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What do you guys think would constitute a 100% completion of this game?
I would think it would be all special items and weapons.  Maybe even all buster parts?
Beep bitch. &nbsp;Beep.
Hmm, I suppose.  But either way we don't need the money in the chest, if we're poor, we can always check that hole in the labyrinth.
So far, Ifrit and I were thinking..
-All Special Items/Weapons
-All health upgrades (Except for max Canister packs)
-All Buster Parts
-All minigames completed, no matter how inconsequential they may be.
-Town restored to full.."glory" If it got destroyed any during the pirate attacks.

I'm contemplating doing it on Hard mode..segmented.
I believe Ifrit is just doing a normal pure speed run for now.

Hit me if I missed anything.
All of it sounds right.

I am indeed doing a Normal pure speed run. That will probably be it for me with this game. Unless I feel like whipping out an Easy mode run.
-All minigames completed, no matter how inconsequential they may be.
That's kind of redundant, because, iirc, you have to go through all the sidequests/minigames to get all the special weapons and buster parts.

Can we get an official word from Radix about the 100%?
Beep bitch. &nbsp;Beep.
Its not entirely redundant, you can steal the 200k from the robbery mini-event, since if I recall correctly all you get from not stealing it is..20k, I may be wrong though.  (Also the Bonne's get to build their restaurant.) Thats pretty much the sole minigame/event I was referring to when I mentioned that.

No reply yet from Radix, and I think I messaged him..two weeks ago-ish?  :-/
I was finally bored enough to play this again. Not much to say. Horrible battle with the spider-bot (I do not feel like finding its name right now) and the Marlwolf so I just stopped.

I did attempt the jump from the elevator at the Cardon Sub-Gate and it worked on my first try. That jump could save some time since you do not have to go up and create the Jump Springs.
Beep bitch. &nbsp;Beep.
I've been ill out of my mind as of late, which just gave me more time to think about this game Cheesy  I reaaaaaaally like the no-jump shoes dealio, perhaps that technique can be applied in other places of the game.
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Shiden: 2012-02-24 04:00:51 pm
This is one hell of a necro bump, but I'm watching this since I love Legends! A crazy glitch, that is. O_o

Regarding the post below mine, which is the one that bumped this thread. Didn't know how to edit? Tongue Not a big deal.
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grassini: 2012-02-24 05:48:19 pm
grassini: 2012-02-24 03:56:56 pm
ive been trying to sequence break with airglitch with no result so far

for some reason the glitch stops working for me when i get to the marlwolf area

gonna try to use map bug too
map bug is easy and works on that specific corner thing

on easy mode it took me 25 mins to reach bruno warehouse but since i havent activated subcities i got stuck and have to reset the game... the first gate after baby bon permits going to the map glitch area without boots.I used a diagonal jump from the elevator switch to go straight there,then i got drill on main gate went to old city and used the support car to get out of main city and get my newest drill...i get to lake jyun and find out none of the doors could be opened.

also when you fall to the void you are not really going down you go down and then your height resets way up there and you fall again.when falling all enemies are reset on the map too because the map has been reloaded,i think
Well, since this has been majorly bumped with somewhat useful stuff, I think I'll announce that I'm going to try a 100% run of this game soon. I'll need to make some routes when it comes to items, though, and I'm not really an expert at routing. I've beaten this game tons of times, and have done 100% a few times now. The only problems I have when it comes to speedrunning 100% would be the stupid minigames that I can never do well, except for the dog kicking one. I should probably dust off my N64 and do some practicing since I have nothing better to do. Any advice or anything would be extremely helpful
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grassini: 2012-02-24 10:45:23 pm
grassini: 2012-02-24 10:44:19 pm
pretty cool i think if we can get to clozer woods subgate early like in the video we can SB this game easily...both main gate and lake jyun were locked by the inside doors so the map glitch has been pretty useless so far. XP
the map bug enables you to get items earlier thru the drill so it serves you more than anybody else

about general guidelines,diagonal runnin is faster than normal runnin, which is why i managed to go the ruin network without jump springs from the cardon forest will be able to jump farther and create timesavers all the with this idea

EDIT:i wont be SBing nothing at all because all the dungeons in the game have their insides locked for the fact that you haven't entered them the normal way(the trigger to unlock their otherwise normal doors)
unless... i can get the AIR trick to clozer woods

still would like to see your route for 100%
Routing is going to take a little while because I'm a perfectionist and want to do something a bit fancy for routing. Also, since I have never actually beaten the game on Hard, nor have I acquired Easy mode, I think I'll be doing this run on Normal. Problem is, would Buster Max be considered a necessity for 100%, or can I avoid it by choosing to run on Normal?

More general guidelines: shooting and tapping forward repeatedly will speed up Mega Man's fire rate. It's a very minor difference, though, but every little bit helps. Now to find out if you can do a rapid fire diagonal strafe run to speed up shots even more
Look..if an item is not available in a category,you don't have to get it.
However i think you should get easy mode first by finishing the normal game under 3 hours.If you can't do it,then you have a long way to go in running this game in general...

But i insist in easy mode simply because it's faster,less of a headache and you START WITH JETSKATES.This enables you to do the map glitch,get the drill arm early and do the whole subruins at once!no need to go back after you have the drill arm!i've just done it before cardon subgate in an hour casually.(i was hoping for an item that would let me SB this game further)this is the only major route change i can think of...if you decide to run on normal,do the map glitch right after lake jyun...

What is the definition on 100%?
-all holes and chests copened,subquests done,all items?
-or only all items and subquests?  because all items skip money holes and chests

also i suppose you can't steal the money on the robbery subquest

about actual strats,baby bon fastest strat is to stand still shootin and jumping the bombs until he dies
lake jyun boss is similar but you will have to move once or twice at most(on easy mode that is hehehe).

I had a saved game on hard with all items but i saved over it and now it's gone...i might not be able to help you with more thorough testing on  later parts of the game

Do u stream or have an YT account?if you can get some vids going on it would be nice,i want to see your rapid fire diagonal strafe
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velocikiller: 2012-02-25 05:56:14 pm
I do have a youtube account, which can be found at

I know I sound like a speedrun failure because I haven't beaten the game in under 3 hours, but the thing is, I get so into the game that I tend to spend a lot of time upgrading things and obtaining items.

I think 100% would be defined by all items/weapons, and all health/shield upgrades. Weapon upgrades would take a long time, so those shouldn't count.

I'm gonna record a little tryout of rapid diagonal strafe, if it works.
EDIT: rapid diagonal strafe doesn't work. You CAN do a diagonal rapid, but if you try turning, it negates the shots. Diagonal rapid also doesn't change the speed of the shots from normal forward tapping rapid shots, but maybe if there's an incoming rocket or bomb, you can keep shooting fast while narrowly avoiding the attack.
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grassini: 2012-02-27 08:00:11 am
this game is pretty well coded...i tried skipping the airship battles by leaving through the ruins since i had the drill didn't work so i went back and destroyed it,and voila,opened the main gate normally.
so whats your route for the subquests?
easy mode route
go normally getting items until cardon subgate,elevator diagonal jump,get blunted drill and main gate items  before cardon subgate,use support car on old city,development,go back to cardon subgate to get all items and finish it,get all items on the subruins,make donations,save downtown from bomb,talk to artist,hospital quest,talk to grocery man,get lipstick,go to pregnant woman,open museum(you can give some items now if want to)play all games on KTV station,lake jyun all items,clozer woods all items,fight airships,main gate all items,bruno andsubcity,bankrobber quest givin the money back,...

dont know where to place other quests but maybe you should mix them with subcities completion?perhaps you can the gang's house building quest before colzer woods?

EDIT:from legends station the requirements for quests

Rebuilding Kattelox Island:
Requirement: Must have Class A License
Prize: The ability to do certain other Sub-Quests
Would be cheaper and faster not having to do this,but if you must, donate after cardon forest subgate or marlwolf.

Save Downtown From Two Bombs:
Requirements: Class A License, Jump Springs, Police Station must not be
Prize: Plastique and Bomb

Talk with the Inspector in his office after previously visiting him for
the first time and he'll tell you that a kid with a yellow face (a
Servbot) dropped three things at Downtown, and when you get there, you
see a Bomb go off!  So you must find the other two before they explode! 
Although the Bombs can be in different locations, one is always on top
of a roof (hence why you need the Jump Springs) and the other is always
next to a green House.  When you find a Bomb, pick it up in order to
disarm it.  You only have about a couple of minutes, so you must hurry. 
Disarm both Bombs and you'll win the Plastique and Bomb, which Roll can
use to make the Power Blaster L and Power Blaster R Buster Parts,

Find the Man's Lost Money Bag:
Requirement: Finish the Save Downtown From Two Bombs Sub-Quest,Yellow Refractor, plus the
Library must not be damaged
Prize: Arm Supporter(this can be used to do air glitch with spreadbuster and perhaps get to clozer woods early)

After the Save Downtown From Two Bombs Sub-Quest (win or lose), talk
with the Inspector and he'll tell you that there's a man in the lobby of
the Police Station who needs your help.  Talk to the man in green
overalls and he'll tell you that he last seen his Bag at the Electronics
Shop.  Go there (at the Shopping Arcade) and the owner will tell you
that he went to get some food.  So, go to the JetLag Bakery and talk
with the owner there.  She'll tell you he went to look something up,
which means you should go to the Library.  The librarian will tell you
he went to get something to drink.  Go to the nearby Vending Machine and
talk with the girl in the green dress.  She'll say to question anybody
suspicious, so talk to the boy in the red shirt across the street from
the library.  Talk to him three times and he'll tell you he threw the
Bag in the Garbage Can closest to him.  Check the Garbage Can to get the
Bag, and then go back to the Inspector's Office.  Talk to the Inspector
to return the Bag and the man in green overalls will give you the Arm
Supporter as a reward.

Bring the Pregnant Woman to the Hospital:
Requirement: Open the Main Gate
Prize: Sun-Light

Look for a pregnant woman in a green dress at Cardon Forest (check along
the path behind the Flutter) and talk with her.  Choose to take her to
the Hospital and you'll see her husband running inside the Hospital
(neat camera angle, I might add).  Leave the Hospital and come back and
talk to the man in black overalls (her husband).  He'll give you the
Sun-Light as a reward for getting his wife to the Hospital in time to
deliver her baby (it's a shame you don't get to see their new baby,

Help Ira's Leg Get Better:
Requirement: Fix the Flutter using the Red Refractor
Prize: Flower Pearl

Go inside the Hospital and talk with Ira who's in a wheelchair with a
broken leg inside the waiting room.  After a sad conversation, talk with
the receptionist nurse so that you can go inside Ira's room.  The nurse
inside the room will tell you that they could help Ira's leg get better
if they had new equipment.  Well, go to City Hall and talk with the
Mayor about the Hospital's equipment.  She says that it'll cost 15,000z,
so tell her that you can pay that.  Go back to the Hospital and re-enter
Ira's room.  She'll run to you in joy and tell her that she can walk
again!  She gives you the Flower Pearl as a reward.  Be sure to come
back and see her again!

Join Jim's Gang and Help Build Their Clubhouse:
Requirement: Red Refractor
Prizes: X-Buster, Old Heater, Broken Circuits

After receiving the Red Refractor, check the Yass Plains for a small
building behind a hill (not the one on top of a hill), and be sure to
get the 200z inside the nearby Garbage Can.  Go inside where you'll find
Jim and his two buddies, Osh and Bensley.  Talk with Jim and he'll offer
you the chance to join his gang.  Say yes and Jim will tell you to go
get a Pick. 

Talk with the Construction Man near the Bank and he'll give you his
Pick.  Bring this back to Jim and then leave.  After about ten minutes
or so (you can do other Sub-Quests or explore ruins if you want to kill
some time) and when the clubhouse is tan with a blue roof, go inside
again and Jim will say that now they need a Saw.  Talk with the same
Construction Man you got the Pick from, and he'll say he threw his Saw
away.  The Saw is inside the Garbage Can next to the green house nearest
the Library.  Bring the Saw back to Jim and after ten more minutes or
so, the now finished Clubhouse will look much bigger outside and much
nicer inside.

(be sure to claim your prizes from the pile of boxes after giving Jim
his items)
First, look for and grab the Comic Book behind the nearby Junk Shop on
top of the hill in Yass Plains.  Give this to Jim and he'll give you the
X-Buster.  Now, go to the Cardon Forest and look for a Beetle crawling
around on a small hill under a tree.  Pick it up and bring it to Jim;
you'll get the Old Heater in exchange.  Now check the small hills at
Clozer Woods and look for a Stag Beetle under a tree (nearest the Sub-
Ruins there).  Bring this to Jim and get the Broken Circuits in return.

KTOX TV Game Shows:
Requirement: Class A License, Jet Skates (for the Race Game)
Prizes: Zetsabre, Mystic Orb, Music Box, Omni-Unit, Giant Horn

Talk with the receptionist at the KTOX TV Station to play Beast Hunter
and Balloon Fantasy.  Talk with the man in the blue suit near the black
couch to play the Race Game (no, not the Pricing Game from The Price Is

You must kick the balls at the dog chasing the man.  You get one point
for hitting the dog, but you lose one point for hitting the man.  Watch
out for the flashing dog that shows up twice during each round; hit it
and get two points.  You'll also get two points if you can hit the
regular or flashing dog with the toy dog that shows up in place of the
ball twice during each round. 
Don't be fancy with the ball; just kick it straight ahead.  At rank A,
you must get a two-pointer at least once or else you won't meet the Par
in time.
RANK D: Par--10  Prize--1000z
RANK C: Par--12  Prize--2000z
RANK B: Par--14  Prize--3000z
RANK A: Par--16  Prize--Zetsabre (first win) and 4000z+ (subsequent

You're now in a room with several red balloons and one, two, three, or
four blue balloons (for Ranks D, C, B, and A respectively).  You must
shoot down all the red balloons within the Time Limit.  Avoid shooting
the blue balloons, or you'll lose one second. 
It's best to have your Buster set up for high Range and high Rapid
ratings, and try to shoot the red balloons while they haven't spread
apart too much.  You can either just shoot very quickly at the balloons
and hope you don't hit too many blue ones, or you can take your time and
avoid the blue balloons as best you can.  Whichever strategy you use is
up to you.
RANK D: Time Limit--22 seconds  Prize--1000z
RANK C: Time Limit--18 seconds  Prize--2000z
RANK B: Time Limit--16 seconds  Prize--3000z
RANK A: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--Mystic Orb (first win) and 4000z+
(subsequent wins)

In this game, you must use your Jet Skates (otherwise, you won't be able
to finish the courses in time) to race through EVERY pair of red cones
in order (if you try to go around a pair or go in the wrong order,
you'll be disqualified) within the Time Limit.  You'll know which pair
of red cones you should go through next because they'll be flashing. 
Hit a yellow cone and you'll stop the clock for one second.  You must do
this at some of the higher ranks and tougher courses or else you won't
be able to finish them in time.
Basically, practice makes perfect (especially on the super tough
Technical Course).  Also, remember that you can speed up (up on the D-
pad) or slow down (down on the D-pad) your Jet Skates when necesary, but
DON'T let your Jet Skates get turned off.
RANK D: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--1000z
RANK C: Time Limit--10 seconds  Prize--1100z
RANK B: Time Limit--8 seconds  Prize--1200z
RANK A: Time Limit--7 seconds  Prize--Music Box (first win) and 1300z+
(subsequent wins)
RANK D: Time Limit--15 seconds  Prize--2000z
RANK C: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--2100z
RANK B: Time Limit--9 seconds  Prize--2200z
RANK A: Time Limit--8 seconds  Prize--Omni-Unit (first win) and 2300z+
(subsequent wins)
RANK D: Time Limit--25 seconds  Prize--3000z
RANK C: Time Limit--20 seconds  Prize--3100z
RANK B: Time Limit--18 seconds  Prize--3200z
RANK A: Time Limit--16 seconds  Prize--Giant Horn (first win) and 3300z+
(subsequent wins)

Open the Museum and Bring Artifacts:
Requirement: Class A License
Prize: Prism Crystal

Okay, go to Uptown and look for the painter near Wily's Boat House
painting the Hospital.  Talk with her and she'll ask you what you think
she should add to her painting.  Tell her that she should add some red
and she'll say that she's all out of red.  So go back to the Shopping
Arcade and enter the HipBone Store.  Talk with the owner who will give
you her Lipstick.  Give the Lipstick to the painter at Uptown and she
can finish her painting!  She soon runs off...

Now enter the Museum (between the Hospital and KTOX TV Station) and go
upstairs to find the painter, who is actually the Museum Curator.  Talk
with her and she'll ask you to bring her valuables from the ruins and
elsewhere.  When you have a Museum Artifact in your possession, talk
with the Curator and give her permission to put the Artifact on display
(if you refuse, she'll call you a selfish little brat!).  Collect and
bring all eight Museum Artifacts listed below (check the walkthroughs to
find out where they are), and then talk with a girl in a green dress to
get your prize for all this effort, the Prism Crystal!

Old Bone: Will be displayed as an "Ancient Digging Tool".  Found inside
the Cardon Forest Ruins.
Old Heater: Will be displayed as a "Fire Pot".  Given by Jim in his
clubhouse in exchange for the Beetle.
Old Doll: Will be displayed as a "Human Doll".  Found inside the Cardon
Forest Ruins.
Antique Bell: Will be displayed as a "Kattelox Bell".  Found inside the
Clozer Woods Ruins.
Giant Horn: Will be displayed as a "Giant Horn".  Given as the grand
prize for winning the Technical Course Race Game at Rank A.
Shiny Object: Will be displayed as a "Crystal Fossil", a Grade Three
National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
Old Shield: Will be displayed as an "Antique Shield", a Grade Two
National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
Shiny Red Object: Will be displayed as a "Reaverbot Eye", a Grade One
National Treasure.  Found inside the Main Gate.

MegaMan the Bank Robber:
Requirement: Open the Sub-Cities and defeat Bruno; Police Station, Bank,
and Library must not be damaged
Prize: 200,000z and jet black armor for being a VERY BAD boy

Go inside the Flutter and turn on the TV.  Instead of the usual weather
forecast, the reporter will report a bank robbery.  Go to Downtown and
you'll find a red car being chased by a Police Car.  Shoot at the red
car several times (don't shoot the Police Car!) to get the car to blow
up and the two Servbots and the Trunk full of cash will pop out.  One
good way of doing this is to try to jump on the hood of the Police Car
and shoot at the red car from there.  Just don't shoot while the Police
Car is turning, or you'll hit the Police Car.  After blowing up the red
car, pick up the Trunk and you can do one of two things.  One option is
to leave through one of the gates with the money and keep it for
yourself.  You'll get the 200,000z from the Trunk, and jet black armor
for being a VERY BAD boy.  Your reputation around the island will be
very poor was well.  Plus you won't get to see the Stripe Burger

Stripe Burger Restaurant:
Requirement: Open the Sub-Cities and defeat Bruno; Police Station, Bank,
and Library must not be damaged
Prize: 20,000z and opening of the Stripe Burger Restaurant in Downtown

Do the same as the MegaMan the Bank Robber Sub-Quest, but return the
Trunk to the Inspector instead of stealing it.  You'll get 10% of the
money in the Trunk (20,000z) as a reward, plus you'll get to see the
brand new Stripe Burger Restaurant open at Downtown (at what used to be
a vacant corner lot).  Check here before and after finishing all the
Sub-Cities to get both sets of quotes from the people and Servbots
inside.  The Servbots actually didn't rob the bank; they came to borrow
some money to open their new Stripe Burger Restaurant and were mistaken
by the police as bank robbers (hence why the little guys were whining
everytime you shot at their red car).
I'm wondering how much money you would have at the point of being able to start the museum quest. I think that since you have to go fetch lipstick, you should go talk to Ira, then finish a minigame or two if you like, then head to apple market, grab the lipstick, pop by the junk shop to buy either as many health upgrades as possible or some stronger vests, then make your way back to the museum lady. Maybe a couple can kicks if you're tight on cash too, I can almost always do it within 3 kicks, so it's not like it's a huge waste of time.
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grassini: 2012-02-29 10:52:49 am
money trick:on the flutter talk to data,tell me more,i keep losing fights,please,no thanks,please if you only do part of it you can do it as many times as you want...

EDIT:this game is UNBREAKABLE,I GOT TO CLOZER WOODS subgateWITHOUT FLUTTER AND  THE DOOR WON'T OPEN BECAUSE ITS TOO EARLY. Unless we get some save corruption glitch,no SBs are possible.
I also updated a quest requirement which was incorrect,(find the bag from green guy)
rebumping cuz of new info
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velocikiller: 2012-03-01 01:54:08 pm
How does one even do a save corruption glitch anyway? Also, do you ever do any streaming? I would do some, but it would have to be emulator, and I'd love to use a controller, but I don't know exactly how to hook my ps3 controller up to my PC.

I just found a website with detailed maps of every ruin and dungeon. I guess I'll be basing my route off of these maps!
I'm the keeper of Time.
For the red car and the suitcase of money, an easy way to finish up the chase is to intentionally run into the red car. Because of the knockback and the car continuing to move, you actually land on the hood of the car. Shoot away. You don't even have to worry about turns (with the strategy mentioned about jumping on the police car).
ive just beaten the game with all items collected and all quests done(and town restored obviously) on 3:21.just went through it,doing things as soon as possible,but did the museum with iras leg and pregnant woman's quests,KTOX and completed museum with the subcities,didn't buy any upgrades(jackets,health,tank)

shinin laser level3 obliterates juno with a gigantic pleasure Smiley
I never liked the shining laser because it killed things with NO challenge. Good job on 3:21 though! Did you run into any problems during the course of the run?
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grassini: 2012-04-09 01:46:47 pm
the thing is,yes,i did,a lot.
i went as fast as i could to get the powered buster(had to use the drill arm) to try the air glitch as soon as possible,it had absolutely no effect(run was slightly segmented,they were big segments btw),so i just used the file to 100%.I also had to go back for items on the first ruin(cardon forest),didn't do the optimal car chase,and failed the race minigames lots of times...basically there is a ton of time to be saved,if i had it recorded you would see how bad of a time it is.
ouch, doesn't sound too pleasant. I doubt a single segment 100% run would be a good choice at the moment, considering the minigames take forever to do. How many ruin trips did you end up taking?
what do you mean?i did all ruins 100%on the first time possible except for the cardon forest ruin,main gate(i only got drill arm  after the map glitch) and  the ruin network(which i originally planned on going for the powered buster),which i ignored most items,and on the second run got everything(i could have done everything  on the first  time except for the main gate if i just had the idea of 100% since the start)