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Hey all, I've been playing this game (on my own) for years, practically since it's release though I was only 10 at the time and am looking for some competition and help with routing.

This game is abandonware, you can all download and play it! This game is a 3D Racing game with platforming elements. Your bike can jump and boost. Boost is limited to a boost meter. Superconductors are golden strips on the track (or above) that allow you to increase your speed substantially. Everything that isn't the track is considered "rough area", which slows you down, unless jumping over it. Bikes have four different Engine types, though there is only one optimal choice which is Engine A, due to grip.

Most important thing in this game is speed management, here is a thorough explaination of how the speed works in this game;

With Engine A the speed you go if you only hold forward on the track increases rapidly to 490, then continues to increase assuming you do not; 1. Corner 2. Jump 3. Bump into the side. 4. Touch a "rough area" section of the tracks.

With Engine A the speed for boosting continues to go upwards rapidly until you run out of boost (or one of the above). The same goes for superconductors, there is no speed limit.

But here's where it gets complicated, as there is no straight track, you will always be cornering and having to "reset" your speed to increase it again. Why? Because once you go above 640 MPH using boost, then let go of boost and/or corner the game will decrease your speed back to 640 before increasing again. So say you boosted straight to reach 900 MPH, have to corner (and thus let go of boost) your speed will decrease to 640 before being able to go back up again (using only boost).

There's a different limit of 940 MPH for boosting while on superconductors (which is the fastest speed). The same goes for this speed though, if you go faster than 940 MPH before you hit a superconductor, you will be slowed down to 940 MPH first, before it increased your speed again.

Speed boost rings (blue/green arrow rings) will always increase your speed, regardless of your current speed. Boost rings (brown rings) will increase your boost meter, not your speed.

Luckily there's a trick to not rapidly decrease your speed, simply by tapping the boost button the speed decreases much slower than it normally would. So what I try to do is get a very high speed (as there is no limit) and then continue the track by tapping boost and not hitting any superconductors again until I get my speed below 940 MPH. The most optimised track using the speed mechanic is Spaceport 3;

In addition to this FUN AND GREAT speed mechanic, there are OOB skips. Most of these lead to a "Minus Lap" message and one lap subtracted from your total laps done, which we don't want. There are however skips that simply say "Cool", which is the message you want. This is where I get stuck as I can't figure out what the differences are and how to circumvent the "Minus lap" message. Spaceport one has one of these skips;

My code reading skills are zero and I know there is something hidden in there somewhere as the Minus Lap message that shows up can be avoided under some unknown circumstances (see the above video where I avoid it). I need to find out what it checks and how it determines when to Minus Lap and when to say "Cool", which is a message you get from being too fast? It seems like the races have checkpoints on the track that are invisible but used to determine your location between checkpoints and f you got outside of this space without touching a checkpoint, you get a minus lap message? I honestly have no idea.

Here's my current run, which is far from perfect but does show the mechanics behind it very well;
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