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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Any %) (Individual Level)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Single Segment

Faster in some parts, slower in others, overall a substantial improvement. A/V checks out, and I trust sinister to not lie about the sum of times since he streams it with a spreadsheet all the time.


Piston Honda 2 IL

About 6 in-game seconds seconds better than the current table entry, and otherwise checks out. Accept.

Quote from zallard1:
A/v is good, definitely no cheating considering both of these runs were streamed live.

Single Segment:

It's been a while since I've verified a MTPO run, but I've learned so much about this game since then to where I feel I have a strong understanding of the difficulty of this run.

Glass Joe: Poor guy... he will never know the thrill of victory again Sad

Von Kaiser: He gave pretty much the worst possible luck (no lucky star + unlucky star), but execution was flawless & the time loss is negligible.

Piston Honda 1: Got the bad refill, but again the time loss is negligible. Zero mistakes on this fight.

Don Flamenco 1: Don has seen better days... his frame perfect punch was difficult for a reason, which made him half of the "Early-game run-ender" squad, but now everyone can crush him in record time with ease Tongue

King Hippo: This guy is the prime reason why time loss before this point is negligible. This guy is the most random fight with no possible real time manipulations to speed it up. Considering that, he gets a 3 cycle Hippo fight, which means his first punch needs to be extremely fast to land all the hits. Execution was pretty strong in that regard.

Great Tiger: 48 seconds, 'nuff said

Bald Bull: He gets the lucky star in phase 2 and pulls off a fast time. Sad that the McHazard strategy wasn't known yet at this point, but regardless this fight is incredibly fast as is.

Piston Honda 2: Probably the biggest mistake in the run, but I understand how finicky Honda 2's guard is at the end of phase 1, it is incredibly easy to not hit that final punch. At least he gets the KO, and considering how bad Hippo is to deal with, this isn't really worth a reset.

Soda Popinski: The god luck. This pretty much cancels out the mistake on Honda 2.

Bald Bull 2: Perfect fight execution wise.

Don Flamenco 2: Missing 1 punch when you get the bad refill hurts really bad and has you at the mercy of his random blocking twice. Thankfully he only blocked once, so it wasn't too bad.

Mr. Sandman: Fight went flawless.

Super Macho Man: The god luck again. This is pretty much the ideal fight while getting several luck factors in your favor. It is incredibly rare and difficult to get this.

Mike Tyson: This is maybe the most intense feat to perform at the end of any speedrun. You have to land no less than 11-13 frame perfect hits to guarantee his defeat in round 1. Also, Mike Tyson is incredibly random and will floor you if you blink (no joke). Considering the insane amount of randomness and execution it takes to even get to this fight on record pace, finishing with a sub 2:45 time is incredible.

This is a no brainier accept, I just thought it's worth a thorough verification since this run has had an incredible amount of effort put into it. Well done, man.


Piston Honda 2 IL:

McHazard has been stomping the Punch Out series with his incredible tool assisted runs lately. He ha literally changed the game for Mike Tyson's Punch Out & Super Punch Out (and plans to change Punch Out Wii soon as well). This was the first strategy he revealed, so sinister used it to crush the (at the time) current TAS fight of Honda 2. I didn't look super deep into this strategy yet, but I do know that landing those stars so that Honda doesn't dodge AND so that they deal maximum damage is VERY difficult. This is an easy accept, and I hope one day you will try to get in the 43 second range.

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
Piston Honda IL:

Easy accept. Once McHazard's TAS shenanigans were revealed it was only a matter of time before our Punch-Out!! experts were going to crush some of these boxers in regular runs. Smiley

Single segment run:
A great run. You really cannot ask for a better Super Macho Man fight, and the insane luck in the Soda Pop fight makes this an easy accept.

ACCEPT for both. Great job, sin!!

Quote from Elipsis:
Piston Honda 2 IL:

Looks even more professional than the previous IL submission, definitely accept.

Single Segment:

Phenomenal execution in the last three fights more than cancels out the time loss from any prior mistakes and sub-optimal RNG.

This was an absolute pleasure to watch and certainly has my vote to accept.

Audio/visual okay

No cheating

What can I say?  I will dispense with the normal levity as this run deserves serious praise.  This is SO much randomness and SO much can go wrong in this game which is completely out of your control.  This run basically has flawless execution and the combined luck of all fighters is truly astounding.  This is an amazingly solid run through and through.  Everybody needs to watch this...

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'sinister1'!
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Fucking Weeaboo
Again, were these done blindfolded? We can't accept runs from the WVBA Champ unless they were.

so pro u don't even know
Thanks verifiers. As you all probably know I am still working on the run and have had many heartbreaking late game run endings lately. I will improve this eventually but I have no idea when so I figured lets get a good run on the site, my 17:06 is pretty outdated.
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Congrats Sinister, can't wait to see these.