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I really have no soul.
Hey everyone.

I'm not exactly the newest to speedrunning, but it certainly seems more simple to submit games and runs at than here. Why am I saying that?

You see, my run of Fighting Force got accepted. Great so far. This is the first run of mine that got accepted, so I don't have a slightest clue about how things work around here. Yes. I did check the FAQ, KB, those things, still no clue. Especially, because this is the first run of this game, so a new page needs to be created. Now here is the issue.

As you can clearly see, the decision was posted 4 days ago, and it is an accept, so I am not kidding. So ye "Congratulations to 'Soulless'!" Game page:

So I click the link to open it, aaand......

There is no page. So my question is, what is going on. I know, it ain't gonna make the page itself, sure. But I currently have no clue of what's going on, no info from anyone in charge, I checked the FAQ, nothing. I know literally nothing. I have no problem opening other game's pages, but there is literally nothing on this one, 404.

And, you know, when I submitted the game at, it got accepted and *I* was put in charge of the leaderboard/page. But not here. But I can totally understand that, you run the page, no big deal, I don't care. But when there's no page after it says there is one, that kinda bothers me.

So, fellow speedrunners/admins of this page, please, explain to me what is going on/what should I do, just give me info. Thanks.
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Judgy: 2016-09-24 04:31:01 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Right now your run is going through additional Quality Checks, Page creation (or modification) for the game itself, modifications to any files that may have been submitted incorrectly (for example without StatID's at the start and end of the files) Official Timing if the run doesn't have an in-game timer or the in-game timer is known to be flawed.

SDA takes time because its quality assurance is high, is quick because its quality assurance is basically non-existent if you're the admin of that page you say what goes and because of this it caters to people who want instant gratification.

You do not NEED to do anything more unless you are asked to do something by a member of staff because an issue is found during the QA process.
I really have no soul.
You see, had I known this before, I would have not asked. It's certainly better to give (new) runners those information, prior or when it's important, maybe on the page of the game even (before there is an actual page), instead of just saying Error404.

Thanks for the explanation.
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.

Plainly stated under 'Verification and Publication'.
I really have no soul.
I mean, sure, there, it DOES say you should wait. But it definitely doesn't say anything about "There is going to be a game page, which says Error404, until the final check, timing and other stuff gets resolved. This is NOT an error".

Because I am not going to lie to you, I literally thought something went wrong, or my run got deleted, or someone doesn't like me, the page was created, then immediately deleted. This is what I got from the page saying Error404 and nothing more. How could I have known.

It would be better, especially for new guys like me, for the page to just say "Work in progress, be patient.", so we wouldn't have to freak out and annoy people by posting questions about it.
If you are seeing a game page link prematurely, then that's definitely a bug with the verification poster system. You should have been seeing a "Game page doesn't exist yet" like for this run. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I really have no soul.
No problem, thanks for the explanation.