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the_roth: 2016-12-18 06:37:38 am
RAAARRR! MilonZ here, looking for some fresh dark knights to back attack, poison and eat!

It's been a while in the making but we're holding another Final Fantasy 4 tournament! The goal is still to Cecil becoming a Paladin and we will be kicking off the tournament on the 28th January!

Please sign up for the tournament here - http://bombch.us/CV75 - registration closes on the 24th January.

You can also find further tournament information here at http://bombch.us/CVAh - the info also contains a couple of tutorial videos if you are unfamiliar with the run. Our community is quite friendly with newcomers so feel free to say hi to everyone and ask if you have any questions.

We will be communicating the match scheduling entirely through Discord so make sure to create an account if you don't have one yet.

See you guys in the deep ravine!
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Never forget #RiggedRaceBot
Mother of Cecil
Paladin Hype!  This is gonna be fun. <3
Let the hype begin!!
right, I forgot about that race jenja, geez, well time to pull off carrot/trashcan and hope neerrm/roth get screwed by RNG this time around :3
Tournament sign-ups are still going strong! We're currently looking at a growing field of 67. The more the merrier!
We are currently at 76 sign ups.

This is a great way to get to know a lot of other streamers and Final Fantasy peeps! Help us reach as many fans as possible! Sign up now at bombch.us/CVAh

In addition, this tournament will be coinciding with the Get Yourself Speedrunning event, more info at http://www.speedrunslive.com/news/get-yourself-speedrunning-agdq-2017/
We're at 102 entries now, meaning that this will be our biggest tourney yet, and our first to reach triple digits. Crazy stuff!

Signups are open for only a little less than a day now. They will close at 11:59PM EST on the 24th. Don't miss out!
Hi Everyone! The group stage matches have been completed and the Ravine or Paladin elimination races have been announced. You can see the 2 groups at http://bombch.us/CbK5. Group 1 will race on Sat March 18th at 12 pm EDT and group 2 on Sun March 19th 6pm EDT. Please keep in mind that some Daylight Savings shenanigans have taken place and so your timezones may now differ by an hour depending on what's happened. Thanks and good luck.

The races will be restreamed on either Elmagus' or Puwexil's channel, exactly where is TBA.
We have reached the tournament finals Stage! Congratulations to the finalists, especially to ajneb174 who has come out of nowhere to make the winner's bracket final.

The finals will be restreamed on twitch.tv/rpglimitbreak on Saturday April 29th, starting at 1pm EDT (the stream will start around 12:30pm) and finishing around 5 - 6 pm EDT.

The approximate timetable for finals will be as follows:
12:50pm Intro
1:00pm Round 1 - Winners Half final (Riversmccown vs ajneb174) AND 4th Playoff (Fcoughlin vs winner of eLmaGus/Neerrm)
2:15pm Round 2 - 3rd Playoff (Loser of first above match vs winner of second match)
3:30pm Round 3 - Grand Final Match 1
4:45pm Round 4 - Grand Final Match 2 (If needed, players must be beaten twice)

All the best to the finalists!