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Hey SDA.  There are a lot of minecraft speed challenges out there so I thought, why not make a leaderboard here since we are all about speed Wink  Here's a few to get started although we could add things such as Super Hostile maps etc. As is the way with Casual Speedrunning feel free to post video proof, but if not we'll take you at your word.

Minecraft Speedrun (From spawn to defeating the Enderdragon)

The Color Wheel (Acquiring all colors of wool. Timer stops when they are all placed on the ground in the same area)

Scavenger Challenge (While not technically a speed challenge, you limit yourself to 30 minutes and see how many unique items you can acquire, each one scoring you a point)

Companion Challenge (Tame a wolf, ocelot, construct a snow golem and an iron golem, and have them all in the same area)

That's it for now, I'll post my own scores when I have time.  Also as a general rule I'm going to play all of these on hardcore with structures on, although I guess you wouldn't HAVE to, it makes it more challenging Smiley  Finally, I'd say any seed can be used, therefore if you find a really good seed you can practice on it repeatedly or whatever, but for the most part I just use random seeds.
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SOunds nice, but scavenger needs to be changed. Like more valuable items should give more points.

cu, CBenni
Killing Enderdragon in multiplayer game with 4 players and with unlimited number of players
@CBenni I think scavenger is good the way it is, you should focus on strategies which will give you the MOST items (not worrying about diamonds, etc.)