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I am starting a Necrovision speedrun. Basically it can be done in 2 ways:

1) Start a new game on any difficulty mode and speedrun it from begining to the end in a continuous action. All the items you find carry on to the next level. This run is allowed to be segmented - you can save your game in the level where you think it is needed, and then load it to continue or use game autocheckpoints. If you start this speedrun on hard mode, you might not be able even to finish it - in order to be strong and kill your enemies efficiently you must collect vampyric artifacts, those are mostly located in secret places, which means that you will waste time getting them, and that is anti-speedrun. Recommended easy mode.

2) After finishing the game, speedrun individual levels in the special "challenge room" section on any difficulty mode. You are automatically equiped with items, those you have unlocked when you finished the game for the first time. This run is not allowed to be segmented - once you start a level speeedrun, you must finish it without saves and loads. With the unlocked achievements the most challenging and recommended mode is hard.

My choise is Nr. 2 - individual level runs, because i have finished the game on hard mode, unlocked shadowhand and collected all 27 vampyric artifacts.

First about the game.

Why is this game good and bad for speedrun?

First the strong points:

1) it has a gameplay of a fast paced action shooter, where story is a secondary thing, so it fits for speedrunning nice.
2) there are shortcuts in the game
3) it uses Painkiller engine with havok physics, so much of the objects collision is possible that was present in Painkiller.
4) just like Quake, Painkiller, Serious Sam, it has the levels ending screen with the registered time table - excellent for speedruns.
5) individual levels, challenge room, perfect run, and a single segment run are possible for speedrun.
6) it's visually an entertaining game to watch, because it is about killing enemies in the most bloody way possible.

There are bad points too:

1) despite having pain engine, the game is 2X slower than Painkiller.
2) sluggish performance and long load times even on fast computers.
3) though it is a fast paced shooter, there are some missions and objectives in this game, not like in Painkiller.
4) i am not sure if you can even finish this game on hardest mode without collecting the vampyric artifacts, which means you have to find secret places.
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Necrovision, version 1.2, finished on demon crusher dificulty in 63 minutes, 7 seconds by Arthur "Artas1984" Lozovskis. Date of speedrun is 2011.12.17.

This is an individual level run. Videos are 960X720pixels, 25 FPS.

Player comments: Necrovision recieved mixed reactions and critic ratings, negative and positive reviews, and having negative and positive feats, this game is often skiped by people, who play only great first person shooters. Despite that, Necrovision's most positive and undeniable feat is the great combat gameplay element, and having Painkiller engine this game offers impressive eye candy, when controled in the hands of an experienced Painkiller player. For me the positive feats of Necrovision outweigh the negative feats and that is why i chose to make a speedrun.

Update! Necrovision has been hosted by SDA.

I had play only the french demo for some years ago. But for your two points, please read this.

For point one, when the game has autocheckpoints, so I think it is not allowed to use the save function. Because you can save the game 1000 times.

For your point two, I think you can not submit this IL run, because read this.


What about unlockable rewards and alternate modes?
If a game has an unlockable character, bonus weapon, etc. that you collect as a reward, or other such alternate modes, a run on this mode will also be treated as a separate category. We used to only allow alternate mode runs when there was already a completed new game run for that game, but now this is just a recommendation. Keep in mind that the new game category is typically the most popular, and most people would prefer that such a run be available.

and this SDA Rules ->

If an individual level table does not exist for a game, the first submission of individual level runs must complete every race or level in that table's category.
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Quote from MortyreR45:

For your point two, I think you can not submit this IL run, because..

It's a standart thing in SDA to make individual level runs with unlocked weapons. I already have submited my Painkiller speedrun this way - playing custom levels with all of the unlocked weapons. Necrovision uses the same scheme as Painkiller, so there should be no problems. Go install Necrovision again, and you will see that there is special challenge room section in the game, which is deliberatelty created for people, who have finished the game, and want to improve custom level statistics.

People! Where are those of you who have finished this game? Making a speedrun of a game, that is not very popular, is quite risky...
I know that you are the runner from the game Painkiller and it was a good run. So I think you have right and it gives no problem with this IL table. I do not install back this game again, because you had written this in your comment that this game need a high performance. My PC can run this game but it is a little bit slow down running. This problem is in the french demo I do not know this problem is also in the full version. The video 'Fortress' is exactly the same map in the french demo. Give it a patch for this game ?

Make the run and submit it and wait for verify peoples. I think this game is popular enough. For example of my new run which is very obscure with the name Venus Hostage.
I had forget I was the first member in the year 2008 which has postet the game title Necrovision in the SDA board.

Lock in this topic from the year 2008. I am on post nine. ->

plain text file - 2008-12-20 12:32:58 am:
The upcoming new game 'NecroVision' is a world war one game and this come from poland.
I had watch some trailers and pictures and it looks nice to me. (on the right side is a ~400MB trailer)


Belief me I know what a underrated game is. This game is it not.

btw. the most links are dead from the post in the year 2008, but I have save all this files, because I am a beta or alpha collector. And for your comment of the goriest game, this is it not. Wink

But I love you for the Painkiller run and I think you can do this for NecroVision !
kiss Smiley
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The last level Mephisto Tower does not have a time count, so it will not be a part of speedrun.
Never even heard of this game. But well... I like horror and FPS. It sounds pretty cool at least Smiley
Quote from Artas1984:
People! Where are those of you who have finished this game? Making a speedrun of a game, that is not very popular, is quite risky...

I actually own a copy this game but got stuck at some point where you had to blow up a tank but I had no grenades, making me loose all motivation I had before. There was a speedy Let's Play of this I was watching quite a while ago and think it might be more interesting to see a completely new game cause using some unlocked uber weapons would make the whole fighting obsolete - that said, are there any glitches skipping stuff? I still have to watch your vids, though. Takes time loading them.
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Quote from Kekskiller:

uber weapons would make the whole fighting obsolete - that said, are there any glitches skipping stuff? I still have to watch your vids, though. Takes time loading them.

Wrong! You have not played this game much and have no idea how hard it is make a speedrun on the hardest difficulty setting, which i am making by the way, even with all uber weapons. It's harder to play on demon crusher mode with unlocked weapons than to play on recruit mode with no unlocked weapons. This game does not have bunnyhoping, therefore it is impossible to run away from some of the monsters - you simply can not outrun them (except zombies), and even if you manage to outrun most of them, they will not stop hunting you down, and in the end you will be mauled when a horde of them will gather after you. This is why in levels like Crystal Chamber you have to waste time and kill them, otherwise there would be no speedrun at all. Running away from monsters results in greater damage, than confroning them head on in mele - this fact you all must realize before watching speedrun.

Also glitches are when a graphcis card is making artifacts on the screen or when there is a visual distorsion in the game casued by the game itself. Glitches have nothing to do with shortcuts, used to bypsas areas.
@ Artas1984 : 'Glitches have nothing to do with shortcuts, used to bypsas areas.'

sure !
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Artas1984: 2011-12-17 08:22:04 am
My speedrun is finished. There will be no more improvements, because this game is not worth striving for it. I made this speedrun not because i like this game (even though i do), but because the game uses PK engine and i figured out i will be good in this game. Besides no one would start a speedrun for this mediocre game anyway... Obviously what i wanted to say - this game is not even close to Painkiller greatness level. Also, random freezes, script errors and low FPS in few critical places ruin all my efforts and desire to improve the speedrun.
It is sad that no one can verify this game ! Sad
A real full uncensored copy is on my way.

Sorry, for long waiting.
(user is banned)
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MortyreR45: 2013-02-21 10:17:00 am
ok starting something.

I had install the game on my new win7 system i5, nvidia. I had found some options that the game run
with fraps on 60fps. I am work on it. Because of many lags in the game, not a good work from the producers. Not testing with the dx11 starter.

first test ~50-60fps, not real 60fps ->
advance option -> Rendering quality is the cpu killer, not water and shadow effects ! (my has high)
Anisotropic, not bilinear, multisampling = none. motion blur = off. weather effects = off
particles detail= high , volumetrics = on , characters textures = high

Quote from Artas1984:
Necrovision, version 1.2, finished on demon crusher dificulty in 63 minutes, 7 seconds by Arthur "Artas1984" Lozovskis. Date of speedrun is 2011.12.17.

This is an individual level run. Videos are 960X720pixels, 25 FPS.

960x720 (with 25fps), this resolution do NOT allow the game !
25fps - yes . works

game option screen resolution List ->



Here is a video from the 1 mission, it show a Full working out of map glitch ! So we can sniff around the world. Oh it comes many work. It looks confuse, because of invisible walls. Not see it in the run.
(video quality is not optimised, first try)

xvid ~25mb ->
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Very nice shortcut found MortyreR45!!! But i am afraid there is a problem with my speedrun.

It has been some time since my server is dead (HDD failure). I have lost ALL my hosted gaming videos. They are now only available to to be seen in youtube. There is no way in hell i am going to remake this speedrun.

Just recently i have received a message from Flip "Your run is moving to Public Verification. Once we receive your files, you run will be verified on a first-come, first-serve basis"

Just WTH does that suppose to mean? As if my videos were not in the public verification... Man.. I have been hosting these videos in my server for half a 2012 year and asking to verify them! Now after a year, i get a reply that my videos are finally "ready to be verified". But it's too late, because they are only available in youtube. It's wasted now. I do not blame SDA of course - the problem was the low popularity of the game - noone could verify it. But now, saying that my videos can be finally verified after all this 14 month delay kinda breaks my heart knowing that they are not available do download.

Just what i am supposed to do now? I will try to download the videos from youtube, convert them RAW uncompressed, and then compress once again to a format that suits SDA needs.
Quote from Artas1984:
Just what i am supposed to do now? I will try to download the videos from youtube, convert them RAW uncompressed, and then compress once again to a format that suits SDA needs.

Downloading videos off YouTube isn't an acceptable solution for submission to SDA I'm afraid, either run the game again or send a PM to Flip and cancel the submission Sad

Public Verification is a new thing that was only recently launched. It means that the submission will be available for everyone to see (Previously only a handful of verifiers were allowed to watch the run and write a report, all in secretness) and then they can all respond about the submission, and then the final outcome (Accepted or rejected) will be based on all the responses.
Artas : I had not download all videos from you, sorry I can not help. My table from you is incomplete. Sad


Finally I had crack this game. You can activate a speed boost and can make high jumps with go out of the map. This will work in every mission. You need a 'Barrel', the barrel must have a exact position than you must use the run button, run on the barrel and exactly on the barrel you press the jump button. The green barrels do not so good work, red barrels are oval. We can skip all the ingame missions and can run outside to the boss fights.

here is a video (30 seconds, mission 2, 'out of map' activate-entrance) ->
Thank's for clearing that out Void!

And Mortyre, that was a great discovery! Looks like i have to install Necro again and experiment myself with those barrels. What about the speed boost? How does that work?
Hello Artas Smiley You should install the game again, I had found many many new tricks.
And sorry when I am late, but this game was not good work on my old winXP system (demo).

The speed boost will work, when you make the jump trick with the barrels. (speed boost only for high jumps) 'Run on a barrel' (the barrel must have a right possition) and in the same time you press the jump button. You can also Fly on walls, that will skip many areas in the Robot mission (Stronghold mission). You can also jump on a enemy and jump over small walls. When we know all this tricks, than we can make a run without the secret-Artifacts (low run, segmented).

I had found in every mission (not dragon mission) 'out of map' glitches, that can save more than 20 minutes from your run. So, sorry Artas, but I must reject your run, because found of new tricks. I had also found better tactics for the boss fights.

For mission 7 and 8 you can make door glitches, you can go forward on 'closed doors'.(train station) Smiley The 'Mole Underworld' mission was wrong, when you have your artifact, you can go back and use a small wall glitch on the other side, that save 3-5 minutes. The boss fight with the metal scorpion, was also wrong. But I need time to capture all this tricks.

I am currently in the Dragon-Fly mission, but this missions are so boring. The middle of the game is very good, the atmosphere and the feeling is great.


Here is a test video for Mission 3, with better glitch tactic, it is '90% out of map' and only the boss fight. Grin ->
mission 3 '02:40' easy mode (4 saved) ''test'' (works) XviD vbr 60fps - on the last big 'bridge' I had lost some frames.


Artas you should send 'Flip' a PM, because your run is in the verify list. It is fair, when he know what is going on here.
Chapter 04, broken with 90% out of map glitch (flying wall).

It is very important, to go the normal way in the middle of the castle, or the game crash, because it can not load the next area. Alternate way, beginning and castle skip, outside way. I think to use the electric field door way go faster.

test video (low resolution) xvid, beginning is variable of 45-60fps


I will make 'test' videos for the other chapters later.
chapter 6 broken, improved alternate way in the beginning 'train station' (not tested on hard mode, because of damage).

test video (remember this are not final videos) under 3 minutes is possible ->
Sorry to hear that you lost the videos, Artas. I will cancel the submission.
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I am back with good news!

I have found all of my original videos (not youtube files) and have submitted them as asked. Those files were backed up in another "place".

The torrent of my speedrun is attached in the post!
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This thread is finished. Speedrun has been accepted and published.
When will the game page will be ready for audience?