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Waiting hurts my soul...
I could also have said that it's like saying, "(Boss) fights are the most interesting parts of an RPG, so we should only time those." Also the key word here is 'like' as in 'a close comparison', not an exact one. Having a list of lap times is still viable, I'm just not certain it would stand alone here.

I'm not in no way the last word on this, only a vocal member of the community. From my experience, if you can time levels in the standard way (real time of all play time, or the full in-game timer), that is most likely the way that will be used. Special case rules are kept to minimum in order to be consistent so that new members know what kind of timing will be used for a game.

Are the number of laps chosen in championship mode as well?
Tournament - 4 laps, can't be changed
Knocknout - 2 laps, can't be changed
Hot Pursuit - 2, 4 or 8 laps, can be changed
Single Race - 2, 4 or 8 laps, can be changed

I hope I'm not mistaken, I'm posting this from work.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Regardless of SDA most racing games do keep track of your best lap as a separate record, so I'd have no problem hosting an ILap table of sorts for such games. That's not to say ILevels are bad though.
I've decided not to upload any more videos till the run is done since I randomly take some attempts on tracks that look "perfect", just to see if I can improve them even more.

Anyway, new times:

Hometown IL - 2:18:52 ---> 2:18:09
Atlantica IL - 3:25:39 ---> 3:24:87
Rocky Pass IL - 4:33:21 ---> 4:26:37
Country Woods IL - 4:03:53 - with several small mistakes
Country Woods best lap - 1:58:34 - with several small mistakes
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Ewil: 2012-01-17 01:36:15 pm
I have made quite a big breakthrough. I totally underestimated the power of the 6th gear and now I have to revise all the gearing for every track Tongue

Seems like there's absolutely no point of reving the engine above 7k rpm, because you get the most power between 5-7k, so I just have to tweak the gearbox to run it in 6th gear as much as possible and shift much earlier. Yeah, and that's why I was always wondering why I can reach 90% of the top speed quite easily, but almost never actually get there. Even the game says that this car develops most power at 7k rpm Smiley

Just to give you an example of how much difference it makes:

Initial settings for Lost Canyon was + 100 % aerodynamics due to many big jumps and - 20 % gearbox. When shifting like in a real racing car, I was able to reach 2:10:90. Bear in mind that I only had to use 5th and 6th gears since there are no hard turns.

With the same settings and 6th gear only, I was able to easily reach 2:10 low.

With - 50 % gearbox, I was able to reach 2:09:06

Now I wonder what will happen if I put - 100 % there...I hope it won't be too low. This doesn't have to mean all tracks will be faster, but everything points out it will be.
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Ewil: 2012-02-11 09:30:53 am
Heh, I got a PM today from SfanFZR himself ! Smiley

Apparently he's trying to beat my times right now. He claims he did Atlantica in 1:38 without cheats, which is a good time, but I can do better, of course Smiley

Anyway, the run is going pretty well and here are the current times (first time is the best lap and the second time is IL 2 laps):

Hometown - 1:04:81 - 2:16:28 - DONE
Redrock Ridge - 1:47:00 - 3:39:90 - most likely DONE
Atlantica - 1:38:68 - 3:24:87 - bad time, WIP
Rocky Pass - 2:10:96 - 4:26:37 - bad time, WIP
Country Woods - 1:58:34 - 4:03:53 - bad time, WIP
Lost Canyons - 2:08:06 - 4:22:43 - probably DONE
Aquatica - 2:01:71 - 4:10:28 - probably DONE
Summit - 2:36:31 - 5:16:40 - WIP
Empire City - 1:35:28 - 3:15:31 - probably DONE

As a bonus, I'm gonna run all tracks with gofast cheat just to prove how "good" SfanFZR is.
Like to see someone working on what is almost a new genre for SDA, not counting the more arcadey racers.

What does the gofast cheat do?
Gofast cheat gives you faster acceleration and increased handling.
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MortyreR45: 2012-06-03 06:29:49 am
Hi Ewil Smiley

I had break your time for the 'Hometown' street (nfsIII). I had use the PSX pal version and it was the arcade mode 2 laps on expert mode, single race. I had use the code 'spoilt' for the unlocked car el nino and all stages, because it is the best for the IL rules. I had not use any other cheat. The spoilt cheat do only unlock the tracks and cars nothing others.

psx pal, car - el nino, expert mode -> best lap 1:03:84 / 2 laps 2:12:90
your (all your videos are deleted) -> Hometown - 1:04:81 - 2:16:28 - DONE

I had also captured this video, when you want I can upload this for you.
And run the PC version faster ?


I had found some videos from ewil on youtube and it is very interesting to see differences between the pc version and the psx pal version. In first the most difference is the complete graphics engine of the psx port. The display is other than the pc version. Than the pc version run faster of 'map scale', that means that the psx version need more time to open the new areas. The street tracks has NO differences. But because of the different graphic engine, some areas are faster on the pc version and some other areas are faster on the psx version. Than the most curves are different in car playing, result of different graphic engine. The psx version has not the gofast cheat, so I was wonder and I had not understood what was mean with this cheat. The psx version has no car option settings, that means the psx version has a point car system (0 lowest - 15 highest). But when someone think this is a bad idea to use the psx version is wrong. I had play this game million times and I can guarantee that some areas run faster as the pc version. But the psx version has no car settings, so the most records can not be beat the pc version.

To the speedrun rules. I agree the current rules of drive 2 laps with the fastest unlocked car. The psx version has not a gofast cheat, so we must not talk again over this.

I do not try to speedrun all this street maps, but I love this game and I try to create a good time for the map 'Rocky Pass'.

I had upload a video from my psx pal version from the first street map.

Some mistakes was projected to go a nice curve. I had also see this in the videos from ewil. So it is legitimately to get the best curves, or we must drag of and this need more time.


Yeah, both versions are quite different, so it would be different category. I think I mentioned it somewhere in this thread. I'm sure you could do even better than 1:03:84 on PSX. I can't say if PC version runs faster, but I suspect the car/map size ratio might be wrong (one of the reasons why NFSIV has so much faster laps on the same tracks, they corrected the scale), so yes PSX version is faster.

I deleted all of my videos, because I kept finding new tricks thus improving the records all the time. The current record for HT on PC is 1:04:46 and I don't think you can do much better than that, maybe 0.1 second. I don't really play it much nowadays cause of Diablo 3, but I'll finish it eventually, maybe even this year.
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MortyreR45: 2012-06-07 02:54:39 am
MortyreR45: 2012-06-07 02:52:42 am
Thanks for your answer Ewil. Smiley

Yes, I have also the feeling that the psx version run faster. I had play every day the street map 'Rocky Pass' and  I can not beat your pc time. I have massive problems in the air or jumps with the aerodynamics. The psx version has not a car setting option, so I can not change the aerodynamics. There is also a big problem with the car speed. The fastest speed what you can drive is 357 with the el nino car in the psx version. You had not delete all your videos. I had found some videos from you in your privat youtube profile. I had watch your video and the video from SfanFZR on the street map 'Rocky Pass'. There are some curves I can never improve this with the pc version. Than I had play the street map 'Atlantica' and I had beat your time. So all street maps which you must not high fly in the air there can be improved on the psx version, but all other street maps is lower than the pc version.

I play on Expert mode, that means also that the player need more accuracy on the controller. I do not know which difficulty had you use or the user SfanFZR ??

The hardest way of this speedrun rules is the 2 laps time. That means we must also have a very good time for the first lap. When I run this game with unlimited laps, so I can easy improve the most of your times. But the 2 laps limit is very hard to do this.

I am work also again for the first street map ht, so I hope I can break my time again.

Rocky Pass ->
This is the fastest time I had ever played and it is near to perfect on this street map. Some curves do not perfect work because in the psx version you must use drift. I think the perfect final time is +3 seconds faster for the psx version. The psx port  can not improve the pc version.

yt video ->

problems with some curves on the psx version, pc must slide, psx must drift ->

speed problem with the pc version ->

Atlantica 1:37:78 / 3:24:31 ->
I have 6 mistakes, so I do not upload this video. But I can improve the pc version time. Because there are low areas with high jumps. The first big curve of high jump, can be done on ~335 speed limit. The psx version is faster than the pc version !

My AT record is very outdated, the current time is 1:35:21. PC version doesn't have any modes like Expert on PSX, only AI difficulty, which doesn't matter as this is just time trial, not race. You're right about my videos, I didn't delete my RP and AQ records, but they are already beaten Smiley

Here are the current records for PC (best lap/ best 2 laps):

HT - 1:04:46/2:15:68
RR - 1:45:53/3:37:65
AT - 1:35:21/3:17:75
RP - 2:08:75/4:21:90
CW - 1:55:68/3:57:93
AQ - 2:00:59/4:08:59
LC - 2:08:06/4:22:43
SU - 2:36:31/5:16:40
EC - 1:35:28/3:15:31

The last three tracks can be definitely improved by at least a second as I haven't tried them yet with the new tricks.

As for your RP lap, it looks like it could beat the PC version. First, you don't exactly follow the best line, especially going into corners and second, have you tried braking INSIDE the corner like I do instead of braking before ? You very often brake too much, loose a lot of speed and then go through the corner at least 60kph slower than me. That's where you loose most of the time. Third, have you tried experimenting with gears ? I recently found out that it's faster to accelerate with either 4th of 6th gear and just skip 5th as much as possible. That's for CLK-GTR though, so it might not be the case with El Nino. I also think that 2nd is slower than 3rd as well, but since you don't really use it, it doesn't matter much.
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MortyreR45: 2012-06-07 07:05:56 am
I had play again Rocky Pass , new time 2:08:96. it is soooooooo near to you Shocked
I had find a other way to save time in jumps. I had this time captured, but it has 4 big mistakes.

sorry double post, But I had break your time Ewil, for rocky pass with 7 mistakes. yeahhh Grin

-> 2:07:40

Told you it's possible to beat my time on PC. I think it's now clear how it's done. The car acceleration is pretty much like using gofast cheat. Good example is the exit speed from the first tunnel - you reach over 310 kph while I do sth like 268. It also seems like you actually gain more speed during flight time while you always loose speed on PC. Second tunnel is a good example - you approach the jump at 275 kph and land with 285 kph Smiley PC version - 280 kph approach speed, 217 landing speed.
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MortyreR45: 2012-06-07 01:14:05 pm
This was only luck, belief me. In most times my car smash on the wall. I will try it again tomorrow, to break the time.

from gamefaqs psx version ->

Car Name            Acc.  Speed  Braking  Handling  Overall Rating
Chevy Corvette          7    7      11      8          8
Lamborghini Countach    8    9      7      8          8
Ferrari 355 F1          8    9      9      9          9
Italdesign Nazca C2      9  11      11      8          10
Ferrari 550 Maranello    9  12      10      10          10
Lamborghini Diablo SV  11  15      9      8          11
Jaguar XJR-15          13  10      15      15          13
Mercedes CLK-GTR        15  12      13      12          13
El Nino                15  15      15      15          15

and no car tuning Sad

edit: gofast cheat is for psx -> L+ []+ O -- Horsepower boost
it is terrible fast, I was jump out the map
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MortyreR45: 2012-11-26 06:32:13 am
put this topic back

I search for a List of world records for the game Need For Speed 4 High Stakes. But I am not search for WR with fast cheat. So the list must have WR without gofast cheat. I run the PSX-pal version.

I had only found this, but I do not realy understand, because this are WR for PC version, but this WR has gofast cheat, so wr for PC without cheat is also good for me ->
I only know about this page:

Gofast and stock are considered separate category, so they both count as WRs.
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MortyreR45: 2012-11-28 09:30:37 am
thanks for the information Smiley

Have you a bit time in december ? So we can run a bit this game, you on PC and I on psx, only for fun. Than we can compare some differences between the PC and PSX version. Have you fun to work with me a bit ?

I was look in the Advanced Stock for this list ->

Celtic Ruins 02:18.56  Agent 01:06.62
Landstrasse 02:33.40  Agent 01:15.03
Dolphin Cove 02:24.93  Agent 01:09.93
Kindiak Park 02:13.87  Agent 01:04.96
Route Adonf 02:23.21  Agent 01:09.84
Durham Road 01:59.40  Agent 00:57.87
Snowy Ridge 02:42.18  Agent 01:19.43
Raceway 02:08.68  GERDirk 01:02.90
Raceway 2 01:59.09  Agent 00:56.87
Raceway 3 02:27.09  Agent 01:11.96

The other tracks are in the PSX version NFS3.

For all this WR in this list, my records are 10 seconds slower without fast cheat. For the 'england' track Durham Road, my record is 6 second slower. But there is nothing I can save only 1-2 seconds. I use F1-GTR car, the psx version has not real a special car, comparing will work.

You see it is possible to break something.

btw: For your Empire City record in NFS3, my record is only 1 second slower than yours, the beginning is hard. Smiley
Sorry, I'll maybe work on NFSIII, but not IV.

Beginning of EC is easy, the very end is the hardest section .)
I can it not belief, I had break your time for Empire City on the psx pal version, without fast cheat. I was think it is not possible on this track. This was very Hard to do this ! I had upload for you the video in untouched DVD quality, no shitty youtube, no stream.  Wink

Picture ->

Original gameplay Video ->

Replay Video ->
You can get even faster. Do not use the second shortcut, it's actually slower, because you loose all of your speed. In the section with 90 degrees turns (with theatre on your right), first take the right hand turn under the tree, then the left hand turn around lamp (over grass). For the last section with pillars, take the most direct route and as for the last shortcut, brake to around 200kph, then hit the left wall and it should bounce you off right onto the track. It's a bit hard though.
I was watch the video from 'SfanFZR' and he use more than 390k. This will never work in the PSX version and also not with fast cheat. The maximum speed limit in the PSX version is 358, it go not higher and also not with fast cheat. I come to think that 'SfanFZR' use more than one cheat. He do also break corners with over 270k, what is he doing.
Need for speed 3 world record with Mercedes CLK-GTR on Empire 1:28:87 - SfanFZR


Do not use the second shortcut -> I had see this in the 'SfanFZR' Wink

In the section with 90 degrees turns (with theatre on your right), first take the right hand turn under the tree, then the left hand turn around lamp (over grass). -> You must explain it a bit more.

for the last shortcut -> yes, sometimes you can go on the wall, break it with ~200k will work Wink extremly hard to do this

I had not see your video, but the question is, in which areas I am faster than you ?
please upload your video, please Smiley
I had break the World Record from 'SfanFZR' PC version on EC with gofast+tuning. With four mistakes on the psx version !!! YEEAAHHHh

I had use the 'L+ []+ O -- Horsepower boost' cheat.


Need for speed 3 world record with Mercedes CLK-GTR on Empire City SfanFZR

This is the replay of my world record on Empire City 1:28.87.
Catch up is not allowed, I play under categories: tuning+gofast, no gofast+tuning
This is: tuning+gofast


My record with Horsepower boost cheat and psx version has no tuning.

replay video ->