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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment]
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Individual Level]

Verifier Responses

Quote from philosoraptor42:
A/V good, no cheating.

Agree with the 16:25.89 time for the SS video.

SS run was very solid, Hippo cooperated, and I believe this was before the new Soda strats were fleshed out, but was still a solid fight anyway.  A run with very solid execution all around.

Soda IL.  All I can say is WOW.  The new strats really did a number on this time, and Soda cooperates fully in this.  The execution here is on point as well.

Bald Bull 1 IL: This is nuts.  Typical amazing Zallard execution though.  Hell of a time.

Von Kaiser IL: Sub 36 is really all that needs to be said here.  Amazing.

Honda 2 IL: 44 flat is sick.  Incredible time and amazing execution.

Sandman IL: Yup, that's a 2:16:97.  Solid execution.  What you'd expect from Z1.

Don 2 IL:  Wow.  Seriously wow.  This is an amazing time with some precise timing and execution.

Bull 2 IL:  Zallard, seriously cut it out.  I'm running out of adverbs and adjectives to describe these ILs and I feel like I'm overusing the word "execution."  But here is another amazingly executed fight and Bald Bull falls quickly.

TL;DR - It's Zallard, duh.  Easy accept.

Quote from DK28:
Simply incredible.

This is getting ridiculous.

I told you so...

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
No A/V problems on any video.

SS: Really nice run, I didn't add up the times but another verifier already did that and IsraeliRD will check it anyway, so I'm just going to assume it's actually faster.

Soda: It's faster. What else do you want?

Kaiser: Matches the TAS time.

Bull 1: Also faster.

Honda 2: That's a 44 flat alright.

Bull 2: Also also faster.

Don 2: Ayup.

Sandman: Zzzz.

Accept on all.

Von Kaiser IL:
Matching the TAS strat, can't really do much better than that! I mean, I think there is a 2 frame margin of error, but hey, who's counting? Sick fight!

Bald Bull IL:
Tightened up the movement in this ultra difficult and super random IL. Very good showing of determination and skillful execution by the runner.

Piston Honda 2 IL:
This is an incredible display of skill. Thankfully there is minimal luck needed for this fight (25% odds iirc). There are several max damage uppercuts that require frame precise execution. This is the first time the fastest known strat has been done on console. Great job by the runner.

Soda Popinski IL:
Pretty epic stuff here. This is honestly one IL I never thought would fall. Great job on collaborating by all MTPO community members involved especially Jack Wedge, and McHazard. Congrats to the runner on getting such a sick fight!

Single Segment run:

This run is undeniably one of the hardest on the NES. The amount of luck and skill involved is unparalled just for the fact that MIKE MOTHA FUCKING FRAME PERFECT 8 SECOND DELAYING TYSON exists. Let's not forget King Hippo and Soda. Anyway, the runner is clearly god tier and has the skills to perform all the best strats for this run. Let's go fight by fight:

Glass Joe: Finally gets his wish to retire. Props to Zallard for inventing the buffer strat to ensure this fight ends in a KO 100% of the time.

Von Kaiser: Very tight execution and the lucky star nets our hero a low 36, what more could you ask for...

Piston Honda: The good refill and no delays in phase 1 puts the runner on a ridiculous pace after the minor circuit. There is a better strategy on Honda 1, but in this scenario it would not have resulted in a faster time. It is also much harder to pull of and probably not worth the risk with where the WR currently stands. If a runner can perform the strategy more than 75% of the time then it is +EV to use it.

Don Flamenco: The best buffer strat ever gets used to perfection by its inventor.

King Hippo: Runner executes the 3 cycle and gets good RNG to boot. What are the odds of that? Spoilers: NOT GOOD!

Great Tiger: Nothing to see here.

Bald Bull: Worst possible luck, execution is on point.

Heading into World Circuit this run is on a very solid pace. Bald Bull was the one disappointing fight, but there is nothing you can do about that luck, other than reset, which would be ludricrous. Or go for a crazy phase 3 strat, that requires a frame perfect star uppercut. I hope this run never gets to that point...

Piston Honda II: Perfect. Execution.

Soda Popinski: No hooks! The gate is open! What are the odds?!? See: Hippo, King

Bald Bull II: Near. Perfect. Execution. Tighter dodging can net 1:28's, but it is really not worth the risk of getting hit, and this dodging was plenty tight.

Don Flamenco II: Some slightly slow execution in phase 1 loses enough frames to result in a 0:47. This can cause problems but since the bad refill happened it was irrelevant. It is the first notable error in the entire run. Don does not cooperate in phase 3 and a good 4 seconds is lost.

Mr. Sandman: No problems here, and very nice luck to boot.

Super Macho Man: Pretty decent luck, no execution errors. It is kind of a theme in this run if you have not noticed by now.

At this point the runner is on a very solid pace going into the last fight, but he needs to have a really strong finish here. It all comes down to Starbase, err, Tyson.

Mike Tyson: Near God luck, meets nearly perfect execution. If runner had executed perfectly it changes the entire complexion of this fight. The difference between 0:57 and 0:58 in phase 1 can mean 10 - 20 seconds difference by the end of the fight. The odds of Tyson throwing 6 uppercuts in phase 2 go up dramatically if you get him down at 0:57. This means you can get Tyson down at 1:3x and guarantee a god tier time in the 2:20s. But alas, 1 frame perfect hit was missed. A perfectly acceptable error in a run this difficult with the amount of pressure in this fight.The pressure generally mounts in phase 1 the more frame perfect hits you get and the faster his pattern is.

Phase 2 the runner missed two more frame perfect hits during the uppercuts costing roughly 10 seconds (13 - 20 seconds lost overall). No frame perfect hits during the hooks means a bit more times is lost.

Phase 3 the runner appeared to play it safe after getting a few frame perfect punches and Tyson goes down about 30 frames before WR would have been missed. The funny thing is that if runner had continued to go for frame pefect punches until the end of phase 3 and not gotten any he would not have gotten WR.

Overall this run has extremely good execution. The only errors that actually cost significant time were against Tyson and frame perfect errors are acceptable. It is unfortunate where they occured given the pattern Tyson did, but it is pretty hard to hit all the frame perfect hits in the first two phases. The main way for anyone to improve this run is to have perfect, or near perfect Tyson execution. This game is kind of silly in how the luck and execution play a role to a point, but ultimately it comes down to trying to hit a bunch of frame perfect hits when it counts the most. Frustrating and nerve wracking to be sure. Congratulations to the runner on a great performance, this run will be very diffcult to beat.

Decision: Accept

Reason: We think Zallard is finally done adding ILs to this submission, but just in case, we're accepting before he has a chance to submit more.

Congratulations to Zack 'Zallard1' Allard!
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Thanks to the verifiers & to SDA! Pretty great day to publish this thread considering the headline date in the game...

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HAH!  Nice!  I never noticed that!  Would be even more meaningful if you are 28 years old.
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Since this wasn't done by Mike Girard, I don't believe this is legit.
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Quote from ConHuevos:
Since this wasn't done by Mike Girard, I don't believe this is legit.

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