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I know what you're thinking. No freakin' way would anyone be dumb enough to attempt a 100% run of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Well, i'm dumb enough. A complete run being, by the way:
All Main Quest completed, no shortcuts.
All Faction Quests completed, including getting the highest ranks in all guilds.
All Miscellaneous Quests (including the Vampire Quests).

I plan on doing the run by the following rules:
Difficulty set to 0 (difficulty can be set from -100 to 100 so 0 is right in the middle and fits well with the game.
On my PC, so I need a good program to record it, if anyone has some good suggestions.
Using the Join All Houses Mod to gain access to all houses and thus rise in rank for all three.
Multi-Segmented, probably with segments released over time since this will be a lengthy project.
No cheats or glitches.
Go for the fastest time possible for each segment, which will include rigorous planning.

I imagine it will be kind of slow at first while my character is new, but once it gets up there it should be a breeze.  Again, this is a hypothetical run, so I cannot gurarantee it's success. However, if things go well, I might go on to Tribunal, Bloodmoon and maybe even Oblivion when it is released.

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By the way, I just realized I released this in the console forums and not the PC one. My bad!
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Knu: 2005-07-16 05:00:00 pm
That's hilarious. Do you know how long would it take? I'm sure there are more than 150 quests in MW. If you spend 2 minutes on a average quest (and that would be VERY fast), you'll get 6 hours.

Moreover, the difficulty slider just won't matter because of great loopholes and exploits in the game. And that would leave you flying over all MW at great speed with 'stops' to get quests and pick up items/kill monsters according to quests.

And the definition of 'glitches' in MW is quite unclear. Is creating fortify int. potions a bug? Doubtly. You'll need to make more limitations. Then, what me and Benito both do to get to the Red Mountain fast, is clearly not some sort of glitches (I don't mean the 'heart destroying' part)

A better idea is - simply make a run on the full MQ first. Even that would be lengthy, although I think that sub-one-hour time is possible.

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If you plan it right, it probably won't take that long. It may take 2 minutes to complete one quest, but if on the way to that quest you can pick up an item to complete another quest, you can complete 2 quest in say 3 minutes. Once you've identified all the items you've gotta pick up, all the people you've gotta speak to etc, plan it out, work out what the shortest distance is, and pipeline your quest completions to cut it down. It will take hours though.

By completing quests, would you be allowed to skip the giving of a quest, i.e. have items ready so that when you speak to someone, they don't tell you what the quest is, they just thank you for completing it?

You realise that to complete all quests you're gonna have to get both wraithguards Wink (I've heard this is possible, get Vivec to give you one, then kill him to gain an inactive one which you can then get activated, apparently one goes on each hand).
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dirtyminuth: 2005-07-16 06:39:32 pm
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Can you elaborate on the "Join All Houses Mod"? I don't think Radix will allow a run with this sort of mod installed.

Also, isn't this an impossible goal? I remember my brother trying to advance in two guilds, and one quest from one guild prevented advancement in another. Thieves and Wizards guilds, if I recall. Can you confirm/deny this?


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Aha, and what about interfering and multi-path quests? And what would be the method of making sure the quest is completed? You'll also need a full (official?) list of quests.

Due to the Fed-Ex nature of the quests in MW, this kind of speedrun will require no skill (or little), but lots, lots and LOTS of planning. Basically, you'll have a thousand (maybe less, around 500) map points you'll need to visit in a certain order, using uber-levitation, turbo speed boost, and a bit of magic and weapons.
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I think you're right about the houses, plus the vampires also have three factions, and I think you can only join one.
I suggest doing a slightly less "100% speedrun" - do the "intended" course of the main quest.  Don't bother with any sidequests (unless you want a specific reward) and just plow through all of the main quest.
Why don`t know try a SPEED RUN at Tribunal and Bloodmoon without doing all the side qeusts also the amount of harddisk space required is going to be massive
I have had time to think about this, and this is my conclusion:

I would attempt the game as is, no Join All Houses Mod, because you have to kill all the Telvanni anyway, and some quests overlap, and to stay to classic Morrowind I would only play one House, more than likely Hlaalu due to the simplicity of the quests.

The goal is to complete as many quests as one character could possibly do. By my count, that is 250+ quests. Each segment would knock more quests off the total, some quests would start in one segment, and end in another.

Each segment would come complete with a script and quest log to show what I have done, so people watching could follow along. I will also include the cutscenes, since they are short and few.

The difficulty will most likely be -100, for speed purposes. I have actually found that beating several quests in a very small amount of time can be accomplished, ex: Angoth the Jeweler, I could grab ALL the items he needs, go to him, and knock out ALL of his quests in five minutes, assuming I am lucky enough to pull off all the heists (which usually I am).

I predict this will take quite some time, but with careful planning and plenty of friggin' luck, it should work. But hey, if it gets too complicated, I could just attempt a full MQ run, with no shortcuts, I would be fine with that.
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plenty of friggin' luck

isn't there a potion for that?

thank you and good night
But hey, if it gets too complicated, I could just attempt a full MQ run, with no shortcuts, I would be fine with that.

This would be a more interesting run to watch.  Personally, I have no interest to watch you complete sidequests.  However, a full run through Morrowind would be something I would watch.

A funny side-note:  I've played Morrowind for countless hours.  Probably more than 500 over the years.  I have yet to beat the game.  I continually make new characters, do side-quests, and just get lost in the game.  Quite humorous...
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I thought that was the entire point of Morrowind. Smiley Many a fne hour have I spent wondering the highlands, picking rare flowers.