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So you will record the entire run again? Or only the boss fight?
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Quote from Fed981:
So you will record the entire run again? Or only the boss fight?

The current video he has will probably not pass.

1.Texture Pack
2.Fumbles Around a lot with the Nether Portal

Rerecording is probably in his best interest.
Yes, but I believe this will be a test run, of course. So I wonder if the next step is to test the boss fight only or the whole thing.
Besides those optimization opportunities mentioned in the previous posts he might also need to get different equipment depending on the dragon fight strategy (e.g. better bow, more arrows, not needing armor, bed)
Metroidvanias are God Tier
One thing I would recommend is getting more ender pearls. You can use those to traverse the towers incredibly easy.
Getting more ender pearls wouldn't help here since we already know where the end portal is. (Everytime we create a map with the same seed the end portal is generated at the same place so there's nothing stopping a speedrunner from first exploring everything with cheats on and then later use that knowledge in a legit (i.e. without cheats) run)
I'm pretty sure he was talking about the 'teleportation' effect of Ender Pearls, which could be used to get to the tops of the towers without building a pillar. I've never tested it myself but it sounds promising.
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Guys, really.. of course that was a test run. And the texture pack is the only thing I used that is (arguably) not a hack (it's a built-in feature). I used many other hacks: full bright (in the nether), blaze detection (hard to miss in the video), gravel always drops flint, skeletons always drop 1 arrow and for the boss fight I'm going to edit my inventory with a power 1 bow + other stuff. I will not use the xray tp for the final run, because there is really no point to use it once you've learned where to go.

I haven't planned a legit run yet.

Edit: I don't think teleportation is needed, but I'd love to see other strategies so feel free to post your videos !
I haven't played around with teleportation ever, but it may be a lot faster to teleport to the surface than build your way up.
I have tried teleortation to the high Pillars a lot, but it never worked. In most cases, the pearl didnt get high enough or didnt land on the top of the pillar. If anyone gets a (SS-acceptable) method to do it, I would love to hear about it.

cu, CBenni
The run will have to be segmented since the dupe glitch involves saving and resuming (and saving & resuming isn't technically neccessary for completing the game, it just makes everything a lot faster).

Unless you get the approval to use RTA timing for this run.
Quote from Flip:
Clearly there are games which will benefit from an RTA category, and at this point we recognize that completely disallowing RTA from the site would not be beneficial, so we will be allowing RTA runs on a case-by-case basis.  ALL requests for a rta category to be allowed for a certain game need to be directed at mikwuyma in a pm.

Also, you should make sure that the Alt+F4 trick is legit and not considered "tampering".
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It's a glitch in the coding of the game, not unlike the dupe glitch in Diablo (which is used in the current run). It would be a separate category from a run not using the glitch, but I can't imagine it being disallowed.
Too bad the Portal+Water+Workbench Glitch doesnt work anymore. We could have infinite Arrows ^.^
Im trying several bugs and glitches similar to that (even checking through the minecraft code to find stuff Cheesy ) to try and find infinite resources glitches, but it is as always, finding good glitches is hard as fuck.

cu, CBenni
(new acc. drMalcom)
If you have time, could you try to throw a pearl and quickly put some items in a workbench and wait for the teleportation ?
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CBenni: 2012-03-21 05:21:53 am
Interesting thought ^.^ however, we wont have spare pearls in a run.
Good thing to know is: for the dupe glitch, you dont have to save+quit to title, all you need to do is press escape, wait 1 second and return to the game, then pickup the item, then alt-f4 and restart the game (just in case loading times are part of the run?)

EDIT: Pearls Glitch does not work Sad

cu, CBenni
(new acc. drMalcom)
I would guess that everything after the login screen is part of the run, except for the loading screens. But this is only my opinion.

Too bad for the pearl glitch, but thank you for trying. There definitely are more dupe glitches, I've read a post on reddit about someone that had infinite bows after dying from fall damage. But he/she could not reproduce the bug. I haven't found anything on the minecraft forum and youtube besides the old portal glitch.
Me neither. Ive been searching around for just about an hour or so (despite having to learn for my exam on friday :/ ) but the most interesting glitches seem to have been patched in 1.2.3. Darn. I have tried a ton of combinations with Portals, Chests, workbenches and stuff, nothing found so far though. Im going to work on furnances next Cheesy

cu, CBenni
Hey guys, have a look at this. I tried getting a Blaze Rod as quick as possible and this is my first serious attempt. I managed to get 3:47.96 and it's been recorded on my twitch stream but the video is 2 hours and a half long, so I won't bother you with that. In a failed unlucky (no Blaze :/) attempt, I reached the Nether in 3:22.14. In my record I reach it in about 3:23.5 (I had discarded split times because they tended to mess me up). In this video I think I reach the Nether in about 3:50 or so.

The seed I'm using in this is "seed7", in 1.2.4. I don't know if an End portal is near, so it might not be interesting for an any% run. Just thought I could show this to you guys. By the way, I'd be interested in trying to any% it!

One last thing: on SpeedRunsLive I am organizing a special race scheduled at 3 pm EET Sunday the 25th. If you're into SRL and racing I'd love to see you there!
I really like the way you build the nether portal, and the nether spawn point too ^^
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Would it be faster to mine just 2 Blocks of Wood and dupe them instead of mining 4?
And yeah that Portal building Technique is really awesome Smiley
cu, CBenni
Well considering I play it real time, duping 2 blocks of wood would not be faster, no matter what. I takes about 8 seconds to get the wood, and probably about 10 at least to enter inventory, throw away, get, save, quit, open minecraft again, get in the world (I think that's the method?) And as for the portal making, I found out that you can be faster to it by placing the bottom-right block before blocking the water. Therefore you don't need to unblock then remove the water source. I did 3:12.27 with that.
Can't I edit? Might as well register anyway. Sorry for double posting. 3:12.27 is for entering Nether. As soon as I find a way to "crop" videos from twitch (if someone has a clue about that please enlighten me) I will upload the best run on YouTube.
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Quote from Bismuth:
As soon as I find a way to "crop" videos from twitch (if someone has a clue about that please enlighten me) I will upload the best run on YouTube.

I haven't used twitch at all, but if it can be re-watched you could use a screen-capture program to record a video that way.
I did an any% run today. I actually JUST finished it. It is very slow because I spent 22:33 killing the Dragon. I got to the end in 26:46. I died countless times and it really, really harmed my progression. I think next time I won't try to use orbs to damage the dragon, but only beds. Besides, I take a trip to a nearby place with 3 sheep so I can get a bed do duplicate and have my weapons. I also duplicate arrows, and I make golden apples which I duplicate too. I made an iron armour but it didn't last a very long time... it's hard to say how much of that material was needed because I lost so much by dying countless times with fire and stuff so I can't say how many arrows I would have had left or anything. I can say I used approximately 130 arrows but I had to use them to fight the dragon. Normally (using beds) a stack of 64 should do the work. So arrows should be used to destroy all the orbs in the first place (don't try to damage it with them, it's faaaaaaar too risky). Then, beds. And you have to stand at the MAX distance from the beds because the explosion will kill you at point blank. Comparison: creeper, maybe even stronger, and it sets fire all around. I had a lot of trouble finding a damn blaze rod because the blazes are always over lava or they don't drop any (got it on my 4th blaze I think and I had much trouble fighting them because of the way the fortress is made). The duplication glitch went good for the most part, I finally figured that part out better. If you use about the same positioning and timing than in my run, it should do the trick.

I think it's possible to get to the end in about 20 minutes with this route. Maybe less with luck and perfect execution. I did 26:46. I think the orbs can go down in about 2 or 3 minutes, and then the dragon in say, 5. Basically that makes a sub-30 run possible. I think. It would be really awesome to see. I'll work on it and I hope to get a run soon. Maybe next weekend.

This is the link to my run. It starts at 31:30.

My time (with LOTS of deaths vs the dragon) is 49:19.18.
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Part 2

Let me know what you guys think. The portal is spawned away from the player, so there is no use pre-building a pillar I think. The crystals are placed at a new random location every time the terrain is generated.

Edit: the wool for the beds is crafted from strings. The power 1 bow is dropped by a skeleton. The armor is required.
Edit2: done in 13 segments.