shields didn't really seem to help me against them, I still get stunned, but maybe i'm not careful enough with putting it back on again as soon as it runs out...
IIRC those stuns are all Fortitude-based, so increasing your CON with stims would improve your chances (4 stims would add +8, or 40% to your success rate in saving).  Regardless, you can check things like that in the feedback section (the save DC will be there too).  Energy shields only help with damage, so they wouldn't do anything to avoid getting stunned.
Oh alright. I knew that about saving, but I though energy shields could absorb the stuns if they nulify the damage of the spell. Now I see that it was somewhat pretty dumb xD but thanks for the advice dude !
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Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
Hi guys,

There's a so far unpublished (to my knowledge) KotOR II trick, and now that some people here picked up this game again, I'd like to share it in order to make benefit glorious SDA nation.

I found a way to skip several planets in the game. If you remember the story line, the game puts you in a narrative to visit a handful of Jedis on various planets and call them to a meeting. After you've done so, you go back to Dantooine and meet the force wielding characters you've thus assembled. Then the endgame begins.

Seeing that there's only a closed door separating you from that meeting place on Dantooine, I was looking for a way to get through it even before visiting all the planets. I found that the tricks that let you skip trigger lines can *occasionally* teleport party members beyond this door as well.

Here's the (*** corrected) script that makes this work in a consistent manner.
- I played as a male character.
- Follow the path up until 00:42:47.

- You have to pick up Visas as well as Mandalore into your party, which means instead of Korriban, you must visit Onderon next.
- After that, travel to Dantooine. This is where the skip takes place.
- From the spaceport, go directly to the enclave ruins. Turn left towards the closed door; there's no need to visit the Disciple on the right.
- Leave the party members behind far enough, so they teleport (rather than run) to you after deactivating solo.
- Go to solo mode, run to the closed door, and turn around in an arc.
- Deactivate solo. In some cases, a party member will teleport behind this ominous door. Trigger line skipping method #1 described in the opening post will also work, but method #3 won't.
- I uploaded the following video to demonstrate the skip:

- The gameplay will now continue at around 01:40:14 into the main video.
- Congratulations, you've just skipped ~43 minutes worth of gameplay: all of Korriban, Dxun, Nar Shaddaa, and most of Dantooine. 
- Now you can continue the rest of the game. At 01:45:30 in the main video, Visas and Mandalore each have a brief line. The game softlocks here if they're not in your party.
- You can now finish the game at around level 8 or 9, instead of 12. That's OK, because the game is nice enough to adjust the enemies to your level.

That's it basically. We can now save the galaxy in 1/2 the time: KotOR II in one hour may be within reach! Maybe you guys can develop this skip further - I wonder if there are other similar doors in the game that lead to new shortcuts?

(This is what I meant by "watch for another exciting KotOR II announcement in the near future" in the opening post, but I never got around to playing with it.) Happy skipping!
Might be magic...
Wow, that is an awesome skip. Well done!
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letterswords: 2014-07-30 10:57:56 am
Holy shit. I'm going to have to do a run. Glasnonck didn't post here about it yet, but he also found a way to skip the whole imprisonment section of the telos citadel station part as well.

EDIT: Tested it out and it definitely works. Didn't actually play through the rest of the game afterwards, but I'll trust you that it actually works. I'm not sure if there's another place the same trick would help either.
Wow!! That's an amazing skip.

The one that I found was doing a save buffer (quick save + quick load) right when you reach telos citadel station. It skips the arrest sequence, so a couple of minutes are saved. It doesn't seem like anything is broken either, since you can just go and talk to Chodo Habat and he's expecting you. I think it only makes it impossible to find the head of the citadel security, who you don't actually have to talk with to get to the planet's surface. I didn't get all the way back to the ebon hawk, so there may be a problem since I never saw the cutscene of the Handmaiden stealing the ship.