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Shigurui difficulty Any% run without death abuse

Verifier Responses

First of all, the no death abuse label is nonsensical. When done perfectly, you can occasionally save half a second or so by dying to skip fights. However there it is only ever possible to save time if the fight starts right at the beginning of an area. Most enemies will not attack at all for a good 5 seconds or so (and getting hit by that first attack isn't always easy), combined with being sent back to the beginning of the area, it's very difficult to make this worthwhile. Furthermore, you are not guaranteed to not get a second fight when running back through. Trying to do this in a segmented speed run would have almost certainly cost more time than it would have saved.

There is no cheating here. I watched most of this live, so it's easy to confirm that. Youkai did go back to redo some of the boss fights, which is why after act 4 he saves with a time of 39, then reloads with a time of 40. I know he went through a good bit of trouble to make sure his exp and money both lined up though.

I timed this at 85:31. The in game timer is inaccurate to begin with, and also added an extra minute because of the change at the act 4 boss, so i ignored it entirely.

The luck manipulation used at the start of most segments must have been insanely difficult to pull off. It typically requires frame perfect movement from the start of the segment right up until the point where it was no longer viable to continue. Even with there sometimes being a 2-3 frame window for various movements, there isn't always, so the extent at which this run manipulates luck is quite amazing to see.

The bosses are all fought beautifully. Some of them are only a few seconds slower than my TAS, which is certainly impressive. The bosses all have dynamic HP, depending on how long it takes you to clear the larger hp bar, so the way he timed each hp bar to avoid them having more hp than they otherwise would, while not wasting any more time than needed is superb.

Naturally though, the run isn't perfect. I still wish Youkai had put more effort into perfectly optimizing movement (which is not an impossible task for this game), but i understand mistakes are made, and there's no sense redoing a great segment because of 1/10 of a second lost from movement, especially since so much of the traveling around is heavily affected by luck. Before the final boss, there's only one really significant mistake. In the fourth boss fight, it is possible to skip from the second foot phase directly back to boar phase, where it dies, skipping going back up to the sky. This would have saved somewhere around 5 or 10 seconds, but is extremely difficult to pull off, so it's not too surprising that he didn't.

My only real complaint about this run though is the final boss. He could have optimally done it around 1 minute faster, with his weapons and level. Realistically, it could have been perhaps 30 seconds faster. Youkai was planning to stop somewhere around attempt 200-300, and i pushed him to keep trying, so i cannot really complain if this was the best he could after nearly 500 attempts. It is an incredibly difficult boss though, and after so many tries, i cannot hold it against him for giving up. I am a little disappointed he was unable to improve it further though.

All in all, this is an amazing run, that i don't see ever being beaten. It would be impossible to not accept.

good audio/visual quality
no cheating
Rog pretty much said it all. 

PS, It's a shame how overlooked this game was when it was released.  I hope this run can help spark some interest in it.  it should be about $10-20 now adays

Muramasa.  Oh how this game holds alot of memories for me, too bad they mostly involve the bad, but we aren't here to focus on the past, we are looking towards the future with a man who I've come to respect as a runner.

As much as I would love to talk about details of the run, I'm with verifier 2: Verifier 1 pretty much said everything that needed to be said.  The fights were great, the execution was near perfect, and I enjoyed the commentary.


Now let's see if someone can do Kisuke's story.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to William ‘Youkai’ Welch!
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Don't know what to speedrun :(
Awesome, one more run on the site Smiley I'm with verifier 2; hopefully someone will watch the run and decide to try it themselves.

Thank you verifiers.
The TrUest of Shades
congrats Youkai. I know how much you just...loved this game Tongue
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Youkai: 2012-07-30 11:51:35 am
Don't know what to speedrun :(
I actually did like this game a lot. I hope that wasn't sarcasm >.> I got a little frustrated with the 460 attempts at the final boss but that's to be expected.

EDIT: Also Flip, I think Rog is correct the "No death abuse" label should be removed. It doesn't really make sense.
Great to see a speedun on this game. I really loved it when it came out.
Muramasa is not in SDA's list of wii games.  Where can I watch this run? is the only Shigurui difficulty run I've found, that's not Youkai's run is it?
Don't know what to speedrun :(
That is my run. My run should be up on the front page soon. I don't know when it's going to hit though. My run will have commentary when it hits SDA.
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halfbakedprophet: 2013-02-02 01:57:11 pm
halfbakedprophet: 2013-02-02 01:56:01 pm
Sweet, I've been meaning to attempt running this game for a while so I'll use this as a reference.  Put any thought/attempts into Kisuke's story?
Don't know what to speedrun :(
I haven't looked at it at all. When I did this run I totally ripped off the TAS route. Easiest planning session ever. Anyway I hear Kiuske's route involves more backtracking so you are probably going to pass by more save points for the purpose of mirroring to a better location. Definitely take the most direct route and don't go out of your way for anything unless you are absolutely sure it's worth it. Even one screen out of your way will likely cost you 2 encounters so if you go out of your way for a smoke bomb you will likely use at least one to gain one. I'd definitely be willing to watch planning videos and give tips if you start working on it. Just start a planning thread and PM me so I know you are doing it.