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I have pioneered a new category- WarioWare Mega Microgames 100%. I submitted a run twice a few hours ago. First, I submitted it with the Date being Dec 3 2016 (when it was finished and uploaded) and second with the date being today (Feb 9 2017). I've asked Forstride (or any other moderator) to verify the run and I am getting worried that they were just busy and have missed it and won't ever get around to it especially with all the other verification requests piling up. Does anyone else have a run they haven't gotten verified yet? Here are some possible reasons it hasn't been done yet:

The run is really long- Its 10 hours 13 minutes 34 seconds. The moderators need to watch the entire thing first to check to see if I didn't splice out a frame or two. I would never do such a thing- my recording device has virtually no editing software and I would never do such a thing anyway. But that can't be- how come Animal Crossing 100% runs don't take days to verify? And they contain deleted footage of the streamer sleeping.

It's a new category- Anyone who's verifying needs to see what the category entails. I requested Forstride put up a 100% tab on the WW MM speedpage, and he did so quickly. I was expecting a similarly fast response when I submitted a run. I mean, it can't take more than a minute can it?

Everyone's busy shoveling snow/working at the day job. Maybe Forstride just put up the 100% part right before leaving. In that case, just do it whenever you can. I just want to know you got the message.

Whenever I upload to YouTube or make Twitter comments, I don't have to depend on someone else (who I've likely never met) to put them up. They just go up immediately. I'm not used to having to wait for someone else who I'm not friends with to greenlight something I just submitted.

Does anyone else have verification horror stories?
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It usually takes a few weeks or months for most runs, even if it is not really long or a new category or something.
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This run was not submitted to SDA - if you mean or another site, you'd be best off contacting that site's admins or posting on their forums.
I've done that- I feel that I may have alienated the only people who can verify my run by nagging them too much. I didn't understand the "taking weeks or months" thing- it seems like most PBs get uploaded immediately without a hitch.
This isn't even SDA related? Just ask once and wait awhile, weeks, maybe a month or two. If they never get back to you, ask them again. If that doesn't work, bug src in the forums
Got it up! Thank you Forstride!
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Quote from Princess Rescuer:
Got it up! Thank you Forstride!

I still think you are failing to see the point the Leaderboards on are in no way controlled by Speed Demos Archive. chances are you just thanked someone who isn't even a member on this forum.

The "taking weeks or months thing" that happens on SDA is because we don't accept Twitch VoDs for verification, which would be quicker yes, but it's also (for the most part covered with things SDA does not want (timers, Webcams, Stupid pictures of your Anime Waifu's, Mumbling nonsense or talking with Viewers) which means we require a pure Video file of varying qualities which get reviewed many times before being posted, this is also done by a handful of people (FOR EVERY RUN SUBMITTED [AKA not just the ones we like] and not just anyone with the ability to click the 'Run Verified' Button whether they watched it or not because they are sick of a persons nagging.)

so yeah if you want to stay with your instant gratification methods then stay on and for gods sake complain ... just do it on!
Just be patient, my run took almost 4 weeks, people sometimes are busy with other things but i'm sure they have your request on the queue Smiley
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This is a good thread