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Musya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy!

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Musya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths]

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All the things
So this game deserves a response from me since I forced Murph to play it.

AV is good, but the victory screens seem to bob briefly. Not sure why, but it's a very minor portion of the video.

Overall the stage planning and routes are pretty solid. Yes, that is the fastest you're capable of moving. The rest of his notes sum up the tricks, but there are a couple things to bring up.

Stage 1/2: There's a scroll under the first cliff in stage 1 that can be used to shorten the fight on Boss 2. I believe Murph worked this into his route later on, but it's not present in this run. This allows him to save something like 10 seconds overall, but only if he gets through to Boss 2 with sufficient HP. He actually had really good luck in the second half of Stage 2, but only mediocre luck in the first half. Either way, it can be improved, but that's the single largest improvement to the run.

Stage 3: The goal here is to get to a particular Jizo statue while taking just enough damage. No problems at all; cutting it any closer in HP opens you up to becoming Tengu fodder, so 2-4 HP at the Boss is plenty low enough to trigger the glitch. And as you can see, it obliterates the boss. Dying first and then killing him off saves more time than just fighting him normally, believe it or not. The benefit carries to all the rest of the stages as well.

Stage 4: Very nice manipulation on the Boss. Otherwise, the stage is no different from 1. One or two sticky spots where he got stuck; I would probably attribute this to lag.

Stage 5: Some very good lag manipulation, with the exception of the moneypots. Boss was a bit sloppy, but no major time lost here. I would say improveable by a small handful of seconds.

Stage 6: Nailed the 2-frame jump in the Jizo area first try. Lag was an issue in the first screen, but otherwise this stage is simple and quick. Maybe can gain a second or two from better lag.

Stage 7: Pretty cut and dry.

Stage 8: Didn't grab enough scrolls at the start; this will hurt him in the later parts. Also a few ugly jumps in the water section, but this is offset by the excellent lack of lag. I would say they evened each other out in terms of time. In the Furnace, had to play it really safe due to only having one Life spell. Survived with enough HP though, so all is well. The boss is terribly simple with the right strats. There's a slightly quicker way to kill the first form, but would require getting to him with much more HP and using the Hero Soul (little ball of light) to reflect the shots instantly. It's not worth it with low levels of HP.

SUMMARY: Murph did a great job. Excellent luck throughout the run and polished execution. Some possible improvements, but finding another run with luck this good would be an uphill battle. This gets an ACCEPT from me.
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Coming from a person who's never played the game:

-Movement looked really optimized in general; Murph's walking like hell in this run Tongue
-He's always trying his damnedest to reduce lag throughout the levels with a bunch of enemies that are just sitting around trying to stomp on his frames.
-Commentary track was very informative in helping me understand what's going on. At first that death in stage 3 seemed completely unnecessary until I learned about how back asswards the spear level programming is, hahaha.

I see no reason that this run shouldn't be accepted. I approve.
Not a walrus
Listened to it with the commentary track, didn't see anything that wasn't explained in some way, movement looks good, don't know the game well enough to spot any 'well why didn't you do THIS instead?' moments. I'll give it a thumbs up.
I'm glad people are listening to the commentary track, because I know that the death in stage 3 would look completely ridiculous without the explanation.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I think this guy moves faster than Toki, maybe.

A/V: Really good! Nothing wrong here.

Gameplay: This is a relatively-mistake free run. The audio commentary pointed out the mistakes, and I don't think they add up to more than 5 or so seconds. The audio commentary also does a good job of explaining purposeful death, which would be completely baffling without the audio commentary. It's really funny that the game's power levels change when you die, but at least that makes the bosses way less tedious. Anyway, this run looks good (if slow, but that can't be helped), and I'd just accept the run.
What a game.

A/V is good.  No signs of cheating I think.

So I actually really enjoyed this run.  Somehow.  Even after watching that and hearing the audio commentary, I still kind of want to play it.  I agree with what Mike said: Murph does a good job of explaining what went wrong and what could've gone wrong in his wrong.  There are no obvious mistakes in this run except for one missed jump and like...bumping a wall on a few occasions while moving forward.  The power spear made the boss fights pretty trivial.  Murph mentioned that he could maybe reroute stage 1 to collect another magic scroll to use on boss 2 to save some time, but I don't hold that against him for not having it in this run.  I'll make the assumption that it was found after the fact, and he didn't want to compete with the luck he had in this run.  Haha.

Anyways, I'd say this is a pretty solid run.  I happily accept.
Just a reminder, there are only a couple of days left for this public verification. If you have any comments to post, please do so quickly!
Formerly known as Skullboy
I love/hate this game. I like the art and music but I despise the controls. This run is very well played and the runner makes the game look far easier than it is. The death at the third boss is explained and the runner plows through the game. A/V look good. No cheating detected. I accept this run.

On a side note, the main character makes the most pitiful sound when he is hit.
Verdict Posted.
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