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Verifier Responses

Now this was a lucky grid!
Unfortunately I'm going to put a neutral opinion. Indeed we see the full "run" but there's pretty much nothing else. On top of that, there are no comments (or none were provided to me) so we don't have any idea of the number of attempts, version, etc...

The execution in this run is good. On the other hand, the board wasn't optimal and required 4 clicks to be solved. The big question is which rule set should be applied for this game though.

Applying "standard" speedrun rules would mean 1-click solutions would be acceptable. For 'beginner', this isn't exactly trivial, but has been done enough times that it should be required for SDA in that case.

However, if a game-specific rule set is applied, where 1-click solutions are not accepted, more factors automatically come into play. For example, do you allow the "internal clock bug" (the board appears to be generated based on the computer's internal clock, so a board can be manipulated to appear repeatedly)?

In my opinion, the most thought-through rule set is on, which is the closest you get to an official leaderboard. They require runs to be done only on specific versions of the game, which allow them to be thorough in the verification. This run uses a version that's not acceptable on that site.

My recommendation is to require runs for Minesweeper to follow the official leaderboard rules (like the two runs already hosted). That would mean a reject for this run.

I should add that I have no reason to suspect any foul play because of the version being used. But even if this version were to be allowed, there are quite a few people who have reported faster solutions for the same version. So I would still lean towards a reject, even if a different rule set than on the official leaderboard were to be used.

Quote from LotBlind:
Yeah so based on investigation into the Minesweeper speedrunning scene, as outlined in another verifier's response, this first of all doesn't represent a good-enough time for the game (because it wouldn't make any sense to go with the internal timer in this case) and it seems redundant to publish runs for versions of the game that are not the ones endorsed by the dedicated site at Thus this is a two-fold reject.

Decision: Reject

Reason: There is a precedent for Minesweeper time attacks to not allow 1-click solutions, which would otherwise have been feasible for 'beginner' difficulty. The most comprehensive rule set for this situation is found on  The submitted run neither solves the board in 1 click nor adheres to the rules on the aforementioned leaderboard. A clarification of the rules for SDA-submissions will be added to the game page for Minesweeper.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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THe version of minesweeper is Windows 7 and is not classified as the standard version on .So that are completedlly different categories.I do not  understand the reject.
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LotBlind: 2018-07-22 09:22:43 am
If we went by the in-game clock, yes, your run would be shared best... but it's kind of stupid to go with the in-game seconds count in a run that finishes in less than a second. Thus when we time it in real time, it could be a lot faster (one-click win).

It wasn't pointed out here, but a one-click win (and so essentially the whole "beginner" difficulty level) might have gotten rejected completely because it's trivial and cannot be sped up by factors other than luck. In games like Clue, you at least have to click fast.

Aside from that, SDA does not want any of the other versions for that and other reasons. We're going by the official site because they seem to have an established, far more popular, way of defining the rules for Minesweeper speedruns. In general, not everything done on is accepted on SDA, so if you're not sure, please ask in the forums first.
Alright, Thanks for the explanation.