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Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Michael 'arglefumph' Gray!
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Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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This is really good. I like how you worked hard on the run and how honest you were about the time. I'd say I'd accept that run.
I tried watching the IQ earlier and it wouldn't play. Could someone else give it a try? Watching the HQ now.

I guess it would have been clear anyway where all the loading screens were. Israeli has a pretty good routine for excluding loading times. You bring up whether or not this should be done in your commentary... but if it isn't done, a faster computer could yield faster times. It has to be done with PC games for that reason. Also it doesn't seem a very attractive idea that every game where it makes it faster be run on the lowest settings. I don't think there's a question whether or not they should be timed: the only reason other scattered communities don't do it is it's less convenient that way. Similarly timing from hitting the "new game" option in the menu is easier than timing from the moment when you're gaining control, but after thinking about it some, the SDA method does feel superior to me. There usually isn't any reason why it should be done outside of SDA runs on the other hand, unless it's one of those few cases where strategies could change as a result.

As for when to end the timing: sounds like a job for Israeli. It's not like something like this would never have come up before, so let's make use of that experience.

Did you think of using numpad mouse or a free-scrolling mouse wheel to help with clicking? With the former, you can move the cursor around a set amount (adjustable) instead of having to precisely move it from spot to spot. Especially useful with any repetitive tasks, and perfectly legit seeing as it's just a Windows ease-of-use tool. Maybe I've already told you about it?

Did you know that Joe randomly talking is one of the most common reasons for prenatal mortality? It's worse than you thought.

The wavelength puzzle: do you mean some people use saving and loading inside SS runs or are you talking about segmented runs? Feel free to submit segmented runs on SDA btw. It's fallen out of fashion recently because of the massive salience of the marathons and other reasons but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it last I checked. Working on one myself...

Navigation mistakes: the inputs are very fickle in games like this. There's no immediate visual indication of what you're about to select either, and you give the inputs very rapidly. Thus some messiness is to be expected.
The IQ version should be working again.
Decision posted.