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Flip: 2012-11-09 04:25:28 pm
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Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Did not know this was being worked on... Im excited.

Segment 1: Why not use the 6 hit combo for a 2 phase kill on the monk? Also not freezing Scorpion for easy combos... And still not using the 6 hit combo...

Segment 2: Getting the 3rd key could have been done a bit better, but I cant really complain too much. The first set of swinging platforms was slow, the second set was fast. You already know you can go faster on the first set because of how you did the second. Shame on you. Taking your sweet time on the last swinging platform... Best boss fight I have seen for this in a long long time.

Segment 3: Climbing down ropes? You can fall a good deal down then grab the rope, then jump off after you are far enough down. Golem fight can be better, high kick -> jump kick immediately. No need to wait. VERY late jumping off the last rope.

Segment 4: So now you are jumping down the ropes? So you do know that it can be done in stage 3... Also getting off the ropes is much better. Only 1 minute into this segment and I can see you spent more time on this than on segment 3. With getting this efficient with the ropes, why not redo segment 3? Now you stopped using the rope tricks... And now we are using the 6 hit combo... But not every time.

Segment 5: That boss fight was ugly...

Segment 6: That boss trolled you...

Segment 7: I hate them bosses.

Segment 8: Umm...

Hay Flip, we are missing some game here... Any segments not get added to the page?

Segment 8 Round 2: Not gunna lie, this stage puts me to sleep. Them elevators are awful.

This run can be improved, but it is a nice improvement over the current run. All cool with me.

Audio and video seem good so far.  Surprised that there's no mention of AquaTiger's run in the comments but whatever.  Both runs are on PSX (since there are cutscenes) so the timing is comparable.

S1:  I would suggest cutting out a chunk of the first segment.  I appreciate the runner proving that its a fresh segment, but it chews up a lot of time.  The runner is definitely more aggressive from the get go compared to the posted run.  I think on the second floor, you can combo the second enemy into the pit trap, saving time from utilizing a throw + punch to trigger.  Once you unlock the Freeze Blast, its better to use that on Scorpion's wakeup in case he blocks.  Didn't happen here, JUST SAYIN.  I may be wrong, and the other verifiers can correct me if so, but I think you can just hit Scorpion to kill him without the Fatality or sparing him, thereby opening the door faster.  Segment time is about 1:55.  AquaTiger's was 2:22, so good work there.

S2:  I'm noticing a distinct lack of sprinting during some of this segment.  Honestly, it will save a few seconds tops, but I'm going to mention it regardless.  I think you can clear the jump at 1:39 without grabbing the ledge but meh.  Would have been faster to roundhouse the guy before freezing to get the third key rather than freezing him twice.  Could have lept on the swinging platforms one cycle earlier.  I'm also fairly sure that you can jump from peak to peak or trough to trough on these platforms with relative ease, as shown by the second set of swings.  Can't think of a reason to throw the enemy after the second set of swings since you hop a gap right after.  Waited a lot on the third (single) swing as well.  HOWEVER the Fuijin battle was really really good, with only two tiny imperfections.  I always liked how his tactic was "I'm gonna detonate of my own volition."  Segment time is 4:50 (minus pre-boss loading) , AT's was 5:16.  Great fight improvement!

S3: Nice handling of the traps!  There's a point on downward ropes where it is faster to hop off without triggering the falling death than it is to climb down fully.  I don't know if the meditating monks are random or not but the first one took forever.  The Earth Elemental fight makes me wonder if it would be faster to just constantly kick the guy without using the chandelier thing, but that's for a runner to check out.  Good fight either way.  Bad luck with that dive into a phantom hit for no reason, though.  Do you get the Ninja Slide by default at this part?  Usually you get it by exp in this level...  Three trap mishaps after the post-boss ascent but the time is made up by sprinting instead of jumping around (probably).  Segment time is 4:46 (ignoring mid level loading) while AT's was 5:30.

S4: Ho ho, someone thought to dismount a rope earlier than optimally and lost 0.1 seconds.  This level is super bland and the electric eel addition is hackneyed at best.  GREAT TACTIC WITH THE WATER ELEMENTAL THOUGH.  Wow.  Well played there!  Segment time is 5:51, AT's is 6:06.  I think that's accurate enough.

S5:  I'd never realized how much of this level was pure BS, nor that the enemies couldn't jump over 1 foot high obstacles.  Once again, another hyperaggressive fight pays off.  Segment time is 3:06, AT's was 3:36.

S6:  A slide at 2:30 would have been advantageous but its moot.  The fights with the normal enemies are handled fine (although two hits by the blasters seems a bit much), though it is hard to tell if AquaTiger handled the barrier fights better.  Using the shield on the first guard.... guy was a good decision, but I still feel that there must be a more effective way of killing this type of enemy.  Segment time is 5:01, AT's is 6:14, so meh.

S7:  Not a bad segment.  First miniboss was 47s,  27s for bot fight, sloppy, 26s for second bot fight, even sloppier. No need for the throw at 3:25.  31s  Segment is 4:25.  WHERE THE HELL IS THE QUI    AT's segment was 5:04 with 31s on the first boss (UH OH), 29s with a bad mistake on the first bot, and 40s on the 2nd bot with a bunch of slop.

S8:  Oh... there is no segment 8.  I guess Quan Chi made off without a comeuppance and Sub Zero just rotted in robot prison for the rest of his life.  Please rectify this!  Otherwise, it's a reject on what is otherwise a great improvement.

Quote from Verifier 2, part 2:
OK, time to finish this...

S8:  Was this encoded differently than the other segments?  The enemies are handled really really well, especially compared to the old run.  The boss fights were also a lot more aggressive.  I wonder why the runner so frequently opts for the AirK->K combo when freezing people, though.  Seems like a healthy combo would be better.  You can save a few seconds by killing Quan Chi closer to the center/on the left of the stage, but that isn't a big loss (maybe 2 seconds).  Really good luck with Shinnok.  Segment time is 10:14, compared to AquaTiger's 12:42.

Total run time should be about 40:08, which is over ten minutes faster than the posted run.  Obvious Accept!

As you can see, I had a bit of an issue getting the whole run to the verifiers on the first try.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to André Göhlsch!
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It is all ok Flip. ; ) The verify has right, in the most points. not much to say, thanks for a part of this family. The problem with the author comment, Flip you can send me a PM to edit the comment, I do not remember what was written.
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Congrats Mortyre.  Smiley  Working on any other runs?
hi you Smiley thanks
I do play every day Need for Speed ps1 some older parts 3 and 4, I love it. I had begun with Need for Speed most wanted for speedrun, but I had stop of lost interest, because it is not so good as the older parts, nostalgia.
For true speedrun, I have many ideas but I can not say what come next, I do not know, we will see.
Hi. Sorry bumping this old thread but MortyreR45 asked me to tell you (the staff) to take his run of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero off this site.
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This thread pretty much says "no".
He's gonna be fucked angry.
eh, his run was submitted prior to that, so we could probably remove it.
The PSA that you never remove runs was posted way before this request to remove the run, so you have no obligation to '-'
You misunderstand. Runs submitted to the site prior to that isn't technically under that clause.
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djcj: 2013-09-20 01:41:02 pm
Okay, so you're gonna take it down? Because he really doesn't want it to be hosted on here anymore (which is a pity IMO; he's such a great speedrunner). That would be kind of you. If you want some extra confirmation, just PM me and I'll give you his ICQ number so you could ask him yourself if that's necessary.
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Sad to see someone upset over something that does not effect them in any way and taking it out on everyone who enjoys speedruns...
I'd assume extra confirmation would be needed djcj, though I'm not on staff.  Can't just have people claiming others want their runs taken down. 

I'm sad he wants this though.